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AMJAD SABRI; A Gift We Never Deserved

To ALLAH we belong and to him is our return (Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 156).

Loud was his life and silent was his sad demise upon which there was a lot to say but there was nothing to come back. It is how a single person had so much associated with him that his death proved to be the death of a tradition, death of an era and death of entire humanity.

In a country where Chief Justice’s descendant ends up getting kidnapped, where a life is cheaper than a cell phone, where month of Ramadan is more about getting a bike, a laptop or a car than adopting an Islamic lifestyle, where most of the scholars are busy making the entire nation a fool, where we have everything except tolerance for people having believes different from us, where police is no more a symbol of safety, where everyone is a scholar in mocking others and sentencing them to death, in a country where independence means brutal killing on the roads, there we need no talent or legends but “SCHOOLS & TEACHERS” to teach us morality, lessons of humanity and educate us to become a human being and not only just like a human being !

AMJAD SABRI became just another victim, just another name, just another life, just another legend and just another PAKISTANI. He became just another story in the history of Pakistan which will be remembered every time when “TAAJDAR-E-HARAM” or “BHAR DO JHOLI” plays around. A self who had absorbed majesty of the traditional form of music, humbly devoting it to the Holy Personalities in Islam, was a gift to us which we as a nation unfortunately never deserved.

We had continued to speak, availing our freedom of speech but we failed to realize that such freedom has a meaning at places where there are ears to listen and brains to comprehend, where there are leaders to lead and a nation to follow. Somewhere among fighting for rare rights, we as a nation have sorely failed to protect our basic right, THE RIGHT TO LIVE. If independence meant to loose our legends brutally on the roads then let me question its advantage. If it meant to loose our brothers on the name of different sects and believes then let me wish to return to the era of illiteracy and inhumanity where nobody was learned enough to question others’ believes.
Today, by loosing Amjad Sabri, we unfortunately lost an epoch of upshot, flair of humanity, and our identity being an independent nation has somewhere become perplexed. Speaking up for rights will now no more be meaningful to us as towns were busy debating intellectually over trivial issues and a legend among us passed silently, maybe mourning in heart for what this nation is actually up to and where miserably are we heading altogether?

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