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dhdjSo, it’s not only about times when I saw my brother snoring like a big black Gorilla or aunties searching or rather hunting Bahus for their monkey like sons with a hawk’s eye, I usually ponder hard that what really is a difference between animals and us(semi animals usually known as “Humans” these days)

While deciding on a specific subject I decided to proceed my observations with my cat named “Benny” who eats sleeps, poops and repeats. All of a sudden I realized most of my friends do the same. Well, beginning with my day and literally searching experiences for my hypothesis I became extra keen on daily routines too. On my way to University, I met an Ostrich I mean traffic Sargent who stood silently there looking at the chaos created by people who were deliberately breaking all rules and regulations but Mr. Ostrich was least concerned probably because he had no appetite to earn or  eat more.

Similarly, while sitting in a class for philosophy I figured out that a common man was nothing but as innocent as a Cow. But at times when this Cow gets agitated and reacts, everybody gets into a real trouble. A common man can actually make wonders only when he eagerly wants to.

To sum it all up, at times animals act more sensibly and HUMANLY than humans because in an animal planet, which stars Humans exclusively, every conversation begins and rather ends up on  “ME” only.



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