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Always Believe Yourself

I had polio when i was just 4 months old, my father was a Doctor but unfortunately i had an attack before he could give me my polio shots. they took me to the doctor in karachi to get it confirmed.. later i went through few surgeries in UK (Alhamdulillah we could afford that) as the surgery which went through here the docs were very negligible to attend my case and they further spoiled it.
I’ve always been a strong headed person, no doubt it was difficult(to get education) but i fought and made m way because my Allah and my family was with me at every step. After Allah my parents were have been my biggest support.
Now I have been associated with this career for 18 years and 1 month, i started teaching in Jan 1998.
My message is No matter what this world says to you or for you.. just believe in yourself, as long as you know what you are doing is the right thing to do, we all have to walk your own journey, so its for nobody to understand…nothing can pull you down as long as Allah is holding your hand and you have your parents duas with you, we can reach the skies.

By: Ms Uzma Shakir Ali (Karachi)

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