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A Lover’s Tale

It started back when I got into KE, being schooled in Canada and later in BDC, I was a haughty teenager with my head in the clouds. I used to be the center of attention of the class, unruly and arrogant, always joking around with the professors and sometimes even getting sent out for my attitude. I used to fantasize that one day I would meet this girl who would appreciate my good looks, laugh at my jokes and always be influenced by the charismatic Kemcolian doctor that I was going to be. (See what I meant when I said haughty)
But then,life happened. There was a girl in our batch who got the lowest marks in spotting in the first anatomy stage, and unlike everyone else she wasn’t disappointed at all! I still remember how she laughed it off and called it a day. She was obviously the coolest girl in the class, without a care in the world and she was the prettiest too. I knew that she was the one.
We became friends and it wasn’t long before I began falling for her. Later, it turned out that she was way more hardworking and intelligent than I had expected (which was a disappointment :P) as she scored about a 100 marks more than me in every professional. Gradually, she started influencing every aspect of my life, groomed me and built me as a person, taught me how to be humble and kind while being graceful and brilliant. I was a new man, her man.
Then came the time when I proposed to her, and it was a yes! I swear I was the luckiest man in the world. And now that I come to think of it, my life would’ve been so dull if I had gotten the type of girl that I once dreamed of. Although I had been severely hit by karma and got the exact opposite,but the way she challenges me, inclines me to get better each day and I am grateful to God for every moment that I get to spend with her. Whoever I am today, I owe it to this incredible girl standing next to me. We got engaged after final year without any hitch, thanks to our amazing families and plan to get married next year, InshaAllah.
I know it sounds perfect, marrying your best friend, but it’s never easy. Most people take it for granted that’s why they don’t last long. My advice to all the guys out there, if you think that she’s the one, never, I repeat never give up on her. I promise, it’s going to be worth it.


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