Its been six weeks since I have shifted in my new apartment. I was so happy for this because I purchased it with my own money. I have earned that money and saved it just to get a separate and private apartment for myself.

The very first day when I was unpacking my stuff and arranging it on the big shelf which is just next to my bed, I thought that someone just ran outside the room. I clearly heard it’s footsteps and saw a shadow move from the corner of my eye. At first, I thought it was just my imagination as it was a new place for my mind and gradually it will all go away. One week passed and nothing else happened. I was now pretty sure that it was just my imagination and nothing else. On Thursday night, when I came home from the office, I placed my wallet, mobile phone and the car’s keys at the table and went to the washroom to get freshened up. Just after 15 minutes I came out and saw that my mobile phone wasn’t there. I remembered that I myself placed my phone there with all my things but now it wasn’t there. I went to my car just too see if I might have forgotten it in the car. I checked every other place but there was nothing. I was really tired and wanted to have some rest so I just came to my room, lye down on the bed and the very next moment I saw my mobile placed with my wallet and keys on the same table. Where it went? Where it came from? It is still a secret.
Well, the very same night I was sleeping when suddenly someone touched my back with it’s hand. That feel of touch was really soft but cold. I clearly felt the fingers like someone sleeping just next to me. When I looked back, there was no one. I knew that I wasn’t alone in this house. So I just closed my eyes, lying straight, pretending to sleep. The next moment I got a slap on the face. A really hard sleep that shook me from head to toe. It was also a really cold one. At first, I was so frightened that I wanted to shout out loud. But I knew it was of no use. So like a complete idiot, I stood up from me bed, began to see towards where that hand came from and said, “If you did anything more now, you even don’t what you will be facing then!”
Urdu Translation: “Ager tunay ab kuch kera na, phir dekhio mai kia kerta hu!

And I clearly had in mind what I will be doing next. I will just pickup my phone and will be running outside my house. YEA! THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT I WOULD DO.

What happened next?
The next part will be up soon.






Pakistanis have always been famous for their unique reactions over some typical things where the world reacts normally but for us, out reaction is worth discussing. As a Pakistani, you must have come across certain reactions like these yourself but if you’ve not, below is the list. Let’s see how many of them you can relate to.

When our cricket team loses:

Seeing this, most Pakistanis who are die-hard fans of cricket turn into that 60’s heroine of Pakistani movies whose lover has just left him. Looking at the television screens having tears in eyes.

However, those who have been raged by the loss agree on making match fixing a reason why the team did not do well. Their very first dialogue is: “FIX THA MATCH YAR, YEH BIK GAYI HAI TEAM HAMARI WARNA AISA THODI KHELTE HAIN YEH LOG.”


On the other hand, when the team wins out of expectations:

“Yar apni team hi aisi hai number 1. Issey achi team duniya mein koi nai hosakti. ” Soon after this dialogue there are unending rounds of fireworks, horns, hooting and every possible thing that could be done for celebration. If you see a Pakistani at this point in time you can be so sure to say that there is no nation in the world who is more patriotic than us. Though that patriotism lasts for a day only, but still!


When your relatives see you in public with an opposite gender:

If you’ve encountered this, you must have heard chanting of “ASTAGFITULLAH” from behind and a few aunties would come to you and blow over you as they feel that you’ve been under the custody of the devil. And then before you would even reach your house, your family knows that you were found dating! LOL! , whereas, you could just be talking to the other person after months.


When the doorbell rings:

If you’re from a brown family, you must have your observations where there was havoc inside the house just after someone pressed the doorbell. Everyone starts running around bringing things to their places, getting their appearance normal and even cleaning the house. Soon after which, it’s discovered that the doorbell was had been rung by a beggar. Not always but usually!


A big difference of opinions come when we see Amir Bhai on TV. You all may know him but if not, let me introduce: this person is an Islamic scholar who used to do Islamic shows. Then he moved to Ramadan transmissions, sometimes morning shows and seldom talk shows. So when we see him, half of the people are overjoyed seeing him while others just find it better to change the channel and watch something else. That’s how we react to him.



When we go to a fine finer finest restaurant to eat:

Despite of how terribly we eat at home with our fingers dipped into gravy and clothes sharing the food, we will always set new examples of discipline and manners by being extremely sophisticated and also being very excited simultaneously because food is life man.

When we hear “50% OFF”

Pakistanis, especially women (am not being an anti-feminist over here) have always been accused of being attracted to shopping and sales. So, whenever we gotta here that there’s a sale in this this store at this this street between these timings, it’s our very first priority to reach their. And once we reach, you know what happens next.

 When we get any chance to move around any corridor/house:

We are usually accused of peeping and interfering into the matters of others. That’s not what we do, but we actually want to help others whether they are in any problem or not. So as a precaution we like to open the doors of every room we pass across just to check if someone needs help.

When we get to know that someone from the family got his/her results out:

‘’ Aur beta, kia result bana? ‘’ This question is probably the most hated question on the hate list of any student. Because, as soon as the result is out, everyone you’d meet in Pakistan will ask you the same question.


Whenever any single girl or boy is spotted in khandan:

Desi aunties have always been popular for their activeness in making rishtas. Any weeding, any meetup or even any funeral till date had not went clean from any rishta discussion. Girls come across question like beta kia parhti ho? Khana banaleti ho? Ghar ka kaam kaaj ata hai? whereas boys need to answer stuff like kia krahe ho? Kitna kamalete ho? Koi pasand wasand ka chkar tou nai? I feel pity for these innocent singles whose freedom is always tried to be taken in such parties where there are a lot of aunties…

When we see traffic lights:


Well, these old rules must be for all other backward countries in the world. Here in Pakistan, we have some modern interpretations for these which are as follows:




AND LASTLY, our reaction to adult scenes in the movies we are watching with family:

No matter how much vulgar we are when alone, despite of all the 18+ jokes we make and all the swear words we speak, we always turn to an extremely shareef person when we are watching TV with parents and some adult scene or a vulgar joke comes on.

“Astagfirullah astaghfirullah … what did they even say? I don’t even know what are they doing?”

This statement depicts exactly the same reaction by each Pakistani teenager whenever any such situation knocks at the door.


Whatever unique reactions we have, it can be proudly said that they make us different from the rest of the world which reacts to almost all the things in a boring way. But, there are certain things we Pakistanis need to change in our behavior. The rest is set.

Written by: Arham Shareef Hashmi

How to deal with exam stress

How to deal with exam stress

Summers. The beach. Roof –top parties. Music festivals. Tubs of ice-cream and some juicy gossip with friends. Vacation time. Right? Sigh, not for us! All the sad poor souls have exams coming up.

Panic attacks. Anxiety. I can’t sleep at night. Does ethanol react with water? Torque, what’s that? Oh damn! There are four thousand and sixty seven pages of syllabus to cover and days? Two months only. Aah! Less than two months. Oh, another day gone!

Well, well, let’s put a stop to it and let’s talk about how we can manage the exam stress.

  1. ORGANISE You cannot arrange a messy stack of hay until and unless you don’t know where to begin, Right? So find that point. Find that subject. Find that chapter where you need to start. Start planning, make yourself a calendar, outlining a daily schedule of topics and reward yourself for completing it (Snickers would work or maybe some fries)
  2. TIME IT UP Looking at the wall becomes very exciting, I know. Stuck on one page since last half hour; not cool, when you have exams just around the corner. Time your chapters with intervals of 20-50 minutes and give yourself some time in between. Believe me, cramming everything in an hour or solving equations for 4 hours straight won’t help.





  1. EAT HEALTHY Sitting bored? I need food. Of course! There has to be the glucose. There has to be the sugar rush. Talking about it eat high-carb foods and stay hydrated. The more hydrated you are, the more glucose you have, the easier it will be to understand what you are reading. Eating dark chocolate fights the stress hormone cortisol and has an overall relaxing effect on the body so grab those Mars bars fellas!


  1. TAKE BREAKS If you were training for a marathon, you wouldn’t try and run for 24 hours. Would you? So take a “small” break (not the usual breaks that end up for five hours). Call a friend and talk to them. Take a walk in the fresh air. Don’t feel guilty, your bones need the vitamin D! And and play with bubble wrap, that’s always a great way to relax. (Pop, pop, pop)
  2. BREAK FROM THE DISTRACTIONS AND PRACTICE Ping, ping. A notification from Facebook. Oo, who followed me on Instagram? Refresh. Scroll, scroll and scroll. I bet you don’t even realize the number of times you check Facebook, Instagram, but it adds it up to a lot of wasted time. So just try to focus on your goal and practice as many questions you can to be familiar with dealing them on the exam day.

In the end, just pray to Allah to make the exam easy for you and the examiner as nice as Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Mahnoor Sarwar


How will I die

How will I die



Hiding from a serial killer but way too stupid to not speak up when goaded? Well you can always make a meme out of it because that is the latest trend on social media. People have gone haywire with the trend and are pointing out hilarious ways of how they will be found by serial killer out for the hunt, from jazbati fanatics completing the killer’s sentences to how moms and teachers would react if the killer breaks or forgets something, it is all out there. Some even include the famous aunty gormit because we will never forget her. It is pretty much impossible for you to have not seen any but some amazing ones are right here for you.
teachers will be teachers 😉

when you are a poor med student L

Fahad bhai soach lia !


Cause treat is always a good idea;)

Why a serial killer will be after me is beyond me but who am I to question the wisdom behind latest trends on social media. Mean while

*Hiding from a serial killer*

Me : I’ll be dead if he finds me

Killer : Harry Potter is stupid and…

Me : Aveda kadavra!

Written by: Aleena (Team PS)

Why Chinese Universities aren’t a bad option after all…

Why Chinese Universities aren’t a bad option after all…

Today China is like a gigantic castle, which has opened its door of opportunities to explore a country of colors, pleasant with its beautiful evenings and mornings of hope and optimism. You’ll find yourself opening your eyes to the world’s most unique blend of ancient and modern civilization.


In this era where Pakistan has lost in political squabbles and has virtually become bankrupt and made to dance to the tunes of donor agencies, China proved to be a time-tested friend of Pakistan by making a solemn and unionized initiative of awarding 131 scholarships to Pakistani students who were drowning in the cataclysmic flood of stagflation and indigence.


China is fast attracting the petty bourgeoisie Pakistanis who were suffering under the twin yokes of Debts and Destitution as China’s tuition fees per semester are generally no more than 1000 U.S. dollars contrasted with the ten thousands of dollars charged by other countries. Moreover, China has increased scholarship stipend money for international students from Sept 1, 2014, which has brought a quantum leap in the lives of middle-class Pakistanis as previously only elites could afford to send their progeny for overseas education.


Being a great neighbor and a generous host China warmly welcomes the students coming from Pakistan without questioning their nationality, however many visa applications for Britain and the United States got rejected every year just on the basis of suspicion arousal.


At first, a wave of Pakistani students at Chinese universities started in June 2005 when the first batch of 300 Pakistani students enrolled at 15 different universities. According to 2016 estimates, the number of China-bound students has exponentially increased from all over Pakistan, exceeding 19,000 Pakistani students studying at Chinese universities, making Pakistan the fourth largest source of international students in China.


China has a magnificent educational background and has a high literacy rate of about 94%. Thus, it holds world’s top university lists and it is still striving hard to make its education system competitive & contending. Its medical universities are especially worth getting admitted in. Chinese degree offer programs in engineering, science, medicine, economics and MBA which are recognized and revered by most developed countries.


Hence, I consider the stigmas attached to a Chinese degree as bunkum and balderdash as China is the second largest superpower in the world and knowing Chinese language and background will greatly benefit the students to compete effectively around the globe.

Batool Zehra (Team PS)

Dealing with depression

Dealing with depression

Ever felt lethargic? Like, wanted to stare at the wall while lying on your bed in pajamas all day long? Didn’t want to meet anyone and hating everything around? Having negative thoughts and feeling like quitting life? Then you might have depression.


Depression doesn’t always mean to be really sad and teary. Statistically, people having depression tend to be as normal as any other person. This is the reason why many people are unaware of their depression.


Depression is a real disease. 5% of the world’s population is victim to this problem. It affects people both physically and mentally. But no need to panic, it is curable!


The symptoms that you might observe in yourself to diagnose depression include disrupted sleep, bad mood, lack of concentration in daily routine (even in hobbies), pessimism, sulkiness, prolonged indolence, poor memory, indecisiveness, restlessness and loss of appetite.


The factors that cause depression can either be genetic or environmental. Though there are various types of depressions but the most severe one is clinical depression or major depressive disorder.


It is a disease that is still considered a taboo at many places especially in the third world countries. People having depression are announced to be psychopaths and get abandoned. Even though there had hundreds of mental health awareness programs been conducted, people still don’t consider depression as an actual illness. They don’t understand the fact that it can happen to anyone and they avoid talking about it.


Depression can strike at any age but teenage and early adultery are more prone to it because these are the ages when the pressure of making a career is at peak. Depression also exists among the old aged people due to the raging signs of aging.


The key to keep this monster away is to “TALK”. You need to talk about your problems, your fears, your weaknesses. You need to trust at least one sensible person in your life to feel light hearted every time you feel like an elephant sitting at your chest. Psychotherapists are available to help you out and you can totally trust them. Like any other disease, it does change your life. It can even turn your life upside down. But you can recover.  Just be strong!


Written by : Zubeya Ali


The aim of Pakistan Speaks is to broadcast the brighter image of Pakistan. We’ve had great achievements in the history of Pakistan as well as of the world. We intend to help people in anyway that’s possible for us. We collect donations. We go on street to convince people to fund us. We’ve done numerous iftar drives for the needy this Ramadan. We were all volunteering in hospitals during the heat stroke. We go to underprivileged areas to see what they need and make sure they get it. Pakistan Speaks started from very scratch but is growing very rapidly. Join us on our Facebook page and be a part of us.

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Pakistan Speaks motivated team collect funds for the people in medical needs. Patients treatment, Medicines affordability.

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Pakistan Speaks collaborates with different events all across the country that are focused on youth development and our charitable.

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