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Last Hope OF The Family

“This garage changed my life and is a source of happiness for me and my family. I still remember the horrible incident that happened to me and I was lucky enough to escape. It was Sunday morning, my father was sleeping due to his overnight gambling and drinking. My sister was playing with her dolls, mother was washing clothes and brother was fast asleep. It was a Sunday morning and like every Sunday I went to play cricket with my friends. After playing for few hours, I sat with my best friend Jamal. Few moments later, we were approached by a man who asked if we want to play in a bigger ground. We excitedly followed him and sat in his car. We were brought to a warehouse and a number were already present here. This was a mafia who kidnapped children and turned them into beggars. That whole night was very horrific with cries and tears. I remained quiet. Jamal, however, started crying. He swung his bat in fear. It hit the man who was there, right where it hurts the most. Asif fell down in pain, saying words we couldn’t understand.
Jamal made a run back to where we came from, and I followed him frantically. We ran amidst Asif’s screams. We made a dash. I never thought I could run this fast. If only I ran this fast yesterday, I wouldn’t have been run-out! We saw the gate we had entered from yesterday that opened in the big alley. We ran blindly for thirty minutes and ten moved to our house . My mother and siblings were crying, but father didn’t show any affection. For one week I remain confined in my place, still scared. After few days I went to ask for work in garage. The Ustad asked about my credentials and finally gave me work. I work here the whole day and get three hundred rupees .With this money I made sure that my siblings study and achieve something in their life. Only yesterday, Billu came and told me that he got fourth position in his class. He brought home a small cup for his achievements. He gave his cup to me. He wants to become a scientist, he says. I don’t know what that is, but he said that he wants to be like Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and become a hero for Pakistan. Guryev comes home and tells me English words. This makes me feel very proud. I believe she would make a brilliant teacher one day. I will work day and night to make sure she becomes what she wants. Everyone calls me chota. Little do they know, I’m actually the bara of my own home.”

Story By Taj Rafique(Team PS)



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