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Never stop fighting

I was a nurse before my marriage, I cared for people and I liked my job. After marriage I had to quit my job since I had to look after my family. Due to financial crises I decided to start an online networking business but unfortunately I faced a loss of about 4 lakh rupees. Not willing to give up, I started working as a maid for a few months to get my family out of the crisis. Now I work for the Rawalpindi metro bus service at the ticket counter. I am sick but I am not willing to give up for future of my two daughters. I wish to see them highly educated and smiling and not facing the problems that I am facing today. I am not ready to surrender to the situation fate has left me in. I am not ready to lose hope, for my family, for my daughters.”
– Uzma Shafi (Islamabad)
– Ticket Counter Attendant, Metro Bus Service
– via Ladies of Pakistan
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