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Hardwork Pay It’s Reward


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It’s been almost a year since the commencement of my Facebook page. A platform which has really helped transform myself into a more complete writer. I believe art is all about striving to become better than your former self. Apart from my passion for writing, I loved studying medicine as well. But there was a time in my last days of college life that I had thoughts of quitting medical field and heading completely towards becoming a professional writer. My mind wasn’t at peace. I started having flashbacks of my initial childhood days in Saudi-Arabia, when my mom from being a housewife to a beautician to a businesswoman to a teacher to a mother, perfectly filled each and every role, just to provide me a quality life. Doing MBBS, the only thing she desired from her son, was the least I could do for her. I regained focus and started studying hard. I finally got rewarded by being selected into a reputed medical institute of the city. I’ve recently cleared my first semester MBBS examinations at Ziauddin University, Alhamdulillah! Pursuing a career in medicine and aspiring to become a professional writer at the same time is a tough task. One thing which life taught me, and I do my utmost to put into practice is that no matter, whether it’s the good days of your life or the bad days, just pray regularly and never hesitate to ask anything from God. With this being said, my advice to every individual out there is that never ever give up on your dreams. Turning dreams into reality, this is what life is about. The day I realize my mother’s dream of her son becoming a doctor and own dream of getting my first ever fiction novel published, I will find myself the most luckiest person on earth. That day I won’t look back to all the criticism, hate or hurt some people directed towards me, but I will remember all those who were there when I was absolutely nothing. And I thank God for blessing me with art, at a time when I needed it the most.
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Story Sent By : Syed Usman Zia
(Former student of AKHSS, currently 1st year MBBS student at ZU)

You can Visit His Writing At :

Usman Zia

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