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Why Chinese Universities aren’t a bad option after all…

Today China is like a gigantic castle, which has opened its door of opportunities to explore a country of colors, pleasant with its beautiful evenings and mornings of hope and optimism. You’ll find yourself opening your eyes to the world’s most unique blend of ancient and modern civilization.


In this era where Pakistan has lost in political squabbles and has virtually become bankrupt and made to dance to the tunes of donor agencies, China proved to be a time-tested friend of Pakistan by making a solemn and unionized initiative of awarding 131 scholarships to Pakistani students who were drowning in the cataclysmic flood of stagflation and indigence.


China is fast attracting the petty bourgeoisie Pakistanis who were suffering under the twin yokes of Debts and Destitution as China’s tuition fees per semester are generally no more than 1000 U.S. dollars contrasted with the ten thousands of dollars charged by other countries. Moreover, China has increased scholarship stipend money for international students from Sept 1, 2014, which has brought a quantum leap in the lives of middle-class Pakistanis as previously only elites could afford to send their progeny for overseas education.


Being a great neighbor and a generous host China warmly welcomes the students coming from Pakistan without questioning their nationality, however many visa applications for Britain and the United States got rejected every year just on the basis of suspicion arousal.


At first, a wave of Pakistani students at Chinese universities started in June 2005 when the first batch of 300 Pakistani students enrolled at 15 different universities. According to 2016 estimates, the number of China-bound students has exponentially increased from all over Pakistan, exceeding 19,000 Pakistani students studying at Chinese universities, making Pakistan the fourth largest source of international students in China.


China has a magnificent educational background and has a high literacy rate of about 94%. Thus, it holds world’s top university lists and it is still striving hard to make its education system competitive & contending. Its medical universities are especially worth getting admitted in. Chinese degree offer programs in engineering, science, medicine, economics and MBA which are recognized and revered by most developed countries.


Hence, I consider the stigmas attached to a Chinese degree as bunkum and balderdash as China is the second largest superpower in the world and knowing Chinese language and background will greatly benefit the students to compete effectively around the globe.

Batool Zehra (Team PS)

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