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An open letter from the devil

Ah! As I write this letter in my warm and comfortable abode which the people of earth may know as ‘hell’, I must say for the past few years I’ve been terribly bored, sure I could bother some angels but they have God on their side so no fun there. I just sit at my fiery throne for ages and ages contemplating that how I took the human’s innocence for granted, how I loved to go down at earth and cause mass mayhem, create wars between nations, topple off empires, destroy families internally, oh I don’t think I can carry on without crying! You see these cretins that are termed as humans have come a long way in terms of evil-doings that….th…that they don’t even need me anymore! At first when I noticed this I felt an emotion of pride take over my fiery soul, like when a child achieves their parent’s dreams. Every bomb dropped on Syria was like music to my ears, each male that performed an honor killing was no less than a warrior to me, each girl that sold off her humility and her body for mere earthly pennies was considered to be my own daughter. Every evening I bragged about the daily malicious endeavors to my fellow demons and they would show expressions of being impressed. But decades passed, and no sign of repentance from the humans, I used to get restless every day, thinking maybe today they’ll need me, maybe today they’ll know how much destruction they’ve caused to themselves, but that call never came. The world is in a hypnosis state, showing no signs of recovery. I…I. Just think maybe the time is coming to hang up my boots. I still remember the time when my dear friend Adolf Hitler used to call me and heeded advices from like a proper apprentice but now?! Now these leaders refuse to even acknowledge me! This new amateur, Donald trump, he doesn’t even let me near the white house! If I were to help the human state right now that would be treason of my own principles but this race is unlike other, they contain the light of angels and the darkness of my heart, that is why to maintain balance like before and since I do not want to retire earlier than the apocalypse I am forced to write this letter, that maybe just maybe the human race would return to their balanced state of the ‘ying and yang’ and then normal service would be resumed on earth and my job wouldn’t seem so futile,

May I rule forever,

By: Osaid Ali Khan (Team PS)

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