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5 must read books by Pakistani authors

Pakistan has produced some amazing writers, whose work has been applauded in the country and in international literary circles. Various writers have been praised by critics with reviews in New York time’s and Guardian, which also made it to the international best sellers list.

Here is the list of the top 5 best seller books:

  1. A case of exploding mangoes – Mohammad Hanif


The plot of the book revolves around the incident of General Zia-ul-Haq’s death in the plane crash. The narrator of the story, Ali Shigri, who is a junior office in the Pakistan Air force seeks revenge of his father’s suicide, for which he blames General Zia. The book won the Best First Book Award in the year 2009 in the Commonwealth Book Prize. It was also shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award.





  1. The reluctant fundamentalist – Mohsin Hamid

                                                                                                         Mohsin Hamid’s international best seller is a story of a Pakistani American, Changez who returns to Pakistan after the 9/11 attack as a local professor and participates against demonstrations against policies. The book won him Anisfield- Wolf Book Award and The South Bank Show Annual Award for Literature. The book became a best-seller and reached the top 4th niche in New York Times Best Seller. Many universities, chose the book for their freshmen reading programs.

  1. My feudal lord – Tehmina Durrani


Tehmina durrani’s book is an autobiography and revolves around her life as a wife of an influential politician. The book provides a great insight about the vulnerable position of a women in a typical society. The book became a bestseller worldwide and received many awards, but stirred controversy in Pakistan for its detailed description of abuse inflicted on her by a powerful political figure.

  1. The crow eaters – Bapsi Sidhwa


The book is a great combination of elegant prose and witty humor. The novels paints a vivid picture of Parsee community. When a family moves to the city of Lahore, the fortune grows but the animosity between the main character and his mother in law grows. The book received the David Hingham award for first book.

  1. The burnt shadows – Kamila Shasie

Kamila Shamsi’s impeccable Burnt Shadows traces the shared histories of two families, from the final days of the second world war in Japan, and India on the brink of partition in 1947, to Pakistan in the early 1980s, New York in the aftermath of 11 September and Afghanistan in the wake of the ensuing US bombing campaign. The book received the Anisfield-wolf award and was long listed for the prestigious Orange Prize for Fiction

If you enjoy reading Urdu novels then Razia Butt’s Bano should be at the top of your list. The story is based on the days before partition and subsequently after the partition.

Do not forget to add these amazing books to your reading list this summer!

Mahnoor Sarwar

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