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Since my bed is near the window, I woke up to the sandy scent of rainwater that began to sprinkle on my face. I got up and was no doubt in a giddy mood. IT WAS RAINING IN KARACHI! The lack of it was the reason for us being stereotyped for such a while. Though I’ll admit that the jokes were funny nonetheless. Then I observed that though the power had been fluctuating last night, it was fairly stable. IT WAS RAINING, YET NO POWER OUTAGE. This was the icing on the cake for me. Though I know that some regions weren’t as fortunate. I decided that I should start the day on a high note and accompany my mom on her grocery shopping. Okay, I lied. My mom forced me to go with her. I love rain, but I hate having to go back home, dry off and change. It’s just off-putting. Anyways, I decided to suck it up and go with her. The road conditions made it unsuitable for a car drive so, we took a rickshaw. It was a damp, horrible ride. The roads appeared to be like a giant, dirty puddle. I loathed the bulk of the journey. I was on the left side and quite frankly, I’m a large individual. So basically, my left arm and leg were drenched in rain water and the rest of me was just damp. It felt all funky and weird. Okay so, post shopping, on the way back, I was still in a horrible mood. Just disdain and more disdain. I hated all the people with their halwa and poori. It just bothered me like, why can’t you stay indoors?

While I was still in a rickshaw, foul mood and all; I saw two boys skipping across the rainwater. What seemed like a crappy puddle was their low budget, bootlegged resort. Okay that was snide. Sorry about that. But, the sheer bliss I saw in their eyes. Believe me, it changed my mood and made me realize how lucky I am and that my day isn’t nearly as bad as I’m making it out to be. But….. Just when I was beginning to enjoy the rain, we reached home. I tried to stay outside but mom made a pizza at home. How was I supposed to resist.

But all isn’t as jolly as I’m making it out to be, their are homes ravaged, people dead, suffering, power outages that are still ignored….and don’t get me started on the sewerage conditions. It’s disgusting. The government is doing a piss-poor job in dealing with these issues. The only people I see actively solving the problem are NGOs and NPOs like FixIt Pakistan. Kudos to them. So this concludes a rainy day in Karachi


Zohaib Hussain (Team PS)

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