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Life Is A Long Journey To Go

” It doesn’t make a difference how discouraged I am, one voice of my mother and my brother Harris reduces every one of my agonies. My name is Shazrah shakeel and I am a second year student of pharmacy from the university of Karachi, evening program. You most likely may have heard that it is your choice that makes your judgment turns out from the best of the accessible choices. I opened my eyes with all abundance that Allah the almighty could ever offer us. life turned a new leaf when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I may be of just two years of age yet at the same time I have the glimpses of that terrible situation. From that day my mother chose never to discuss anything to my dad that could bring any passionate anxiety. My mother began teaching in a Cambridge school and Harris attempted to reach out to take us back to a normal life. Despite everything, I recollect my adolescence when my mom used to allow me to sit back on the benevolence of my siblings and sister. All that I endured could bring identity issues, since my mom got too busy in nurturing her six children. However, Harris conveyed life to my childhood. He supported me consistently, regardless of how bustling he used to be his charming words and love gave me quality to battle the evil shop that I was working in my brain. My mother attempted to push me in that Cambridge school. I began teaching tuitions when I was in 6th grade. Throughout my school and college life I had been achieving opportunities to debate on great forums. I loved writing, writing was my obsession. I was in seventh grade in 2009 when I got my first article published on dawn newspaper and it was the main ever accomplishment of my life. At that point I began composing for dawn newspaper and London composition site. My O’level result gave me another gloat and I took confirmation in an aviation based armed forces school. Before long I attained the position of the head girl in my college and the head of the literary society. My A-one result in my intermediate gave me opportunity to take admission in doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Karachi. I got offer from various O’level institutions for teaching. Soon I was made the chief of contact literary society in university. In 19 years of my life I got the brag by getting the official letter from the association of Washington D.C to run the chapter for understudies for sensible drug policy in Karachi. Recently I worked as English lecturer in a college. Well, all I am telling about my success and stuffs but life taught me something else. When a child is born he is just a piece of congealed dough which yet has to take the shape. Every person who comes in our life leaves an impact. My life was all about determination, ambitions and lust for material. But somewhere the impact of few people gave me breaks, boundaries, limitations and values. Each time we ought to meet anyone, try to be good to them, regard them, and celebrate their flaws. May be your impact can transform out a man into a jewel.”shaz

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