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Abhi Mujh Per Hasslo, Magar Aik Wo Din Aai Ga Jab Me Tum Pe Hasson Ga

I belong to a village where people consider daughters as burden to their family and not having son as sign of bad luck. We are 4 sisters, ever since my childhood I have seen villagers to feel sorry for my parents for having 4 daughters and no son. But unlike others at my village, my parents have always replied them by saying we are proud of our daughters. This sentence have always enriched me with endless confidence. Alhamdulillah my parents have sent us to the best possible institutes. I still remember the day when i got admission into a school at nearby city and one day a teacher of mine asked our class about our aims and I said sir, I wish to get admission into the best institute of this county and help others at my village to get education. He laughed along with my classmates and said you can’t do it, you know why? I asked the reason, he said because you belong to a village. People from your area can’t compete with the master minds out there. I felt really hurt. That day I came home, locked myself in a room and kept crying but after a few hours I offered prayers and prayed to God to give me courage to work and Alhamdulillah
>I got 6th position in board in Matric exams.
>1st position in board in Fsc
>Got admission into best medical institute of the country.
>Was awarded with car from my college.
>Was selected in a group of 25 Pakistani students who were sent as educational ambassadors to Europe by govt. of Punjab.
>Was selected in a research program at Harvard university, USA.
>Volunteered as motivational speaker at a few institutes.
>Worked with an NGO who is serving poor kids to get education by providing free schoolbags, stationary and uniforms.
>voluntarily serving a school at my village and teach some students free of cost.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a girl or a boy, you live in a big city or a small village, the only thing that matters is your thoughts and your trust into yourself. God has created you the only one of your kind in the whole universe. Never let words of anyone destroy you. Pray to God and trust the powers he has gifted you with. One thing more, I strongly believe in the saying “the real secret of happiness is to help others.” Once you achieve something in life, help others achieving great… the little acts of kindness will add a great sense of achievement and pleasure in your life.


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