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A broader look into Brangelina’s divorce

After all this while, divorce and being cheated on is not easy, of course. The most haunting part of their break up was cheating. Brad cheated Jennifer and tied knots with Angelina, and that is where karma hit her. From cheating, to the cheating and a divorce. While we all had our sympathies for Jennifer back then and now with Angelina; not forgetting to mention that both are the most admired and strongest female personalities.

Ever wonder how cheating feels like? Of course, no one deliberately wants to be cheated on, but it is not a choice. It just happens. We call this dumb experiences life. Where all these negative sufferings are inevitable to happen. Be it cheating, malice, betrayal or anything. These things never make the victims, dumb and the sinners, wise. Sometimes, this just reflects one’s inner self. These things are out of control and may damage the person beyond healing. Yet, they say time settles everything. It just makes you to get used to the tainted love and unhappiness. But they do make you a deeper and a better person inside.

So, let’s just wish the separated couple better lives ahead. Notwithstanding, Angelina certainly is a stronger woman and will prove a stronger mother too.



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