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A True Patriot

After a while, after the passing of my HSC-II, I decided it was time I start going back to my usual online shenanigans. Watching funny or…erm inappropriate stuff on the internet, sports and whatnot. However, upon coming across a certain piece of info, I was left in a state of bewilderment.

I read that Dr Abdul Sattar Edhi declined an offer made by our former President, Asif Zardari, to receive medical attention in a foreign hospital. Dr Edhi insisted that he be treated in a government facility here in Pakistan. This speaks true volumes about this man’s massive amounts of patriotism.

Let’s all remember one thing. This guy has founded the largest ambulance network in the world. Edhi, the foundation, operates in The UK and The US. He has donated lucrative sums for various initiatives and yet…. He chose to stay true to his simplicity and just say no.

This really made me question my priorities as an individual and was enough to rile up the patriot in me. I hope it has been able to do the same for wishes Dr Abdul Sattar Edhi a speedy recovery.

Edhi Sahab

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