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An Orphan’s Tale

Tears do not come when you miss a person but when you don’t want to miss that person. Try to feel the difference. I felt this difference the first time in my life after having my entrance test. While everyone was with their father, I could only imagine him being there with me. For the first time in my life I realized that my life wasn’t complete.
I was only 2 years old when my father died in a car accident. Our relatives behaved very badly with us. One of our aunts pulled rings out of my father’s fingers while his body was still stuck in the car. My uncles were busy in distributing what my father had left, while his dead body was still in the house. Even his books and pens were distributed among the four brothers. They gave us nothing except that bill which stated all the expenses of funeral. Three days after his death we were thrown out of our house being deprived of all the property and belongings of my father. All that my mother had was her two daughters and the memories of my father, they would have taken away even that if they could. My mother was only 23 years old at that time. She worked for us, earned for us and took up the role of our father as well.
My grandmother (Nanu) and my Nana Abbu supported us. Due to their prayers I secured seat in KEMU. For the first time in sixteen years, the merit fell and I was able to get a seat at KEMU.
I am telling this story to all of those people who have gone through a similar life. Not everyone is aware of what the orphans feel. Whenever you walk out of your school watching your friends going with their dads, you just can’t take it. You can’t bear watching a dad love his kids. Being an orphan, you die thousand times a day, suffer every minute, every second of the day. You miss that one person who would have loved you, held you every time you’re feeling low. But don’t worry, if Allah has selected you for this trial, you are the chosen one. Not everyone is fit to face this challenge, this hardship. Even our beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammad(P.B.U.H) was an orphan. If you lack shelter in your life, believe me Allah would become that shelter. He would take you to your home safely. He would love you. He would provide you with all those things a father would give you. He would love you more than anyone could have. If you are walking down a tough path and you are afraid of falling and not being able to cross that, don’t worry. Just believe in Allah; your ultimate protector. He would save you from falling and will always support you. He would stand by your side. He would take your ship to its destination no matter how many holes are in it or how strong the tide is.


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