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Another Pakistani Star Sets Another Example Of What You Get For Standing Against Crime!

Is standing up against crime a way to gain fame? Another youth fighting against life and death for standing against crime, resulting in a injury of yet another Pakistani star, Muhammad Kashif.

Muhammad Kashif, an International Karate player aged 28 faced a hard time after standing against drug-dealers in his neighborhood. He tried to do good and was rewarded with evil.  The young karate star stepped into the world of International sports by winning a Double Gold medal in the South Asian Karate Championship

2012. His passion for karate and his country took him to India, China and Uzbekistan and was supposed to go to SriLanka on August 25th, but he is claimed UNFIT for now to participate. He plans to win more medals for Pakistan for the love of his country but his passion gave him a hard time when he stood against drug dealers having the support as told by him of “Shah Faisal” who also happens to be work for the police and was in touch with drug dealers.

Kashif was stabbed thrice in his head and stomach by Shah Faisal, his neighbor. As said by Kashif that Faisal attacked him with a knife in front of their mosque and suffered the agony on June 19th.
That’s the price he paid when he stood against a gang of drug dealers who were trying to sell drugs to the youngsters in his neighborhood and faced the painful torment. For now he is unable to participate in any upcoming or future championships for various reasons. Whereas, the attackers are released even after he filed an FIR against them and on the other hand, Muhammad Kashif is undergoing treatment.

Even after being afflicted by such pain his love for his country remains the same as he tells that the police are still working upon the matter with evidences and as soon as there are leads they will take controlling actions. Yet, he fears that the police might arrest him by seeing the constant checkins by them in the hospital and getting reports about Kashif’s health.

This young star sets another example by fighting against the wrong but faced harsh consequences instead showing what comes up when you fight evil. The police investigates further while Muhammad Kashif recovers from his wounds.

Written by Aafia Rehman.

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