Why should boys have all the fun?

Why should boys have all the fun?

Not a gentlemen’s game anymore

Not a gentlemen’s game anymore

It all began after 1992, Pakistan had just won the world cup and was considered to be a team unparalleled with any other. The team had a perfect combination of youth and experience. A senior captain and vice captain who would take over with almost 10 of his cricket career to come. However, horror struck when during 1993 tour of New Zealand rumors spread out about match-fixing against a few senior Pakistan players. At that time this was just an allegation and nothing was proven yet and even the Justice Qayyom verdict could not prove but only due to turnback of statements from former fast bowler Ata-ur-Rehman who initially made allegations against the senior players. This was the beginning of the corrupting the gentlemen’s game in Pakistan.

Nothing happened and years passed, came the World cup 1996. Pakistan was the defending champion and with the tournament being played in Asia, they had the advantage of home conditions. Pakistan qualified for the quarter-final to face arch-rivals India. At the night before the match out of nowhere, the spearhead and captain Wasim Akram pulled out of the game. The stand-in captain Amir Sohail even said that Akram had told him he was fit and will be playing even the night before. But at the last instant on the day of the match, he said he could not play. Pakistan went on to lose the match by 48 runs and was knocked out of the tournament. Questions were raised but still, nothing yet was proven.

4 years later, Pakistan had lost the final of the world cup 1999. Even though the team had fought valiantly but there were a few eyebrows raised when the team lost from a convincing positions a few times and made some questionable decisions during the tournament, these included the loss against Bangladesh in the group stage and Final match toss where Pakistan decided to bat in what was very difficult batting conditions with overcast weather. Subsequently, in 2000, the Malik Qayyum report was published and 11 players out of which 7 played the world cup 1999 were investigated and questioned, this was the first time in the history of Pakistan cricket that an inquiry committee was made to study the allegation leveled against the team. Salim Malik was the first player to be banned  from all cricket for match-fixing when Justice Qayyum’s inquiry found him guilty. Shane Warne and Mark Waugh also testified that Malik had tried to bribe them to lose the Karachi Test of 1994-95. Ata-ur-Rehman was also banned for life for proceeding against for perjury, however, both these players were in the last stages of their careers and it did not make an impact on cricketing world as it could have. 6 players including Mushtaq Ahmad, Waqar Younis, Saeed Anwar, Akram Raza and Wasim Akram were fined heavily warned and were ordered to be kept under observation.

With the verdict against the guilty players, many felt this will make sure that no players even conceive about corrupting the game but we all know what happened 10 years later in 2010. Salman Butt, M.Amir, and M.Asif were found guilty of practicing spot-fixing and deliberately trying to effect the 4th England-Pakistan Test match. Initially, all 3 of them denied being any part of it but with time all of them came out in public and accepted their wrong doings. All 3 of them were banned for 5 years and spent time in prison as well.

With the bans now implemented by the ICC this time, there was a lot of focus on educating players about the corruption in the game. Sessions were held according to the PCB where they were told how to handle this situation. The ICC Anti-Corruption unit frequently held meetings with the players to share any intelligence about a possible approach from bookmakers. The players that now have recently seen how their teammates suffered in 2010 were expected not only to keep away from these acts but also to report any such incidents. However, come the 2nd day of Pakistan Super League 2017. With only being in its 2nd season the league suffered from the worst sort of scandal. Islamabad United’s Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif were provisionally suspended for indulging to corrupt the game with the allegations against Sharjeel by the PCB to deliberately playing 2 dot balls in the first match. Just after the tournament ended in march, Muhammad Irfan got suspended for 2 years for failing to report an approach by a bookie at least 5 times. Soon afterward PCB suspended Karachi-born Shazaib Hasan for alleged connections with bookies. One would have thought with now the PSL tournament ended for over 2 months and tour of west indies now underway, no more players will be suspended but just a week ago Muhammad Nawaz was banned for 2 months by the PCB for delaying to report the approach.

As a cricket fan for me, the PSL incident has to be the most heart-breaking controversy. In 2010 one was forced to accept that with very less attention given to educate the players regarding spot-fixing the incident happened, but now with so much that had happened in the past and with more focus on the player’s mental training about these corrupt practices, the PSL incident should not have happened. If you look at it, for Pakistan cricket team after an average 7 years a player is found guilty of match fixing/spot fixing. I do not think this was a case of less money being offered to our players, certainly not with Sharjeel Khan. Sharjeel khan was a part of the centrally contracted PCB players, he was bought by the Islamabad United team in Diamond category in the PSL draft and he also had signed with the Leistersire team for the English 20-20 tournament so he would have made more money than he does annually. This is because of the selfish desire for wealth which even after offering any amount of money will still be there. This is the main cause for the downfall of Pakistan cricket. We, for the last 2 decades have never been below 7th ranking position in One-day Internationals, today we are at 8th with just a few points ahead of West Indies. In 2010 Muhammad Amir lost 5 of his prime cricketing years and this time we might lose Sharjeel Khan, the only batsman in the team who played with the strike rate at par with the modern day cricket. The only way we can save our cricket is by taking some severe action that will set an example for the future cricketers. Life ban for Sharjeel khan and Khalid Latif might cause our team to perform poorly today but in the future, it would make sure that no player even consider being part of any sort of corrupt activity. We need such examples to be set because simple cricket for us is more than a game, it’s something that we are attached to as a nation, it helps us forget the worries in our life, something that after a long day helps us forget our tiredness, it helps develop bond with friends and family, it’s something that keeps our drawing room alive and most importantly it help us to unite.

Written by: Syed Muhammad Alam (Team PS)

The man of steel; Waqar Zaqa

The man of steel; Waqar Zaqa

Watching the evil in full flight and standing up against it, a heroic quality but how many of us bare it within ourselves? Not many I suppose, but there are a few who dared to do that and we instead of celebrating them, bring them down for other foolish reasons.

Waqar Zaka, a name popular amongst the masses for many a reasons. But none of these causes of fame do label him correct for the kind of human he is on the inside.

You know him because of the “Boss maine apko bola kia hai” but do you know what display of heroism he showed in Syria? I guess not.

Syria, yes the devastation caused there does stop us from work for a while and even moves us to tears but that’s like the end to our emotions. This guy actually stepped up beyond this limit of ours and went further ahead, right into Syria.


He saved around seven families and bought them houses in Gaziantep. Later on, moved by his actions, Turkey came forward to pay they rent for the next 6 months which estimated around $600.

We have a lot of humanitarians on facebook conducting various motivational conferences and speeches etc etc. but how many of these people reached Syria right when it was burning? Just one I suppose. Waqar Zaka is the only Pakistani to have reached Syria for his services and for carrying their message to the world with a camera and laptop.

Even the chemical attack couldn’t stop this guy from his services. His recent visit to Syria was indeed in the catastrophic times of chemical bombing.

Waqar indeed has built for us an image of an ideal humanitarian and taught us to come out of our comfort zones to the more complex levels of the real world, the war zone. Since it is pretty easy to criticize someone from your comfy couch rather that living upto their level and proving your point.

Team Pakistan Speaks appreciates your selfless efforts and wishes you good luck in your mission.

Article by: Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)

The Beginning of The End

The Beginning of The End

Captain Misbah and veteran batsman Younis fittingly retired from international cricket on the back of Pakistan’s first Test series triumph in the Caribbean following a gripping final day at Windsor Park, Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan, who stayed with Pakistan so they can retire their test careers on Sunday with an historic series win, couldn’t finish their test batting careers in style. They walked off in style though. Both were out going for sweeps against legspinner Devendra Bishoo, Misbah on 2 and Younis on 35 just before tea.

Both batsmen received congratulatory handshakes from the West Indies players, and their teammates had guards of honor waiting for them on the boundary.

Here are some recap of their contribution in Pakistan team:

Misbah ul haq khan naizi a 42 years old man started his career in Test debut On 8 March 2001 with New Zealand. Till now this right hand batsman played 73 test match , 162 ODI , 39 T20 and with batting average 50.57.Misbah also became the oldest captain ever to score a test century. Misbah celebrated the landmark by saluting his team members and doing ten push-ups. The celebration was also meant as a tribute to the Military Boot Camp in Abbotabad  In August 2016, under Misbah’s captaincy, Pakistan achieved the number 1 ranking in test cricket for the first time since 1988. In January 2015, Misbah Holds the record for scoring the most number of runs in ODI cricket without even a career hundred. The only player to score 4000 as well as 5000 ODI runs without a career century

President of Islamic Republic Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain awarded Misbah-ul-Haq to pride of performance award on 23 March, 2014.Also he holds the award of ICC Spirit cricketer of the year 2016. During his captaincy era there are number former captains playing under the captaincy of Misbah namely Shoaib malik, Shahid afridi and Younis Khan, apart from his cricket career, Misbah is man of upright who stay calm , and relax under any critical situation however during  his cricket era he faced many criticism from his seniors like Ramiz Raja , Shoaib akhatar but Misbah never reply with any negative comment he always appreciate the criticism.

After the recap of legendary captain here is the glimpse of the career of Younis khan

Mohammad Younis Khan 39 years right handed batsman started his career in ODI from February 2000 against Sri Lanka , He also formerly captained Pakistan national cricket team. He played 118 test matches with 10099 runs and from the average of 52.06 runs with  34 (100’s,) 6 (200’s) and 33 (50’s ), 265 ODI  with 7249 runs from the average of 31.25 and   25 T20 matches with 442 runs from the average of 22.1     . Younis Khan made 177 runs in the first innings of the first Test as Pakistan went on to score 451 runs

He was the first and only Test cricketer to score a century in all 11 countries that have hosted Test Matches He led Pakistan to their victory in the 2009 ICC World Twenty20. On 23 April 2017, he became the first Pakistani and 13th ever batsmen to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket. Apart from being an accomplished batsman, Younis is also a skilled slip fielder and a very occasional leg-spin bowler. Younis Khan topped the ICC’s Test Batting Rankings in February 2009 after an acclaimed innings of 313 in his first Test as captain, in the process of helping save the match for Pakistan. Younis Khan is currently sixth on the list of highest run getters for Pakistan in ODI cricket . Younis had to deal with a number of deaths in his family during 2005 and 2006. Younis also mentioned his grief at the death of Bob Woolmer ,In 2005, he was one of the 15 nominees for the ICC Test Player of the Year. In September 2006,  Khan was offered the captaincy on a permanent basis, but he turned it down. Khan resigned as captain on 13 October 2009 due to a parliamentary investigation into match fixing that was alleged to have taken place,He contributed as a mentor for Peshawar Zalmi Team in 2017 PSL. He receive Pride of Performance award from asif ali zardari in 2010 he also sign a contract rom afganistan board. Both of these cricketer also gain enough attention in cricket memes also

Written By Ainna Kukda (Team PS)



The typical love story between Karachiites and shopping malls is really intense and obviously beats that of Twilight. Whether it is weekends, or special occasions like Eid, Christmas and Black Friday, the city’s shopping complexes and bazaars are seen completely packed.


With Karachi’s population crossing 20 million figure, the number of modern-style and luxurious malls across the city has proportionally increased in last decade. And, this Pakistan’s largest shopping arena now adds to the list.

According to sources, this 3.2 million square feet, multi-faceted and magnificent ‘ Lucky One’ complex will be open for public from tomorrow, May 6th onwards.



Here are some exciting details about the plaza:

  • It will feature 200 brand stores.
  • It has the biggest amusement park of Pakistan called ‘Onederland’ consisting of two floors.
  • It also has the biggest roller coaster ride of Asia. WOW!
  • A parking lot that can accommodate 3000 cars at one time.
  • There is a large bowling alley.
  • It also has a separate area for music concerts and a ramp for fashion shows.



Here is how the interior of the mall might look like.

And, the food street covering 150,000 square feet area might just be a huge one.




Surely, there’s a lot more that is yet to be revealed. So, are you excited for the launch of this shopping mall?


By Faizan Shahzad.

Desi hypocrisies

Desi hypocrisies

We Pakistanis are amazing people. We love to poke our nose in everything but back out when the blame falls. We say one thing, mean the other and end up doing something completely different. Don’t get what I am talking about? Well, here are a few examples of the desi hypocrisies we observe daily



How many times have you crossed through a red light? Or even a yellow one? Because that apparently means go as fast as you can, too. We blame the government for lack of rules and regulations and their implementation but we are more than happy to break the ones that are already in place.

Living in Pakistan you are bound to have driven on the wrong side of the road and then caused a minor traffic jam. Caught cursing people because you are getting late, but whose fault is it to begin with?WRONG SIDE DRIVING



“There are so many piles of garbage in the city. It is all so dirty,” she said, while throwing her ice cream wrapper out the window. Yes, there are piles of garbage in the city all around but who piled them up? You and me. We are the ones who throw garbage outside like uncivilized people and then have intellectual conversations on the topic as if we have had no contributions in them.



We are huge on education. I mean, the future of our upcoming generations depend on it. We want our bahus to be doctors or engineers even when we don’t let our daughters get past inter.  Because education would make them open minded/badtameez, somehow. We want doctor / engineer or generally very well educated bahus to match our son’s education but we also want them to be stay at home women and do nothing with their degrees.




We are all greatly hyped up about our independence and freedom. We support it with all our might but only when it’s ours :/ . We won’t stand for someone else telling us we are wrong, then freedom of speech becomes too much and all respect and bara chota games start coming into play. Are you saying uncle that when you express an opinion we all should respect it but if someone else does and it contradicts yours then we are being disrespectful? Wao. Way to go.


If you live in Pakistan and have not observed these hypocrisies in our attitudes than how high are you buddy? This is what we do on a daily basis and fail to realize that what we are doing is wrong. Isn’t it time that we stop blaming other people for our mistakes and start taking responsibility for our actions?

5 must read books by Pakistani authors

5 must read books by Pakistani authors

Pakistan has produced some amazing writers, whose work has been applauded in the country and in international literary circles. Various writers have been praised by critics with reviews in New York time’s and Guardian, which also made it to the international best sellers list.

Here is the list of the top 5 best seller books:

  1. A case of exploding mangoes – Mohammad Hanif


The plot of the book revolves around the incident of General Zia-ul-Haq’s death in the plane crash. The narrator of the story, Ali Shigri, who is a junior office in the Pakistan Air force seeks revenge of his father’s suicide, for which he blames General Zia. The book won the Best First Book Award in the year 2009 in the Commonwealth Book Prize. It was also shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award.





  1. The reluctant fundamentalist – Mohsin Hamid

                                                                                                         Mohsin Hamid’s international best seller is a story of a Pakistani American, Changez who returns to Pakistan after the 9/11 attack as a local professor and participates against demonstrations against policies. The book won him Anisfield- Wolf Book Award and The South Bank Show Annual Award for Literature. The book became a best-seller and reached the top 4th niche in New York Times Best Seller. Many universities, chose the book for their freshmen reading programs.

  1. My feudal lord – Tehmina Durrani


Tehmina durrani’s book is an autobiography and revolves around her life as a wife of an influential politician. The book provides a great insight about the vulnerable position of a women in a typical society. The book became a bestseller worldwide and received many awards, but stirred controversy in Pakistan for its detailed description of abuse inflicted on her by a powerful political figure.

  1. The crow eaters – Bapsi Sidhwa


The book is a great combination of elegant prose and witty humor. The novels paints a vivid picture of Parsee community. When a family moves to the city of Lahore, the fortune grows but the animosity between the main character and his mother in law grows. The book received the David Hingham award for first book.

  1. The burnt shadows – Kamila Shasie

Kamila Shamsi’s impeccable Burnt Shadows traces the shared histories of two families, from the final days of the second world war in Japan, and India on the brink of partition in 1947, to Pakistan in the early 1980s, New York in the aftermath of 11 September and Afghanistan in the wake of the ensuing US bombing campaign. The book received the Anisfield-wolf award and was long listed for the prestigious Orange Prize for Fiction

If you enjoy reading Urdu novels then Razia Butt’s Bano should be at the top of your list. The story is based on the days before partition and subsequently after the partition.

Do not forget to add these amazing books to your reading list this summer!

Mahnoor Sarwar


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