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A day in life of an average Pakistani girl in 20s


NOTE:  the composition is wholly based on writer’s scrutiny and opinions and does not particularly refer to anyone’s life.


The sun gradually comes out of its cloudy shelter and begins brightening by expressing its rays of affection. After fajar prayer, I head towards the kitchen to make chai. On one side of stove, abba jan’s cardamom tea is brewed and on the other, eggs are boiled. As soon as I step out of kitchen with a tray in my hand, ammi jan takes it from me and claims that I should quit my job and decide to tie the knot. While I sit in the dining putting butter on my bread, I hear abba saying: “beta, dair mat karna ghar jaldi aajana. Larkiyon ka dair tak bahar hona theek nahi.” Nevertheless, in response, I just nod my head. Sharp 7:00 am I leave home for bus stop. My boss is very strict and I cannot afford to quit my internship as it is one of my biggest dreams, I prefer not giving him any chance of firing me.

After I reach my office, every misery falls apart and all I just remember is my work. After 3 dedicated hours of work, recess commences. Aroma of different dishes takes the charge and everyday we hear someone getting married or engaged, or someone saying: ‘mera rishta pakka hogaya.” It’s then when I realize that I don’t have much time, I will be soon getting married. Anyhow, the recess is passed and so is the rest of working hours. It’s 6:00 pm and I wait for a vacant rickshaw to take me home soon.

It’s 9:00 pm and I am at my home preparing for dinner. Not only preparing the food, but preparing myself for the conversations that will take place at the dinner table. After that my siblings share how their day went in their institutes it’s my time to hear my parents saying: “abhi tou isko rukhsat bhi karna hai.”


Written by: Ujala Shaikh

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