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Abbu App Kay Lia Aik Kaam Kia Hai, Saare Aisaanat Ko Pura Nahi Kara Hai

I’ve had an ideal life for as long as I can remember, sweet and simple.Everything was perfect and fairytale-like. Too good to be true.My father did have hepatitis once when I was young but he recovered just fine. Life moved on streamlined and I got admitted to medical school. Never did I know that everything would change so suddenly.
At the beginning of last year, my father got really sick. Within a month or so his health deteriorated rapidly. He was diagnosed of liver cirrhosis but the most painful fact was that 80% of his liver had already been damaged.It was the darkest day of my life.The doctor had told us that a person can only survive with 25% of liver but not with 20%. I have always been an emotionally strong person but that night I broke. When I came back home from the hospital and I cried my heart out to Allah. Someone had told me once that if you pray for something with the depths and purity of your heart that moment becomes the moment of ‘qabooliat’.So I prayed, I bowed and I submitted my case to Allah and somehow I knew that my supplications had been accepted, I was at peace.
Within a few days my family left for India for my father’s liver transplant. My siblings and I went through the HLA test for cross matching. I swear that it was the most critical moment of my life. When the test reports finally came, it was I who was perfectly compatible as a donor.I knew that this was the answer to my prayers and not for a moment was I afraid of the transplant because I knew that I was doing it solely for my father. We both went through an 18 hour long surgery and Alhmadulilah the operation was a success. Within a month both my father and I recovered completely which itself was a miracle.
Everytime I mention my story to anyone, their reactions include phrases like “great sacrifice” “grand gesture” etc. However, I completely disagree with their judgement for we can never repay for the million sacrifices our parents have made for us since the day they brought us into this world. Maybe, just maybe I got lucky enough to give him back a little part of me, something that already belonged to him. For he is my dearest asset, my greatest blessing, my safe haven and the center of my universe. My dad is my superhero and whenever I look at him healthy and fine, my heart lightens up.
It’s been almost been a year now, and everytime I look back to this incident my heart speaks out “KUN FAYAKUN (كُنْ فَيَكُونُ)”
My Lord says “Be! and it is”


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