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5 thingsa Hijabi wants you to know

Hijabis are just normal girls who do do everything like the non Hijabis the only difference is that we dress slightly differently to please Allah. Here are some things we want everyone to know but usually don’t speak out.


1- A Hijabi is not sperior to a non Hijabi and vice versa


Off course We are all sisters in Islam and no one is superior but I don’t know why sometimes the opposite is assumed.


2-We are all on different Levels


Thsi is one of the most important issues I feel which needs to be highlighted. I’ve seen so many people saying “Hijab karte hein aur neeche tight kapre pehente hein aise hijab ka kya faida” and “bahar dekho to hijab kia hua hota hai aur social media pe nahi”. It is a fact that hijab is not only a covering of the head and it should be consistant however we all have stages in everything. There was a time when I used to be like that as well but we are all imperfect souls striving for perfection. Criticizing is never the way instead encourage them.


3- Trust me We have hair….

I get to hear this almost every month “Iske baal he nai hon ge”. Guys!! We understand you’re kidding but sometimes you really dont need to make it that long.


4- We avoid physical contact with Guys

This is how Justin Trudeau  greets muslims/hijabis instead of offering a handshake and this is how we expect every guy to be. Wether it’s a handshake or a highfive or literally anything guys! Please avoid physical contact.


5-Stop comparing Hijab to other deeds


Whenever we talk about hijab usually there is someone who brings up this point “hijab kr k jhoot bolne se acha hai na karen aur koi aur acha kaam karen”. Every deed is different from another. We all try our best to do what we can but honestly comparing deeds is pointless!


I wont say that every hijabi would agree but most would afterall we all have our different point of views. We all expect respect from one another irresopective of race,religion,cast or dressing.

Written by: Rabeet Tariq

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