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Dear brother in law, I ought to send u my regards and show my gratitude, show how proud and lucky I feel to have you as a part of my family. We may not speak so openly, my relation may be pretty indirect but anything that affects my sister directly affects me.

I heard the story of that young girl who got abused by her in laws and was sent to her maternal home. And another girl, not so old herself, but facing hardships and troubles set by her own husband and in laws. I keep hearing such stories on daily basis, incidents that leave me trembling, barbarism that my lips are scared to utter out loud and miseries beyond imagination. All making me feel worried for the future that lays ahead of me and all those girls I see posting their marriage pictures, it haunts me and makes me question if the relationship of marriage is based on dowry and misery or that of love.

Injured woman terrified, leaning on the wooden wall. Concept for domestic violence

But then I look at you, the way u care for my sister, it does feel unjust when she doesn’t visit us frequently but it’s all worth it. She is so beautiful and lively, always looked after, no demands turned down and her kids always treated like angels. And I truly feel that my sister has to be the luckiest and happiest wife on Earth, I don’t think of anything else that could have been better in you. And thank you for that.

In Some relations it’s not about the material worth of things but the spiritual value as to who you are dealing with. In the era we live in, we have indeed forgotten the worth of humanity, selflessness and even forgot how to be true to the ones we have for a life time.

This letter is for all those girls out there whose husbands tend them with care and love, he might not have everything in the world to give you but then again, there are those whose lives have been turned into miseries. You have a gem, value it.


Written By: Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)

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