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What gets in to your mind while you go scrolling your wall or when our elders set up their discussions after a 9’o clock bulletin? Guess what? India is back again. We are again on war while giving some work to memes people on Facebook and those who wait to get some masala and make fun of us.

But in all those cat fights and blame game, we stand on the losing end because all that is ultimately suffering is our cultural growth. Art in all means has no boundaries but for south Asians it’s pretty hard to digest the fact. And in such situations people like Om Puri and Mahesh Bhatt stand as beacon of hope.  According to our cultural heritage we share deep roots in form of literature, art, poetry, folks etc and such a halt can turn a menace for both the nations. Basically, stopping actors like Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan can bring a turn down to their own film industry as these actors have earned a good name in fact such conflicts build uo an era of tension and chaos which would leave us in nothing but despair.

Art comes from deep inside you. Art is above all categories may be cast, gender, religion or any believe.


By Fatima Rehman (team PS)

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