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An Employee Under God

“You inquire why I sell parched corn?
If you swap places with me, only then will you understand the value of every single grain of mine which carries the prayers of my dear mother. This is what I like the most.

When I was 16 years old, I was forced to leave my studies. My mother had passed away. She was suffering from cancer and she always used to say “You are working for me today but soon you will get to see that you will be working for your Lord.”

My sister and my father used to be in the conversations of my mother. My father never saw any special potential in me and considered me a failure. He abandoned me and my sister.
So eventually, I was entrusted with the sole responsibility of taking care of my sister. I took up many jobs and was ultimately employed on a daily wage in a factory.
After gathering tidbits, I managed to wed my sister off but who really owns a labourer’s sister? Her wedding broke off. When I used to go for work, my sister would be all alone so she started coming to work with me which I disliked.

In the outskirts of our colony, a kid and his mother used to live. I always used to give them some money. With the passage of time, we all became so close that we started living together. The young boy was 8 years of age.
Today when I go home after earning even as much as Rs.500, I am jubiliant. I recall the words of my mother, “You will be working for God one day.”

I am now bearing the expenses of those who were abandoned by this world and left to God’s mercy. I am now employed by Allah. He has written their ‘rizq/provisions and I am the resource.


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