Why should boys have all the fun?

Why should boys have all the fun?

Not a gentlemen’s game anymore

Not a gentlemen’s game anymore

It all began after 1992, Pakistan had just won the world cup and was considered to be a team unparalleled with any other. The team had a perfect combination of youth and experience. A senior captain and vice captain who would take over with almost 10 of his cricket career to come. However, horror struck when during 1993 tour of New Zealand rumors spread out about match-fixing against a few senior Pakistan players. At that time this was just an allegation and nothing was proven yet and even the Justice Qayyom verdict could not prove but only due to turnback of statements from former fast bowler Ata-ur-Rehman who initially made allegations against the senior players. This was the beginning of the corrupting the gentlemen’s game in Pakistan.

Nothing happened and years passed, came the World cup 1996. Pakistan was the defending champion and with the tournament being played in Asia, they had the advantage of home conditions. Pakistan qualified for the quarter-final to face arch-rivals India. At the night before the match out of nowhere, the spearhead and captain Wasim Akram pulled out of the game. The stand-in captain Amir Sohail even said that Akram had told him he was fit and will be playing even the night before. But at the last instant on the day of the match, he said he could not play. Pakistan went on to lose the match by 48 runs and was knocked out of the tournament. Questions were raised but still, nothing yet was proven.

4 years later, Pakistan had lost the final of the world cup 1999. Even though the team had fought valiantly but there were a few eyebrows raised when the team lost from a convincing positions a few times and made some questionable decisions during the tournament, these included the loss against Bangladesh in the group stage and Final match toss where Pakistan decided to bat in what was very difficult batting conditions with overcast weather. Subsequently, in 2000, the Malik Qayyum report was published and 11 players out of which 7 played the world cup 1999 were investigated and questioned, this was the first time in the history of Pakistan cricket that an inquiry committee was made to study the allegation leveled against the team. Salim Malik was the first player to be banned  from all cricket for match-fixing when Justice Qayyum’s inquiry found him guilty. Shane Warne and Mark Waugh also testified that Malik had tried to bribe them to lose the Karachi Test of 1994-95. Ata-ur-Rehman was also banned for life for proceeding against for perjury, however, both these players were in the last stages of their careers and it did not make an impact on cricketing world as it could have. 6 players including Mushtaq Ahmad, Waqar Younis, Saeed Anwar, Akram Raza and Wasim Akram were fined heavily warned and were ordered to be kept under observation.

With the verdict against the guilty players, many felt this will make sure that no players even conceive about corrupting the game but we all know what happened 10 years later in 2010. Salman Butt, M.Amir, and M.Asif were found guilty of practicing spot-fixing and deliberately trying to effect the 4th England-Pakistan Test match. Initially, all 3 of them denied being any part of it but with time all of them came out in public and accepted their wrong doings. All 3 of them were banned for 5 years and spent time in prison as well.

With the bans now implemented by the ICC this time, there was a lot of focus on educating players about the corruption in the game. Sessions were held according to the PCB where they were told how to handle this situation. The ICC Anti-Corruption unit frequently held meetings with the players to share any intelligence about a possible approach from bookmakers. The players that now have recently seen how their teammates suffered in 2010 were expected not only to keep away from these acts but also to report any such incidents. However, come the 2nd day of Pakistan Super League 2017. With only being in its 2nd season the league suffered from the worst sort of scandal. Islamabad United’s Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif were provisionally suspended for indulging to corrupt the game with the allegations against Sharjeel by the PCB to deliberately playing 2 dot balls in the first match. Just after the tournament ended in march, Muhammad Irfan got suspended for 2 years for failing to report an approach by a bookie at least 5 times. Soon afterward PCB suspended Karachi-born Shazaib Hasan for alleged connections with bookies. One would have thought with now the PSL tournament ended for over 2 months and tour of west indies now underway, no more players will be suspended but just a week ago Muhammad Nawaz was banned for 2 months by the PCB for delaying to report the approach.

As a cricket fan for me, the PSL incident has to be the most heart-breaking controversy. In 2010 one was forced to accept that with very less attention given to educate the players regarding spot-fixing the incident happened, but now with so much that had happened in the past and with more focus on the player’s mental training about these corrupt practices, the PSL incident should not have happened. If you look at it, for Pakistan cricket team after an average 7 years a player is found guilty of match fixing/spot fixing. I do not think this was a case of less money being offered to our players, certainly not with Sharjeel Khan. Sharjeel khan was a part of the centrally contracted PCB players, he was bought by the Islamabad United team in Diamond category in the PSL draft and he also had signed with the Leistersire team for the English 20-20 tournament so he would have made more money than he does annually. This is because of the selfish desire for wealth which even after offering any amount of money will still be there. This is the main cause for the downfall of Pakistan cricket. We, for the last 2 decades have never been below 7th ranking position in One-day Internationals, today we are at 8th with just a few points ahead of West Indies. In 2010 Muhammad Amir lost 5 of his prime cricketing years and this time we might lose Sharjeel Khan, the only batsman in the team who played with the strike rate at par with the modern day cricket. The only way we can save our cricket is by taking some severe action that will set an example for the future cricketers. Life ban for Sharjeel khan and Khalid Latif might cause our team to perform poorly today but in the future, it would make sure that no player even consider being part of any sort of corrupt activity. We need such examples to be set because simple cricket for us is more than a game, it’s something that we are attached to as a nation, it helps us forget the worries in our life, something that after a long day helps us forget our tiredness, it helps develop bond with friends and family, it’s something that keeps our drawing room alive and most importantly it help us to unite.

Written by: Syed Muhammad Alam (Team PS)

The man of steel; Waqar Zaqa

The man of steel; Waqar Zaqa

Watching the evil in full flight and standing up against it, a heroic quality but how many of us bare it within ourselves? Not many I suppose, but there are a few who dared to do that and we instead of celebrating them, bring them down for other foolish reasons.

Waqar Zaka, a name popular amongst the masses for many a reasons. But none of these causes of fame do label him correct for the kind of human he is on the inside.

You know him because of the “Boss maine apko bola kia hai” but do you know what display of heroism he showed in Syria? I guess not.

Syria, yes the devastation caused there does stop us from work for a while and even moves us to tears but that’s like the end to our emotions. This guy actually stepped up beyond this limit of ours and went further ahead, right into Syria.


He saved around seven families and bought them houses in Gaziantep. Later on, moved by his actions, Turkey came forward to pay they rent for the next 6 months which estimated around $600.

We have a lot of humanitarians on facebook conducting various motivational conferences and speeches etc etc. but how many of these people reached Syria right when it was burning? Just one I suppose. Waqar Zaka is the only Pakistani to have reached Syria for his services and for carrying their message to the world with a camera and laptop.

Even the chemical attack couldn’t stop this guy from his services. His recent visit to Syria was indeed in the catastrophic times of chemical bombing.

Waqar indeed has built for us an image of an ideal humanitarian and taught us to come out of our comfort zones to the more complex levels of the real world, the war zone. Since it is pretty easy to criticize someone from your comfy couch rather that living upto their level and proving your point.

Team Pakistan Speaks appreciates your selfless efforts and wishes you good luck in your mission.

Article by: Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)

The Beginning of The End

The Beginning of The End

Captain Misbah and veteran batsman Younis fittingly retired from international cricket on the back of Pakistan’s first Test series triumph in the Caribbean following a gripping final day at Windsor Park, Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan, who stayed with Pakistan so they can retire their test careers on Sunday with an historic series win, couldn’t finish their test batting careers in style. They walked off in style though. Both were out going for sweeps against legspinner Devendra Bishoo, Misbah on 2 and Younis on 35 just before tea.

Both batsmen received congratulatory handshakes from the West Indies players, and their teammates had guards of honor waiting for them on the boundary.

Here are some recap of their contribution in Pakistan team:

Misbah ul haq khan naizi a 42 years old man started his career in Test debut On 8 March 2001 with New Zealand. Till now this right hand batsman played 73 test match , 162 ODI , 39 T20 and with batting average 50.57.Misbah also became the oldest captain ever to score a test century. Misbah celebrated the landmark by saluting his team members and doing ten push-ups. The celebration was also meant as a tribute to the Military Boot Camp in Abbotabad  In August 2016, under Misbah’s captaincy, Pakistan achieved the number 1 ranking in test cricket for the first time since 1988. In January 2015, Misbah Holds the record for scoring the most number of runs in ODI cricket without even a career hundred. The only player to score 4000 as well as 5000 ODI runs without a career century

President of Islamic Republic Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain awarded Misbah-ul-Haq to pride of performance award on 23 March, 2014.Also he holds the award of ICC Spirit cricketer of the year 2016. During his captaincy era there are number former captains playing under the captaincy of Misbah namely Shoaib malik, Shahid afridi and Younis Khan, apart from his cricket career, Misbah is man of upright who stay calm , and relax under any critical situation however during  his cricket era he faced many criticism from his seniors like Ramiz Raja , Shoaib akhatar but Misbah never reply with any negative comment he always appreciate the criticism.

After the recap of legendary captain here is the glimpse of the career of Younis khan

Mohammad Younis Khan 39 years right handed batsman started his career in ODI from February 2000 against Sri Lanka , He also formerly captained Pakistan national cricket team. He played 118 test matches with 10099 runs and from the average of 52.06 runs with  34 (100’s,) 6 (200’s) and 33 (50’s ), 265 ODI  with 7249 runs from the average of 31.25 and   25 T20 matches with 442 runs from the average of 22.1     . Younis Khan made 177 runs in the first innings of the first Test as Pakistan went on to score 451 runs

He was the first and only Test cricketer to score a century in all 11 countries that have hosted Test Matches He led Pakistan to their victory in the 2009 ICC World Twenty20. On 23 April 2017, he became the first Pakistani and 13th ever batsmen to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket. Apart from being an accomplished batsman, Younis is also a skilled slip fielder and a very occasional leg-spin bowler. Younis Khan topped the ICC’s Test Batting Rankings in February 2009 after an acclaimed innings of 313 in his first Test as captain, in the process of helping save the match for Pakistan. Younis Khan is currently sixth on the list of highest run getters for Pakistan in ODI cricket . Younis had to deal with a number of deaths in his family during 2005 and 2006. Younis also mentioned his grief at the death of Bob Woolmer ,In 2005, he was one of the 15 nominees for the ICC Test Player of the Year. In September 2006,  Khan was offered the captaincy on a permanent basis, but he turned it down. Khan resigned as captain on 13 October 2009 due to a parliamentary investigation into match fixing that was alleged to have taken place,He contributed as a mentor for Peshawar Zalmi Team in 2017 PSL. He receive Pride of Performance award from asif ali zardari in 2010 he also sign a contract rom afganistan board. Both of these cricketer also gain enough attention in cricket memes also

Written By Ainna Kukda (Team PS)



The typical love story between Karachiites and shopping malls is really intense and obviously beats that of Twilight. Whether it is weekends, or special occasions like Eid, Christmas and Black Friday, the city’s shopping complexes and bazaars are seen completely packed.


With Karachi’s population crossing 20 million figure, the number of modern-style and luxurious malls across the city has proportionally increased in last decade. And, this Pakistan’s largest shopping arena now adds to the list.

According to sources, this 3.2 million square feet, multi-faceted and magnificent ‘ Lucky One’ complex will be open for public from tomorrow, May 6th onwards.



Here are some exciting details about the plaza:

  • It will feature 200 brand stores.
  • It has the biggest amusement park of Pakistan called ‘Onederland’ consisting of two floors.
  • It also has the biggest roller coaster ride of Asia. WOW!
  • A parking lot that can accommodate 3000 cars at one time.
  • There is a large bowling alley.
  • It also has a separate area for music concerts and a ramp for fashion shows.



Here is how the interior of the mall might look like.

And, the food street covering 150,000 square feet area might just be a huge one.




Surely, there’s a lot more that is yet to be revealed. So, are you excited for the launch of this shopping mall?


By Faizan Shahzad.

Desi hypocrisies

Desi hypocrisies

We Pakistanis are amazing people. We love to poke our nose in everything but back out when the blame falls. We say one thing, mean the other and end up doing something completely different. Don’t get what I am talking about? Well, here are a few examples of the desi hypocrisies we observe daily



How many times have you crossed through a red light? Or even a yellow one? Because that apparently means go as fast as you can, too. We blame the government for lack of rules and regulations and their implementation but we are more than happy to break the ones that are already in place.

Living in Pakistan you are bound to have driven on the wrong side of the road and then caused a minor traffic jam. Caught cursing people because you are getting late, but whose fault is it to begin with?WRONG SIDE DRIVING



“There are so many piles of garbage in the city. It is all so dirty,” she said, while throwing her ice cream wrapper out the window. Yes, there are piles of garbage in the city all around but who piled them up? You and me. We are the ones who throw garbage outside like uncivilized people and then have intellectual conversations on the topic as if we have had no contributions in them.



We are huge on education. I mean, the future of our upcoming generations depend on it. We want our bahus to be doctors or engineers even when we don’t let our daughters get past inter.  Because education would make them open minded/badtameez, somehow. We want doctor / engineer or generally very well educated bahus to match our son’s education but we also want them to be stay at home women and do nothing with their degrees.




We are all greatly hyped up about our independence and freedom. We support it with all our might but only when it’s ours :/ . We won’t stand for someone else telling us we are wrong, then freedom of speech becomes too much and all respect and bara chota games start coming into play. Are you saying uncle that when you express an opinion we all should respect it but if someone else does and it contradicts yours then we are being disrespectful? Wao. Way to go.


If you live in Pakistan and have not observed these hypocrisies in our attitudes than how high are you buddy? This is what we do on a daily basis and fail to realize that what we are doing is wrong. Isn’t it time that we stop blaming other people for our mistakes and start taking responsibility for our actions?

5 must read books by Pakistani authors

5 must read books by Pakistani authors

Pakistan has produced some amazing writers, whose work has been applauded in the country and in international literary circles. Various writers have been praised by critics with reviews in New York time’s and Guardian, which also made it to the international best sellers list.

Here is the list of the top 5 best seller books:

  1. A case of exploding mangoes – Mohammad Hanif


The plot of the book revolves around the incident of General Zia-ul-Haq’s death in the plane crash. The narrator of the story, Ali Shigri, who is a junior office in the Pakistan Air force seeks revenge of his father’s suicide, for which he blames General Zia. The book won the Best First Book Award in the year 2009 in the Commonwealth Book Prize. It was also shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award.





  1. The reluctant fundamentalist – Mohsin Hamid

                                                                                                         Mohsin Hamid’s international best seller is a story of a Pakistani American, Changez who returns to Pakistan after the 9/11 attack as a local professor and participates against demonstrations against policies. The book won him Anisfield- Wolf Book Award and The South Bank Show Annual Award for Literature. The book became a best-seller and reached the top 4th niche in New York Times Best Seller. Many universities, chose the book for their freshmen reading programs.

  1. My feudal lord – Tehmina Durrani


Tehmina durrani’s book is an autobiography and revolves around her life as a wife of an influential politician. The book provides a great insight about the vulnerable position of a women in a typical society. The book became a bestseller worldwide and received many awards, but stirred controversy in Pakistan for its detailed description of abuse inflicted on her by a powerful political figure.

  1. The crow eaters – Bapsi Sidhwa


The book is a great combination of elegant prose and witty humor. The novels paints a vivid picture of Parsee community. When a family moves to the city of Lahore, the fortune grows but the animosity between the main character and his mother in law grows. The book received the David Hingham award for first book.

  1. The burnt shadows – Kamila Shasie

Kamila Shamsi’s impeccable Burnt Shadows traces the shared histories of two families, from the final days of the second world war in Japan, and India on the brink of partition in 1947, to Pakistan in the early 1980s, New York in the aftermath of 11 September and Afghanistan in the wake of the ensuing US bombing campaign. The book received the Anisfield-wolf award and was long listed for the prestigious Orange Prize for Fiction

If you enjoy reading Urdu novels then Razia Butt’s Bano should be at the top of your list. The story is based on the days before partition and subsequently after the partition.

Do not forget to add these amazing books to your reading list this summer!

Mahnoor Sarwar



Since the day I have been made able to observe the world and understand things, I have seen my country suffering from poverty. When we see majorities of big cities living a luxurious life with all the facilities available, we also come across areas where there is neither food to eat nor any shelter to live under. This was the poverty I was talking about while initiating this piece of writing.

Taking one example that is right there in the same country in which we live, Thar! One of our 4 deserts where there is no food, no water, no shelter, no life yet still people are living there in conditions which can’t even be described. We go through social media newsfeeds seeing this topic being discussed, we hear news on television describing the painful situation of the people but still, most of us chose to ignore those because we have each and every thing available and our life goes on perfect. While we often think that the government must take care of that and it should be doing.

So now let’s talk about how government is working on this issue.

It was two or three weeks ago, while scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I came across this picture:

Which was captioned as: “Here’s to those who say that the government isn’t working for underprivileged areas”

And I was completely outraged seeing this. I don’t know whether the person who posted this was being sarcastic ( it did not seem like that ) or was actually in favor of the government for taking such a great measure to ensure a healthy life for those striving for just “life” in Thar. Like what, they don’t have anything to eat, they drink the dirty water available while sometimes they don’t, and the children pass their day in naked in heat and the roaring sun whereas they have nothing cover themselves in cold at night. That’s a desert people, a desert! A place where if we go for fun, we must have special items with us and we need to take some different precautions and safety measures. And those pour souls are living over there day and night. I wonder how difficult its being for them to sustain life whereas there is nothing to support them with this purpose but hope. Hopes which I believe would never be fulfilled. !

As we have studied in Pakistan studies, we are lucky to have a country full of natural resources. A country rich in minerals, a country having unending water bodies and a country having land best suited for agriculture. But wait, do we get to see the results? Yes of course! When we see our government and their generations and generations living their lives and celebrating their events. Because our poverty has never been treated. Instead we care about how those women could upload selfies and how those men could get recent sports updates. We are working on how those children could be exposed to new ways of learning when we know that they lack the basics of such facilities. People, I’m talking about the same children of which hundreds and thousands die each day because of food and water shortage and because of extreme temperatures and lack of medication facilities. Seriously, we need to get a mind, think and protest on this, rather than yelling on the materialistic issues we are shouting on. And to my esteemed government, just get out of your peaceful life, come and witness those who gave you this peace, share the benefits coming from our resources and then see, how the number of your opposition gets reduced.






There are around 1.5 million registered and 1 million unregistered Afghan refugees currently living in Pakistan. These refugees have lived here for more than three decades, their number crossing 5 million in 2001 and 3 million of them having been repatriated are few of the considerable facts.


There are several reasons why and how afghan refugees have turned out to be a social, economic and security burden on Pakistan.



From introduction of Kalashnikov culture and sectarian violence to smuggling of drugs and opium, many refugees are a direct cause of social disturbance in our society.



According to government data, Afghan refugees have occupied hundreds of thousands of jobs. Many of the afghan businessmen do not pay taxes. Pakistani Government receives only $80 annually for each Afghan refugee and that amounts to nothing.



Most of the suicide attacks have been traced to Afghan refugee camps including the recent Lahore bomb blast. Refugees are also involved in smuggling of weapons across the border that has given rise to crime rate in many localities.




Pakistani Government has extended their stay until the end of 2017, after which they are supposed to be repatriated immediately, although this deadline trend has now become more of a formality. On the other hand, Human Rights Watch blames Pakistan for forced repatriation of refugees back to their country which is currently unstable and unfit for their return. It is the need of time that Pakistani and Afghan Governments, and international community along with UNHCR take serious and effective measures to find a practical and moderate solution to this case.



Turkey gets more than $1300 annually for each Syrian refugee. Pakistan must demand more funds and aid from international community to bear the needs of refugees. If granted a certain increase in aid, we could permit the refugees to stay for few more years until Afghanistan gets stabilized to a certain degree. Moreover, we need to enhance our security system to ensure there’s no refugee involved in terrorist or criminal activities.



If our demand for extra aid goes unheard and Afghan Government keeps supporting India on various issues then we must repatriate the refugees by the end of this year, no matter what. Our country and its people have already suffered much due to these refugees. We have served them enough, now it is their time to go back.



The Government of Afghanistan must ensure a safe and healthy return of refugees back to their country. Provision of jobs, houses and security needs to be taken care by Afghan Government with the help of international community.


Media must play a responsible role in creating awareness and highlighting the issues faced by both Afghan refugees and Pakistan. It should also help in creating a public opinion that can facilitate the governments to formulate a better future strategy.

written by: Faizan Shahzad (Team PS)

“Inside the circle of gratitude”

“Inside the circle of gratitude”

Almost all of us today are stressed out, anxious and unhappy because of so many reasons. Obviously, there are a lot of things and people in life responsible for the state we are in, isn’t it? But what if I tell you that we ourselves are to be blamed and no one else because of our ungrateful attitude and habits towards life?

There are so many things we are so many things we take for granted and so many blessings that we neglect that it seems our life is full of problems. Now, I am not saying that problems don’t exist. Of course they do and none us has a perfect life but our attitude of focusing our lens only on things that are not sufficient or not how we want them to be, and then magnifying them makes things worse. It seems that we keep looking for reasons (yes, even when we don’t have them, we look for them) everyday that make us more and more ungrateful and our list of unsatisfactory things keeps on increasing.

Who doesn’t have a messed up life? All of us do, right? There are so many things: There is your college that is so stressful and tiring that it makes you want to drop out of it. You don’t get grades up to your expectations no matter how hard you try. You are not as smart, as pretty or as cool as your peers. You don’t have the latest gadgets while all of your friends do. You are not as rich as your best friend and that is so embarrassing. You do get pocket money every week or every day but it’s not enough. Your parents are so strict and your siblings annoy you so much. You literally lag behind in everything and everything that you compare with others is wrong with you.  But the important question here is, who are you comparing yourself to? We always compare ourselves to people who are better than us (or at least they appear to be) in every way and as a result we end up having feelings of inadequacy, jealousy and ungratefulness. Ultimately, we start hating our lives and wishing for better things while ignoring all that we already have.

Take a moment to think about the children who cannot go to school every day, people who don’t have a family and friends to love them and care for them, people who cannot even dream about having all the luxuries we have: a home, a family, food to eat and other facilities. Think about the people who cannot see, hear or walk and people who are ill and don’t have the blessing of health and people who are handicapped. Think about people who spend their days and nights on streets draped in two scraps of cloth. There are people whose lives would be complete and fulfilled if they had even any one of the things that you own but take for granted. We spend so much of our time complaining about little things that we don’t pay attention to this. It seems that the more ungrateful we become, the more reasons life gives us to be ungrateful for. We keep wishing for more and for better but we forget that there is always someone in the world who would be better than us, unless of course, you become the world’s number one person in everything which is not possible, and there is nothing you can do about it.

So why not focus on things that you can do? Why not try to change your approach towards life? Honestly, it makes things so much easier and it’s not that hard either. Practice gratefulness. Start counting your blessings! As I said, life gives us more reasons to be ungrateful for, the more unappreciative we become, but the good news is, the reverse happens when we adopt exactly the opposite attitude. Our blessings multiply with an incredible pace when we start to appreciate things. It is an almost magical process and you’ll be amazed to see how things start changing once you sincerely start appreciating them. Acknowledge all the little things that you have and only focus on them; all problems will automatically start fixing slowly or at least not seem as big as they do now. Whenever you start to feel ungrateful about something just think of someone who doesn’t have it or what you would do if you didn’t have it. Don’t forget to thank Allah whenever you can for the uncountable and unlimited blessings he bestows upon you every second.

Not only will this kind of attitude benefit you, but it will also make you more compassionate and you would start helping others. Let us now resolve to be more appreciative towards life because the secret to happiness and satisfaction is as simple as that. Don’t wait for tomorrow or better days, but start now because the things that you are taking for granted now will be gone the next moment. You never know.

Inside the circle of gratitude, blessings multiply.

Sadia Maqsood

Pakistani adds in a nutshell

Pakistani adds in a nutshell

Thinking whether this is just another clichéd article about the absurdity and ridiculousness of the “logic” behind Pakistani ads? Well, it’s a tad bit more than that. It’s about how we’re portraying the role of our women in our country, ultimately paving way for bigotry and intolerance against them. After all, you know what they say. Change really does begin at grass root level. And for change, perhaps, the first step would be to reflect upon the mass indoctrination of female stereotypes through these advertisements.


One of such ad’s, has been Bonus’s impressive tendency and unwavering record of presenting the ever old, typical rift between a saas and her bahu. Not only do such portrayals reinforce stereotypes and propagate clashes between families, they also reduce women to petty fights when they illustrate their most glorious achievement as winning over their in-laws with the cheapest and most effective detergent. The only mantra these women are seen chanting is “Wah kya baat he bonus ki!” After all, all that matters is mastering the skill of ultra clean, pristine laundry.  (This one however, has extra, spice due to bhabhi-nand arguments making the rounds too!)


Tapal Daneda’s advertisement is another example of how an ambitious, young woman is married off right after she discovers that she has topped at her university. Her gladly accepting to serve the guests with chai and stowing away any career prospects is a prime example of female indoctrination. While the role of women as homemakers is of extreme importance and respect, it is important to let women pursue their careers, if they wish to do so. But, hey, lo and behold! If you can make flawless chai and win all hearts, then that’s the greatest triumph. After all “muqammal chai, muqammal ghar.”

Women succeeding in professional fields are completely missing from the landscape. The biggest worry of their lives have become impressing their in-laws with the perfectly cooked kheer on the first day in their susraal, (Laziza Kheer Mix to the rescue!) perfectly brewed chai, perfectly spotless laundry, oh, and preparing massive feasts that always leaves the guests impressed. Surprisingly so, they even look perfect doing so. Tall, lean, meticulous makeup and supermodel looks. Our obsession with women, especially domestically is absolutely absurd. Perhaps, for once a real-life representation of real-life women wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

What’s worse is that even the products being sold to women are advertised in a ridiculous way. Fairness is portrayed as the epitome of beauty and elegance. Usually, a girl as portrayed as the black sheep, the outcast, the misfit and her magical transformation results in the influx of rishtas, immediately making her the new “it girl.” In this case, this woman garners her husband’s attention by her porcelain, milky-white skin. The rest is just self-explanatory.


The best one however is Zubaida apa’s tagline. “Ab gora hoga Pakistan.” Not only showcasing the effects of colonialism but also our obsession with “gori rangat” that drives us to such idiocy. Use everyday, and voila! Supermodel looks! Maybe for once, a lesson on genetics could put a halt on such ads messing with the self-esteems of millions of women.

Let’s not forget the toilet cleaning ads in which women are reduced to all sorts of craziness to demonstrate the cleanliness of the toilet. This absurdity reached new heights when a female doctor scrapes the bottom surface of a toilet to prove how “sanitary” it is.


The last straw however, is the increasing rise of insurance ads emphasizing on how important it is to save for a son’s education while saving up for a daughter’s dowry and marriage expenses.


To cut it short, a women’s honor and pride can be summed in

  • her cooking skills that have her saas and husband at her feet
  • her ability to meticulously clean her family’s laundry (and economically!)
  • perfect gol rotis and garhi chai!
  • oh and squeaky clean toilets too!



Written by Sara Khan (team PS)



“There is no virtue as truly and godlike as justice”

(Joseph Addison)


If justice delayed is justice denied then injustice is capable of doing more harm than what it’ll meet the eye.Injustice itself is nothing less than a seed of evil that if neglected will spread roots in the society and erode it slowly.


“And let not hatred of any people seduce you that deal not justly.Deal justly that is necessary to your duty”



Injustice is not just the judge making a wrong decision. Denying someone what they deserve is also injustice to them. If you let someone got exploited and turn on blind eye to it, you are actually letting the wrong doers go free and allowing them to do what they want. If the evil is not ripped in bud, it’ll grow.

Every evil was once nothing than ignorance. We think that it’s just one time but once injustice even if it’s as small as letting the worker get less wage than he was promised, will set off a chain and slowly everywhere the landowners and employees will start exploiting the weak and poor.


Injustice how small it is has to be stopped. Past is filled with examples how elite class injustices were ignored and it let to downfall of whole kingdoms. Letting injustice prevail makes society’s soul hollow, vulnerable to destruction.


What stronger breastplate than a heart untainted!
Thrice is he armed that hath his quarrel just,
And he but naked, though locked up in steel,
Whose conscience with injustice is corrupted.

(William Shakespeare Henry VI)

Written by Aiman Sohail



Its been six weeks since I have shifted in my new apartment. I was so happy for this because I purchased it with my own money. I have earned that money and saved it just to get a separate and private apartment for myself.

The very first day when I was unpacking my stuff and arranging it on the big shelf which is just next to my bed, I thought that someone just ran outside the room. I clearly heard it’s footsteps and saw a shadow move from the corner of my eye. At first, I thought it was just my imagination as it was a new place for my mind and gradually it will all go away. One week passed and nothing else happened. I was now pretty sure that it was just my imagination and nothing else. On Thursday night, when I came home from the office, I placed my wallet, mobile phone and the car’s keys at the table and went to the washroom to get freshened up. Just after 15 minutes I came out and saw that my mobile phone wasn’t there. I remembered that I myself placed my phone there with all my things but now it wasn’t there. I went to my car just too see if I might have forgotten it in the car. I checked every other place but there was nothing. I was really tired and wanted to have some rest so I just came to my room, lye down on the bed and the very next moment I saw my mobile placed with my wallet and keys on the same table. Where it went? Where it came from? It is still a secret.
Well, the very same night I was sleeping when suddenly someone touched my back with it’s hand. That feel of touch was really soft but cold. I clearly felt the fingers like someone sleeping just next to me. When I looked back, there was no one. I knew that I wasn’t alone in this house. So I just closed my eyes, lying straight, pretending to sleep. The next moment I got a slap on the face. A really hard sleep that shook me from head to toe. It was also a really cold one. At first, I was so frightened that I wanted to shout out loud. But I knew it was of no use. So like a complete idiot, I stood up from me bed, began to see towards where that hand came from and said, “If you did anything more now, you even don’t what you will be facing then!”
Urdu Translation: “Ager tunay ab kuch kera na, phir dekhio mai kia kerta hu!

And I clearly had in mind what I will be doing next. I will just pickup my phone and will be running outside my house. YEA! THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT I WOULD DO.

What happened next?
The next part will be up soon.






Pakistanis have always been famous for their unique reactions over some typical things where the world reacts normally but for us, out reaction is worth discussing. As a Pakistani, you must have come across certain reactions like these yourself but if you’ve not, below is the list. Let’s see how many of them you can relate to.

When our cricket team loses:

Seeing this, most Pakistanis who are die-hard fans of cricket turn into that 60’s heroine of Pakistani movies whose lover has just left him. Looking at the television screens having tears in eyes.

However, those who have been raged by the loss agree on making match fixing a reason why the team did not do well. Their very first dialogue is: “FIX THA MATCH YAR, YEH BIK GAYI HAI TEAM HAMARI WARNA AISA THODI KHELTE HAIN YEH LOG.”


On the other hand, when the team wins out of expectations:

“Yar apni team hi aisi hai number 1. Issey achi team duniya mein koi nai hosakti. ” Soon after this dialogue there are unending rounds of fireworks, horns, hooting and every possible thing that could be done for celebration. If you see a Pakistani at this point in time you can be so sure to say that there is no nation in the world who is more patriotic than us. Though that patriotism lasts for a day only, but still!


When your relatives see you in public with an opposite gender:

If you’ve encountered this, you must have heard chanting of “ASTAGFITULLAH” from behind and a few aunties would come to you and blow over you as they feel that you’ve been under the custody of the devil. And then before you would even reach your house, your family knows that you were found dating! LOL! , whereas, you could just be talking to the other person after months.


When the doorbell rings:

If you’re from a brown family, you must have your observations where there was havoc inside the house just after someone pressed the doorbell. Everyone starts running around bringing things to their places, getting their appearance normal and even cleaning the house. Soon after which, it’s discovered that the doorbell was had been rung by a beggar. Not always but usually!


A big difference of opinions come when we see Amir Bhai on TV. You all may know him but if not, let me introduce: this person is an Islamic scholar who used to do Islamic shows. Then he moved to Ramadan transmissions, sometimes morning shows and seldom talk shows. So when we see him, half of the people are overjoyed seeing him while others just find it better to change the channel and watch something else. That’s how we react to him.



When we go to a fine finer finest restaurant to eat:

Despite of how terribly we eat at home with our fingers dipped into gravy and clothes sharing the food, we will always set new examples of discipline and manners by being extremely sophisticated and also being very excited simultaneously because food is life man.

When we hear “50% OFF”

Pakistanis, especially women (am not being an anti-feminist over here) have always been accused of being attracted to shopping and sales. So, whenever we gotta here that there’s a sale in this this store at this this street between these timings, it’s our very first priority to reach their. And once we reach, you know what happens next.

 When we get any chance to move around any corridor/house:

We are usually accused of peeping and interfering into the matters of others. That’s not what we do, but we actually want to help others whether they are in any problem or not. So as a precaution we like to open the doors of every room we pass across just to check if someone needs help.

When we get to know that someone from the family got his/her results out:

‘’ Aur beta, kia result bana? ‘’ This question is probably the most hated question on the hate list of any student. Because, as soon as the result is out, everyone you’d meet in Pakistan will ask you the same question.


Whenever any single girl or boy is spotted in khandan:

Desi aunties have always been popular for their activeness in making rishtas. Any weeding, any meetup or even any funeral till date had not went clean from any rishta discussion. Girls come across question like beta kia parhti ho? Khana banaleti ho? Ghar ka kaam kaaj ata hai? whereas boys need to answer stuff like kia krahe ho? Kitna kamalete ho? Koi pasand wasand ka chkar tou nai? I feel pity for these innocent singles whose freedom is always tried to be taken in such parties where there are a lot of aunties…

When we see traffic lights:


Well, these old rules must be for all other backward countries in the world. Here in Pakistan, we have some modern interpretations for these which are as follows:




AND LASTLY, our reaction to adult scenes in the movies we are watching with family:

No matter how much vulgar we are when alone, despite of all the 18+ jokes we make and all the swear words we speak, we always turn to an extremely shareef person when we are watching TV with parents and some adult scene or a vulgar joke comes on.

“Astagfirullah astaghfirullah … what did they even say? I don’t even know what are they doing?”

This statement depicts exactly the same reaction by each Pakistani teenager whenever any such situation knocks at the door.


Whatever unique reactions we have, it can be proudly said that they make us different from the rest of the world which reacts to almost all the things in a boring way. But, there are certain things we Pakistanis need to change in our behavior. The rest is set.

Written by: Arham Shareef Hashmi

How to deal with exam stress

How to deal with exam stress

Summers. The beach. Roof –top parties. Music festivals. Tubs of ice-cream and some juicy gossip with friends. Vacation time. Right? Sigh, not for us! All the sad poor souls have exams coming up.

Panic attacks. Anxiety. I can’t sleep at night. Does ethanol react with water? Torque, what’s that? Oh damn! There are four thousand and sixty seven pages of syllabus to cover and days? Two months only. Aah! Less than two months. Oh, another day gone!

Well, well, let’s put a stop to it and let’s talk about how we can manage the exam stress.

  1. ORGANISE You cannot arrange a messy stack of hay until and unless you don’t know where to begin, Right? So find that point. Find that subject. Find that chapter where you need to start. Start planning, make yourself a calendar, outlining a daily schedule of topics and reward yourself for completing it (Snickers would work or maybe some fries)
  2. TIME IT UP Looking at the wall becomes very exciting, I know. Stuck on one page since last half hour; not cool, when you have exams just around the corner. Time your chapters with intervals of 20-50 minutes and give yourself some time in between. Believe me, cramming everything in an hour or solving equations for 4 hours straight won’t help.





  1. EAT HEALTHY Sitting bored? I need food. Of course! There has to be the glucose. There has to be the sugar rush. Talking about it eat high-carb foods and stay hydrated. The more hydrated you are, the more glucose you have, the easier it will be to understand what you are reading. Eating dark chocolate fights the stress hormone cortisol and has an overall relaxing effect on the body so grab those Mars bars fellas!


  1. TAKE BREAKS If you were training for a marathon, you wouldn’t try and run for 24 hours. Would you? So take a “small” break (not the usual breaks that end up for five hours). Call a friend and talk to them. Take a walk in the fresh air. Don’t feel guilty, your bones need the vitamin D! And and play with bubble wrap, that’s always a great way to relax. (Pop, pop, pop)
  2. BREAK FROM THE DISTRACTIONS AND PRACTICE Ping, ping. A notification from Facebook. Oo, who followed me on Instagram? Refresh. Scroll, scroll and scroll. I bet you don’t even realize the number of times you check Facebook, Instagram, but it adds it up to a lot of wasted time. So just try to focus on your goal and practice as many questions you can to be familiar with dealing them on the exam day.

In the end, just pray to Allah to make the exam easy for you and the examiner as nice as Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Mahnoor Sarwar


How will I die

How will I die



Hiding from a serial killer but way too stupid to not speak up when goaded? Well you can always make a meme out of it because that is the latest trend on social media. People have gone haywire with the trend and are pointing out hilarious ways of how they will be found by serial killer out for the hunt, from jazbati fanatics completing the killer’s sentences to how moms and teachers would react if the killer breaks or forgets something, it is all out there. Some even include the famous aunty gormit because we will never forget her. It is pretty much impossible for you to have not seen any but some amazing ones are right here for you.
teachers will be teachers 😉

when you are a poor med student L

Fahad bhai soach lia !


Cause treat is always a good idea;)

Why a serial killer will be after me is beyond me but who am I to question the wisdom behind latest trends on social media. Mean while

*Hiding from a serial killer*

Me : I’ll be dead if he finds me

Killer : Harry Potter is stupid and…

Me : Aveda kadavra!

Written by: Aleena (Team PS)

Why Chinese Universities aren’t a bad option after all…

Why Chinese Universities aren’t a bad option after all…

Today China is like a gigantic castle, which has opened its door of opportunities to explore a country of colors, pleasant with its beautiful evenings and mornings of hope and optimism. You’ll find yourself opening your eyes to the world’s most unique blend of ancient and modern civilization.


In this era where Pakistan has lost in political squabbles and has virtually become bankrupt and made to dance to the tunes of donor agencies, China proved to be a time-tested friend of Pakistan by making a solemn and unionized initiative of awarding 131 scholarships to Pakistani students who were drowning in the cataclysmic flood of stagflation and indigence.


China is fast attracting the petty bourgeoisie Pakistanis who were suffering under the twin yokes of Debts and Destitution as China’s tuition fees per semester are generally no more than 1000 U.S. dollars contrasted with the ten thousands of dollars charged by other countries. Moreover, China has increased scholarship stipend money for international students from Sept 1, 2014, which has brought a quantum leap in the lives of middle-class Pakistanis as previously only elites could afford to send their progeny for overseas education.


Being a great neighbor and a generous host China warmly welcomes the students coming from Pakistan without questioning their nationality, however many visa applications for Britain and the United States got rejected every year just on the basis of suspicion arousal.


At first, a wave of Pakistani students at Chinese universities started in June 2005 when the first batch of 300 Pakistani students enrolled at 15 different universities. According to 2016 estimates, the number of China-bound students has exponentially increased from all over Pakistan, exceeding 19,000 Pakistani students studying at Chinese universities, making Pakistan the fourth largest source of international students in China.


China has a magnificent educational background and has a high literacy rate of about 94%. Thus, it holds world’s top university lists and it is still striving hard to make its education system competitive & contending. Its medical universities are especially worth getting admitted in. Chinese degree offer programs in engineering, science, medicine, economics and MBA which are recognized and revered by most developed countries.


Hence, I consider the stigmas attached to a Chinese degree as bunkum and balderdash as China is the second largest superpower in the world and knowing Chinese language and background will greatly benefit the students to compete effectively around the globe.

Batool Zehra (Team PS)

Dealing with depression

Dealing with depression

Ever felt lethargic? Like, wanted to stare at the wall while lying on your bed in pajamas all day long? Didn’t want to meet anyone and hating everything around? Having negative thoughts and feeling like quitting life? Then you might have depression.


Depression doesn’t always mean to be really sad and teary. Statistically, people having depression tend to be as normal as any other person. This is the reason why many people are unaware of their depression.


Depression is a real disease. 5% of the world’s population is victim to this problem. It affects people both physically and mentally. But no need to panic, it is curable!


The symptoms that you might observe in yourself to diagnose depression include disrupted sleep, bad mood, lack of concentration in daily routine (even in hobbies), pessimism, sulkiness, prolonged indolence, poor memory, indecisiveness, restlessness and loss of appetite.


The factors that cause depression can either be genetic or environmental. Though there are various types of depressions but the most severe one is clinical depression or major depressive disorder.


It is a disease that is still considered a taboo at many places especially in the third world countries. People having depression are announced to be psychopaths and get abandoned. Even though there had hundreds of mental health awareness programs been conducted, people still don’t consider depression as an actual illness. They don’t understand the fact that it can happen to anyone and they avoid talking about it.


Depression can strike at any age but teenage and early adultery are more prone to it because these are the ages when the pressure of making a career is at peak. Depression also exists among the old aged people due to the raging signs of aging.


The key to keep this monster away is to “TALK”. You need to talk about your problems, your fears, your weaknesses. You need to trust at least one sensible person in your life to feel light hearted every time you feel like an elephant sitting at your chest. Psychotherapists are available to help you out and you can totally trust them. Like any other disease, it does change your life. It can even turn your life upside down. But you can recover.  Just be strong!


Written by : Zubeya Ali

* First impression is not the last impression *

* First impression is not the last impression *

Most people agree with these two famous phrases simultaneously and this is completely wrong.


“First impression is the last impression.”

“Never judge a book by its cover.”


This is controversial, seriously.


I personally do not affirm the first statement and strongly agree with the latter one.


First impression is defined as a personal opinion an observer can have about a certain targeted person based on his/her appearance, voice, accent, complexion, gender, etc.


Judging a person in very first encounter is as stupid as criticizing a book because of its unattractive cover. You never know what situation a person is going through at a certain time. Hectic and exhausted routine, tiny quarrel with a colleague, family issues or financial stress can be the reason behind a person’s first bad impression on you. But, that’s okay.


If first impression was this effective then lifelong friendships and relationships could be achieved in a couple of days. Can you decide if that classmate of yours is your best friend in the first encounter? Can you possibly realize if that girl is your soulmate or not with first glance? Absolutely NO!


However, in this era of competition, first impression might count when it comes to professional area. You got to impress the interviewers panel to ensure they choose you for the job. If you’re a sportsman, you have to prove your skills in the selection match. The way you present your product to a client or your first exam performance can also be counted as scenarios where first impression really matters.


Nevertheless, judging anybody’s character, personality, potential and abilities in first encounter is completely unjust and unfair. There’s always a room for a second chance. This formula can surely enhance our life and bring peace in it.



By Faizan Shahzad.

Ode to Karachi

Ode to Karachi

Dear Karachi,

I’ve heard what they say about you, about all your tragedies, about all your chaos. They call you mutinous, chaotic and corrupt. They say there is no prospect of hope for you. That you are a land of injustice and shame. They complain about the treacherous wires that stretch from your concrete pillars, the patchy roads covered with hollows. They say you are filthy with your open drains and clogged waste. They say you are unreliable because of your electricity breakdowns, your gas and water shortages. They say you are a land plagued with political disputes and endless power struggles. They say your streets are laid with weapons, your walls are splattered with blood, your people are prone to violence, and your minorities are oppressed. That you are a savage land corrupted with muggings and kidnappings. But they do not understand you, like i do. All they do is sabotage your hopes and mine.

But for me, the future is land of promises. I take comfort in it because you are the city of lights, the city of the Quaid. You are the heart of the metropolitan world, you are a city throbbing with life. You remind me of warm sunshine, of humid weather, of pyramids of spices in Empress Market, of the smell of the sea and of mosques and minarets. Your bazaars are vibrant, bright and bust, filled with wafting aromas. Your roads are always occupied with vehicles and boisterous traffic. But that is the very essence of you. Turmoil and tranquility intertwined. A labyrinth brimming with color. You have the passion to drive you forward, you have desires and dreams. Yet you are suffering. Suffering because of the lack of hope. Hope that will give you reasons to live and cure your bleeding wounds.

 And so you must know that my hopes haven’t been extinguished. They resurface again when I see a child going to school instead of being forced into labor, when a woman in a suit defies social norms. When the Pakistani flag is held high with dignity and pride. When I see the promise of a better future reflected in the smiles of the youth, fearless and bold in the face of adversity. In the wise eyes of those who have seen so much and endured so much. And in the calloused hands of those who work hard under the blistering sun. When colorful kites dot the sky at the time of Basant. When I look at the great tomb of the Quaid; the final resting place of a man with a vision. The timeless landmarks built during the British Rule, memorable of the potential this nation possessed as the country gained independence. All of which hopes and dreams are made of. A testament of the fact that this nation hasn’t given up on you.

 Dear Karachi, I cannot let you collapse, I cannot let you give up because you mean so much too so many. You are home to 25 million. You are the light at the end of the tunnel. You are a part of me; of us. And so I will stick with you in thick and thin, in adversity and prosperity but above all I won’t ever lose hope.

 To the city of our euphoric youth, here’s to you.

Sara Khan.

*Pictures taken from Khaula Jamil Photography*



I have a life line a perfect partner just 4 steps away do you have?

Yes I think we all of have a partner which is helping us when we get sick, helping us when it’s come to our beauty, when we get hungry it always help us and provide best food even in midnight and when we get stuck to remove strains from the house hold it never get back to help us ok I am breaking the secret the name of this perfect partner is the one and only kitchen but how its help us?? So here the answer



When we get sick or having flu or respiratory congestion you need to try chicken yakheeni. The study found that chicken yakheni  was effective for reducing the symptoms of upper respiratory infections in particular. For sore thought it time to try ginger A few slices of raw ginger root in boiling water may help soothe a cough or a sore throat. Honey has a variety of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, adding a garlic supplement to your diet might reduce the severity of cold symptoms. It might even help you avoid getting sick in the first place.  Adding fresh lemon juice to hot tea with honey may help reduce phlegm when you’re sick. Drinking hot or cold lemonade may also help. These all are the basic kitchen elements which will give benefits to us and relief from sickness



If you want quick and fair skin without buying any expensive product and by totally natural way you can apply papaya on your face for at least 2 min. you will get surely get fair and glowing skin, have acne on your skin don’t worry just apply 2 tsp honey + 1 tsp cinnamon on your skin it give benefits to your skin for get rid from blackheads you need to try 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 egg white on your skin  beautiful hairs mean beautiful you but to get beautiful hairs? for my kitchen it’s not a big problem just to need mix 1 tsp of baking powder + ½ tsp of cinnamon powder + 2 tsp of olive oil it will help to detox your hair for extra shine you need to made a mask of banana + honey + yogurt give extra shine to your hair.




Midnight craving becomes a big problem when you don’t have any idea how to cook you just need   eggs + flour + Nutella = easy brownies, bbq stuffed potatoes 2 medium potatoes, halved , 1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
1/3 cup BBQ sauce, your favorite (or less/more, to your taste)






To whiten the white clothes soak white white clothes in hot water with a slice of lemon for 10 min, to remove sweat mark on your favorite shirt you need to take 2 tbs of salt and mix it in a washing water soak the garments about 6 hours and observe how the stain are completely removed ,love your oven dish but you want throw it because it have stains don’t throw away just need to sprinkle baking  soda on your dish and spray a hot water than wait for 1-2 hours then scrub with sponge, stains are far far away from your dishes

Such a truly partner we have in Indian Sanskrit:

Mandir ky bad sb sy oonchi jaga rasooi (kitchen) hai ….

By aaina kukda

Team  ( P.S)

“There is no point in preserving the past we should be looking to the future”

“There is no point in preserving the past we should be looking to the future”


There are no particular reasons to preserve the past though one may get sentimental. In fact preserving the past may become an obstacle during our future progress and even preserving the past may keep old pains alive. It cannot be sensible for a society or an individual to keep alive the traditions and old belief that reminds us of great pain; yet this is what preserving some aspects of the past does! Preserving the past may keeps us stationary  which can be seen from societies all over the world .Those with long histories  do not usually progress because they usually hold on proudly to their glorious histories……..The  British have centuries of history, but technologically they are backward. They have not progressed technologically  even as  far as Japan which goes same for all other European countries as well, in comparison US is leader in technology, they have put a man on the moon while the French are still testing their nuclear bomb

Time marches forward so what use can be of holding to the past and refusing to move with time?





What is it like to live with anxiety

What is it like to live with anxiety

A student won’t attend the first day of her collage, as she knows there will be new people asking her to introduce herself. The thought of meeting new people scares her. What if she says something wrong? What if someone laughs at the way she is dressed? In the classes, the professors will ask her to introduce herself to everyone. Every head will turn in her direction. She will mumble and the professor will smile encouragingly, making it worse. So, she will skip the first day.

Another person sits in the front of phone and torments because he is afraid to call a stranger and ask about the package he hasn’t received. What if he dials the wrong number? What if the next person is in a bad mood and doesn’t wants to be disturbed? He will wait for another week for his package.

Apprehension. Stress. Edginess. Agitation. Fear. Everyday life is like this. Social anxiety makes you feel all this. It is a discomfort or fear when a person is in social interactions that involve a concern about being judged or evaluated. The fear of criticism or rejection results in insecurities that they are never good enough.





Social anxiety exists, and it makes various lives hard. Having social anxiety is not being shy but a situation where an induvial will sweat, shake and have actual breathing problems. Telling someone to, “stop being ungrateful, get over it!” won’t help them, but it surely will push them to isolate themselves and back off from asking help. When just a stomach ache rushes you to the hospital then why not the ragged breathing and constant fear?




Unfortunately, in our society speaking about mental illness is considered a taboo.  Without any kind of education, knowledge and treatment, social anxiety continues to wreak havoc throughout many lives. Adding to the dilemma, when a person with social anxiety finally gets up the nerve to seek help, the chances that they can find it are very, very slim.  So let’s talk about social anxiety. Don’t get angry over your daughter if she refuses to call. Get what your friend needs from the grocery store.  Listen to them.

For anyone out there suffering from social anxiety, you are not alone. Don’t feel your piece of social puzzle won’t fit, because it can and it will. Take a timeout. Eat a balanced diet. Limit your caffeine intake. Get enough sleep. Exercise. Hold your breath for 2 seconds and exhale for 7 seconds. Be patient. And love yourself.

Mahnoor Sarwar

Here is a summary of what PSL gave us

Here is a summary of what PSL gave us

So, the PSL finally ends and We Pakistanis cannot stop obsessing over it. Without any doubt, it was the best thing that happened to us in a while.
Here is a summary of all the priceless things we witnessed ….

The Grand Opening


Simply proved a ceremony could be so huge without including vulgarity in it

When the whole crowd sang Dil Dil Pakistan

Darren Sammy

From all the selfies to the captaincy and coming to Pakistan and the ending speech and dance Sammy proved to be a beautiful human being. We adored him at every moment.

Grant Elliot’s Bat drop

First time in the history of cricket…..this celebration was absolutely epic!
Pollard’s Sixes and pushups

Pakistani style of celebration in a Pakistani league. That win for Karachi Kings was unpredictable!

Lala’s performance and celebration

The nation loves this man and when he performs it is an inning to remember. Our game changer Shahid Afridi changed it for Zalmis.

Ahmed Shehzad trolled by Kevin Peterson

Probably the funniest moment in PSL.

The largest six by KP and Lala blushing


Damn KP you even made lala blush

The extremely emotional Supporter of Zalmi

Najiba Faiz, Peshawar Zalmi’s team ambassador. The PTV Peshawar actress who cried during Zalmis matches entertained us with her bunny and emotions.
Danny Morrison

How can we forget all those moments. Danny you won our hearts.

Gayles sixes against Islamabad

And not to mention how he performed to kick out The Qalanders.
The score 59 and Brandon McCullum’s Captaincy

He also tweeted that He would come to Pakistan at any cost if Lahore qualifies

Fawad Rana

His emotions, expressions, not to mention how he came back to invest in Pakistan and payed his taxes. He also came to the final to support PSL. His team may have not won but this man won our hearts.

Alan Wilkins Urdu

Not only this but all the times he did that we loved it.
The Last over of Gladiators against Zalmi

What a thrilling and amazing game it was. Shoutout to Muhammad Nawaz for this over.
Flying Catch by Sangakara

The paragliders and dedication to the martyrs

This is what International players tweeted
I’ll be back
— Daren Sammy (@darrensammy88) March 6, 2017
Good to see cricket starting to return to #pakistan #PslFinalLahore
— Shane Hayes (@physioshane) March 5, 2017
All things considered, is the #PSLFinalLahorenow the most anticipated cricket event on the annual calendar?
It achieves so so much.
— Sir Dennis Jadeja (@DennisCricket_) March 5, 2017
Congrats @PeshawarZalmi on your first Title in @thePSLt20 .. enjoy the celebrations l!
So happy for @SAfridiOfficial !
— Dean Jones (@ProfDeano) March 5, 2017
Closing Ceremony acha tha! Maza ayah! #PslFinalLahore
— Alan Wilkins (@alanwilkins22) March 5, 2017
#PSL2017 #PSLFinal..Soooo loved PSL II..fab tournament & blessed to have been part of Shame i can’t be there this final next yr everyone
— Danny Morrison (@SteelyDan66) March 5, 2017
Looking forward to the PSL final tonight with these legends win or lose, cricket and the people of Pakistan are the winners
— dawid malan (@dmalan29) March 5, 2017
PSL CHAMPIONS 2017 what a few weeks its been with these guys. One in all in. #PSLFinalLahore #peshawarzalmi#champions
— dawid malan (@dmalan29) March 5, 2017
Very Exciting day in Lahore,This what the people want Inshallah it’s a huge success @thePSLt20 @mfaisal_mirza#PslFinalLahore
— Cameron Delport (@Cam12Delport) March 5, 2017

All the emotions that PSL gave us can’t be covered :,) Congratulations to Zalmi but The final was not Quetta vs Peshawar but it was Pakistan vs Terrorism and Pakistan won!!!
PSL You are being missed …

Written by Rabeet Tariq (Team PS)




If you are a Pakistani, it is very much probable that you have received this text message from an unknown number at least once in your lifetime. And if not, which I don’t think is possible, then, your turn is yet to come. So, wait for it and especially if you are a boy, be excited too as this text may lead you to a beautiful girlfriend or maybe boyfriend. You must be extremely genius if you got the gist of my point from last sentence.

With taking an initiative almost a decade back, Saba has proven to be the most honest lady of Pakistan because whenever she promises giving back the loan, she does that in one way or the other. It is not perfectly necessary that she gives you back that “50 ka load” but in the form of many different little gifts she can give.  Confused? So now let’s actually move on to an example.

I had a friend, almost a year or two elder than me who used to be very generous and when it came to girls, there was nothing capable of measuring his generosity. Well one day, this already successful business lady with name “Amber” got to find this person who could actually invest a lot into her business if blackmailed emotionally.

The message was:

“Mein amber hospital mein hunn…ghar walonse rabta krne k liye mere paas kuch nai aap pleaseee mere is no. pe 50 ka load kradein mein pakka wada krti ke apko wapis dungi.. apna naam number bhi likh dijiyea”

So this shows that she had a phone with which she can’t message her family but everyone else and she had my friend’s number but still she wanted him to write it down in a reply to her.

Mr. generous being totally lost in the imagination of a lonely girl crying for help, sent her an easy load of 500 and mentioned that he don’t need any return. Claps for him! And further thinking that he has saved a life, he started waiting for amber who must be very very pleased by his help and he was sure that his new love life is just around the corner. And she replied with thanks. Days passed and they started chatting 24/7.  And eventually, they planned out their first date. However, at the last moment it was disclosed that it was a boy. I still wonder how different their date could have been.

So, my basic purpose for telling this story was actually to demonstrate how certain things which seem attractive can lead us to many devastating results. It could be a kidnapping, misuse of pictures through blackmailing and many other things which are just uncountable.


Therefore, whenever you receive such messages from any unknown contact. Do not respond until you feel the case to be somewhat true. Otherwise it will be something so unusual if someone’s story will continue to date and even after that.

Although, after these many years, it feels to see that people have been brought closer to the reality of this message and now takes it as joke. The examples are as follows:

Written By: Arham Shareef (Team PS)

Yeh Bik gai hai Whatsapp- The newfangled status feature has become the fodder for Pakistani’s derision

Yeh Bik gai hai Whatsapp- The newfangled status feature has become the fodder for Pakistani’s derision

Pakistan’s messaging world falls apart when the Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging app introduces an overhauled Status feature that rolled out on Monday, 20th February which potentially heralds a very different way of using the app.

Pakistanis went ballistic with the new Whatsapp update as it strikingly mimics the similar story elements on Instagram and Snapchat which lets users share analogously ephemeral timelines making our social life as monotonous as Mark Zuckerberg’s wardrobe.

This recent updated feature incorporates pictures, GIFs or videos overlaid with drawings, emojis and a caption that will be visible to selected friends for 24 hours, before vanishing whereas earlier status updates were text-based and stayed for as long as you left them. If you are familiar with the concept of Snapchat and Instagram stories then using this feature on WhatsApp will be a piece of cake for you but if you aren’t acquainted enough then it’s wise not to update your WhatsApp otherwise you have to suffer the consequences.

Pakistani youth also got infuriated about the revamped status feature because they have realized how it’s a loaded weapon in our parent’s hands as Whatsapp is one of the most celebrated app among the senior generation. Now the new generation have to think twice before posting any frivolous or comical story in a place where an entire family is having the eyes on you.

Remember there was a time when Pakistanis were going crazy for Facebook messenger and then we had this WhatsApp which made Facebook messenger look so boring and outdated. Although there were many other messaging apps like Viber or WeChat but WhatsApp never got abandoned because of being a pragmatic hub of activity where people simply type and read messages. On the contrary, today people have to scroll down endlessly through streams of other people’s content while using the updated Whatsapp.

Thereupon, I’m afraid that this latest innovation in the Whatsapp feature may lead to the collapse of its primordial uniqueness as many people are losing faith in using an app which acts on a similar platform like any other app with no peculiarity. However, WhatsApp CEO confirmed that the status posts will be end-to-end encrypted meaning only the parties who are communicating can see the messages and not even WhatsApp can view them which reflects the brighter side of this moderation. Hence, no one knows how this updated feature can seriously affect or assist the existence of Whatsapp in the future. We just have to wait and watch.


Written By: Batool Zehra (Team PS)

Muhammad Rashid: Crushing more than just a Guinness World Record

Muhammad Rashid: Crushing more than just a Guinness World Record

On February 23, 2017 Muhammad Rashid, set a world record by crushing 77 cans in a minute with his elbow.  But this is not the first time he has made a name for himself in the international forum; in fact he has made 19 Guinness World Records. Surprising is the fact that this is the first time most of us might have even heard his name. “I get a lot of recognition and appreciation internationally, but such is not a case in Pakistan”, says Muhammad Rashid in an interview with Pakistan Speaks, “but I still love my country” he adds.


Rashid, a resident of Karachi, earned his black belt in 1997 from Lahore. His teacher’s name was Murtaza Iqbal Haider. Rashid went on to establish the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts in 2000. He has won several championships both on national and international level in different disciplines of martial arts such as Kung-Fu, Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwondo. 6 of his students have also made world records: Arooba Nadeem, Syed Marij Hussain, Mujtaba Hassan  Mughal, Muhammad Hassan Butt, Syed Taj Muhammad and Muhammad Sehrosh Khan.


While talking about the achievements of his students, he said “We don’t have much funds to support ourselves, neither do we have sponsors.” When asked about his opinion on the scope of martial arts in Pakistan, Rashid said, “The thing is no sport other than cricket is successful in Pakistan. Hockey is our national sport yet it is a total mess right now let alone martial arts.” He went on and added, “But that should not stop people from indulging in sports. Doing sports with the thought in mind that you are going to get something or you will be praised for it is the type of mindset that I despise completely. One should be in martial arts or any other sports because they love it.”


Following is the list of all the Guinness World Records that Muhammad Rashid has set:

1. Most bottle caps removed by head in one minute (earned twice)
2. Most objects removed from head in one minute
3. Most pine boards broken with one elbow in one minute
4. Most walnuts smashed with head in one minute (earned twice)
5. Most coconuts smashed with a baseball bat on a person’s head
6. Most walnuts smashed with an elbow in a minute
7. Most clay sporting target broken with nunchako in one minute
8. Most walnuts smashed with the hand in a minute
9. Most nunchako hits in a minute
10. Most nunchako figure of eight in one minute
11. Most spins of fire staff in one minute
12. Most drink cans crushed with the elbow in one minute
13. Most green coconuts smashed with the head in one minute
14. Most punches with one hand in one minute (earned twice)
15. Most pine boards broken in 30 seconds



Feeding complexes

Feeding complexes

well recently a new campaign by the famous clothing company has been making rounds on our television sets, billboards and social media. The advertising campaign  has a slogan labelled as #meinperfecthun and features women with short hair, curly hair and women with not so fair complexions. The issue is that they have completely missed the opportunity to liberate females who hide behind closed doors, fearing that they aren’t beautiful enough , aren’t eye-pleasing enough to the modern society. Instead they choose to opt for models lathered with makeup which show them as recently liberated women and are not afraid to say that they are “perfect”. Imagine how a girl with pimples or acne who is afraid to show her face to the outside world must think when a model who shows her perfect jawlines and contoured cheekbones coming out and saying “now I’m not afraid to say my imperfections make me perfect”. They missed a golden opportunity to show women who have been acid attack victims, women with dark complexions as they are deemed the ugly duckling in our society, if they had gone through with their campaign with women who are constantly under society’s “complex ka shikaar” not only would it have been a huge step in the liberation of socially attacked victims it would have shown how beauty is subjective and how these women are not afraid to come out in the open now. Maybe just maybe it would have shown how objective our society has become in terms of beauty, and this could have been an eye-opener for them ,it could have filled confidence in those young girls who think they aren’t beautiful enough to rock that new dress that they loved. But Alas! Even a top-selling brand  even succumbed to the objectification of women in our society and with such a hypocritical title! Just recently a runway show organized by ‘mbfashionweek’ featured models in wheelchairs, down-syndrome and amputees, so the question we must ask the brands we buy is that, do they really liberate our social circle or just engulf them in more complexes?

Osaid ali khan (team ps)

Kewl kewl comments

Kewl kewl comments

Today, I’ll make an attempt to indulge you guys in taking a look at what the typical comments section looks like for both girls and guys. It’s one of those things that everyone thinks of, but no one has really bothers to speak of, and since I’m not building a rocket ship any time soon; I’ll gladly take on this task. Let’s take a look at the girls first. Ladies first, chivalry and all. 
OMG! Pyaari 😍
Haseena 💕
Gorgeous 😘
….and some more fluffy BS
The thing that bothers me, is that around 70% (Yes, I’m making this up. But, it’s totally true tho) of the time the feelings aren’t genuine. Women! You compliment each other because you feel that that’s the socially acceptable thing to do. Also, it’s really hard to think of your comment as sincere, when you’ve been running your mouth about that person just a few hours ago. So, be legit. I don’t know why you think it’s so hard. Obviously, this doesn’t goes for all women. Just as all men aren’t pigs, I’m sure that there are a lot of women who aren’t a bunch of crazy, backbiting, knife carrying psychopaths. I’m sure. So while it’s perfectly okay for you to compliment each other with all the lovey dovey goo gaa, things could be a lot better if you could just cut the hypocrisy. Again, not all women. Just some. Okay now, I’m done with the haseenas, on to the kaminas. 
This is what our typical comments section looks like
‘Seski boie’
‘Garam bc’
‘Bebi Kidar ha’
‘Sala 50 filter k baad bhi shakal sahi nahi hui’
Note the start contrast in both specimens *puts on sciency goggles*, there seems to be profound quantities of shade in the latter sample. Guys, please avoid putting your fellow dudes on blast like that. The bc bc trend is annoying. I know. I do it all the time. The borderline homosexual commentary is kinda unnecessary. I mean, if you’re into that sorta stuff… I guess it’s cool. Now back to ‘putting guys on blast’. Most of the time, guys do it either to poke fun at someone, or because we don’t have anything else to do or, we’re just trying to cover up our budding internal jealousy for someone under the clever blanket of sarcasm… Or is it just me?? See, it’s not cool to talk trash about someone in their comments section. Do it to their face, it’s a lot funnier that way. Hey, this is just something I’ve observed. Not all men, though.
P.S: If you find this offensive and inappropriate, kindly google the words: satire, sarcasm and go away.
Zohaib Hussain
13 things only a 90’s kid can relate to

13 things only a 90’s kid can relate to

If you are a 90’s kid, we welcome you to this short trip down the memory lane. Reclaiming that our childhood was indeed the best of all and nothing can replace that!



With nokia being the most widely used cell phone, the snake game was the most popular  game played in it! How many of you remember making high scores?


All 90’s kids must be able to recall this video game, it used to  come with multiple games of falling blocks that we used to love!


The ring smasher was perhaps the coolest game ever, pressing those buttons like crazy and when you finally had all the rings in the hoop, your sibling would quarrel for their turn resulting in unlooped rings!


These colorful, rubbery and extra bouncy balls were the ultimate dream of all kids. However, I still haven’t figured out why it got the name sim sim ball.


How many of you remember the patakhe wali gun? It’s one of the nastiest memory of all!


I remember the box saying it was a family game, but I never remember my family sitting up in a circle to play it properly! The best part was filling up the bath tub and fishing there!!


The tape gum has to be the most miseristic memory ever! Always eating up a small bite to save it for latter and never sharing it with anyone because other’s tape gum was male muft dil e bereham!


No matter how many u buy, these catchers always disappeared. Maybe the boggie man came for them!


This is the part where we all felt like huge technicians! Cursor not moving ? Invert the mouse, uncover the back, take out the tracker ball, a few blows into the empty space and put it back in, VOILA!

I won’t lie, I used to take it out for no reason to play with!


Nothing, not even real shades were once as cool as the bunty glasses!


This art kit was every child’s dream, I remember working hard in exams because my parents promised to buy me a new one every year!


Don’t you remember this cool wrist band that we used to straighten out and slap on our wrists and it would cling perfectly according to our size!


I miss that time when chips and all junk was well affordable under Rs 10, our daily allowance. Can’t forget how desperately I used to wait for the thailey wale uncle to show up every evening and run upto him for the daily quota!





Written by : Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)

Your mutton nihari Sir!

Your mutton nihari Sir!

Travelling thousands of miles and making it successfully into your plates, the mutton has to cover a tough journey. A journey most of us wouldn’t like to acknowledge, probably because it’s creepy but the facts can’t be denied can they? The sole purpose to share this little piece of information is merely not to discourage you from your appetite but to grieve over the fact that we have fallen easy victims to the hands of filthy money makers who have forgotten that they are to feed these to live humans, many of which might be sick elderly, or even pregnant women or general public.

The following picture was captured on the streets of Karachi as the meat was being carried from slaughter houses to the local butchers in an extremely hygienic manner, overlooking the fact that it was uncovered and providing surface for the adherence of all sorts of environmental pollutants. Not to forget, the truck was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before they hung up the meat on the rusty old hooks. The driver then carefully drove right up to the katchi gali filled up with over flowing swage where the meat was unloaded and placed with delicacy on the fore cleaned and polished table of the butcher who left the steaks in the front row to undergo the process of presalivation and partial digestion with the assistance of flies.

Your favorite restaurant service has signed up a contract with the hardworking butcher, he is supplied with the freshly processed meat after the long day. After which the meat is kept dipped in more spices in high quality containers and finally cooked with the bestest supply of diesel oil. Not to forget the secret ingredient, the sweat of the hardworking and dedicated chef!


But no sir, it’s completely sound to have your mutton nihari. We hope you enjoy till the last bite.

Written by: Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)

Career related masquerades that everyone faces in their teen

Career related masquerades that everyone faces in their teen

*story style*

In our teenage, all of us go through a phase where we have to decide our future choices. It is the time where we calligraph our futures. So, here is day in life of confused teen battling her career choices.


Her head  uneasily rests on the pillow and ponders over the mainstream 3am thoughts. As she goes deeper in the thoughts, murkiness surrounds her in profusion. With meager hopes left, she overlooks the light that is still left in her. Eradicating the belief that light enters through the broken window of the soul, she also overlooks the fact that there is more in her than she thinks, which is yet to discover.

She sees the fashionista in herself, who just knows how to carry herself and bring the best out of her. After all, if she will look good, she will feel good. Then the other day, she sees the dancer in herself, trying hard to copy the dance steps and making a master piece; she finds peace. Days pass, and then she gains a new perspective and sees herself as a fitness instructor, practicing yoga and being conscious about her abs.

Nevertheless, we do not always gain what we want. Sometimes we have to earn it, and the other times it is simply not the case. Similarly, she sees many shades of her, out of which some are just utopian. This confuses her most of the time, and somewhere in between of fighting these masquerades, she craves inner peace and the feeling of glee. The delight and cheerfulness that she used to held, she finds it vanishing somewhere else. Of course, because deep Inside she sees herself as a confused soul. However, when her eyes open the next day, she sees herself organized and invincible. As if her weakness never existed. It is the time when she recognizes the titanium in her and stays firm on her ambition for poetry.

Written by: UJALA A. SHAIKH

The Trash Dove A neo-Nazi symbol?

The Trash Dove A neo-Nazi symbol?

So the latest trend the internet is obsessed over is this crazy floppy bird dancing in a weird way so what’s all the hype about?

Originating from Florida artist and Adobe creative resident Syd Weller, the “Trash Dove” is part of a sticker set featuring a large-eyed purple pigeon in various situations — most notably the bird vigorously thrashing its head up and down.

As explained by the Daily Dot, it involves the Thai word for bird, nok, which has an alternate translation meaning “someone hopelessly single or suffering from unrequited love.” And honestly, just look at that doofy bird flapping its neck around. It went viral on the Valentine’s Day when all the singles used this sticker perhaps to annoy committed couples.

But now the symbol has moved past light trolling and is considered to be an alt-right meme used to spread neo-Nazi propaganda.

A campaign dubbed “Operation Nazi Bird” from 4chan’s /pol/ message board — the epicenter of far-right extremist activity — was responsible for the shift.

The campaign called for the alt-right to use the bird to clog up the comment section of prominent leftist Facebook pages.

Users are also being encouraged to start photo shopping Trash Dove into images of Nazi propaganda, with users quick to comply.

Earlier this month users began photo shopping the bird alongside swastikas or perched on Hitler’s shoulder, like a pet.


Some even took to calling the bird, “Pek,” a reference to another “alt-right” icon known as “Kek.” Kek is an ancient Egyptian character, imagined as some sort of distant relation to Pepe.

Now the Trash Dove is being recast as the symbolic reincarnation of another ancient Egyptian character: Thoth, the bird headed god.

Well you never know what the internet does or what kind of stuff it makes up….

Meanwhile the trash dove be like… Magar boss maine aapko bola kya hai?

Private Education OR Business?

Private Education OR Business?

Literacy rate of Pakistan was recorded 58% in 2013 and most of the literate population have now shifted towards Private institutions instead of government institutions. Schools nowadays have become some sort of a new business. If you are yourself a parent, then you know exactly what happens. The schools have started a new trend that one should register their child’s name for admission once he is 2-3 months old and then he can join when he is 2 years old. A man with an average salary will be in dual feelings. Happy & worried. Because he knows the expenses of private education in Pakistan.



It’s not just in schools, but the same goes in colleges and universities in Pakistan. Institutions are now just working to provide degrees to the students and not to make them perfectly able. They even charge for the admission forms they are distributing to the students whereas if we see the education institutions outside Pakistan, forms are available for free from the university and even online for students to apply from any part of the world. It all shows that they value education more than wealth. They know that there might be the next Einstein or Newton hidden in any of the student who can make something that can change the perspective of the World. Every eye has its own angle and ideas. But not in Pakistan. Every student is taught from the same book, the same syllabus which was being taught since the last thirty years. It’s so hard for a middle class man to pay for education expenses therefore i don’t think that the lower class man can even think of sending their child to a private education institute. Since now education is all about money in Pakistan, we are producing machines instead of ideas. Every machine has the same idea e.g. if we take science students, they know that FORCE = MASS x ACCELERATION. But why is it? SILENCE.


A child of class 4 asked his teacher that why 2+2=4 and not equal to 5? And the teacher instead of explaining him the rules of numbers, told him that what’s written in the book, memorize it or you won’t get good grades.

People in Pakistan are only thinking about good grades. And somewhere it is the mistake of our education institutions as well that they have increased the fees so much that student only thinks that if he will not get good grades, he will be wasting a lot of money. And therefore everybody is running for success and no one wants to get excellence. This would have made you remember that dialogue from the movie “3 idiots”



“Never study to be successful, study for self-efficiency. Don’t run behind success. Run behind excellence, success will come all way behind you.” – 3 idiots (movie)




Every student nowadays dreams of a six figured salary, own house, luxurious car and what not. And this is just because of these education systems. They charge too much that in the end students only want the return of their investment in their education and that will only come when they are successful. This is sad but this is the reality.















How to deal with stress?

How to deal with stress?

Quran states; ‘Allah doesn’t burden a soul beyond that it can bear’ (Surah Al Baqrah 2:286)

I know you are stressed right now, I know it feels too hard with all the things going on in your mind but, there’s a cure! You can heal yourself, you can live your life once again if you just try out some of these simple ways to deal with stress:

  • Firstly, we should always have faith in Allah. We may call Him by different names, but we all know that we pray to the one only Supreme Power, the Creator of this universe. We should have complete faith that if Allah has put us into a situation, He surely has the solution to it too! We just have to ask for it.


  • Now the best way I know is to indulge yourself in your favorite activities may that be singing, dancing, writing, reading, listening to music or whatnot. This really helps to relieve one from stress and affects your mood in a positive way instantly.
  • Play with kittens and puppies. Scientific studies have shown that there’s a significant decrease in stress in people who often play with animals. If you can’t get yourself one at home, buy some cheap pet food and just hit the streets!
  • Different snacks, fruits and vegetables are also known to relieve people from stress. I know about chocolate and banana. Chocolate serves as a mood-changer and banana is a natural anti-depressant; eating a banana whenever you are stressed will help a lot more than those anti-depression tablets which do no good at all!
  • Talk it out! A few days back, I saw a video on Facebook in which a man, Zakir Khan, was telling things about his father. At the end of the video he said, “We spend all of our lives looking for good advices, looking for people who can give us some advice. What we don’t realize is that there’s a man sitting in our home who has lived all his life with a few principles, and has gone through pretty much the same problems that we are going through. We just don’t discuss our problems with our father because he’ll scold us for five minutes, but in the sixth minute, when we start talking to him we’ll get the best advice we could ever get from anyone.” Yes, we all have different parents; some of us are closer to our mothers and some of us cannot discuss our problems with either of the parents. We still have the same God, pray to Him!

Talk to some young children, the ones that are under ten, to get back that ‘meaning of life’. Talk to some old people, the ones that are in their 70’s, to discover how they dealt with their problems.

May Allah help us in our bad times and give us strength to go through the hardships of life. (Ameen)

Written by Taha Hissam (team PS)



(Strongest massage from the top of hills to the women of the world)







By : aaina kukda Team : (P.S)


(Strongest massage from the top of hills to the women’s of the world)

We runs the Nation , there is discrimination between you (men) and women in intelligence we are stronger , powerful  and confident like you  (Men) We use these type of sentences are in common life but Afghani girls are use to kept in house due to conflict condition in their country . In this tense situation 20 years old Sima Azimi took this another ways in a country where women’s sport is severely restricted; Shaolin Wushu club in a part of Kabul that is home to the capital’s Hazara ethnic community is a rare exception.  The move of practicing martial art is a big concerned of bloody attacks claimed by Islamic State militants over the past year  A country where women’s harassment and abuse are common in daily life afghan girls should use to protect themselves Sima  Azimi take this conditions on a serious note she leading the practice session, says Wushu teaches self-defense, but just as important, “it’s really effective for body and soul” Afghan teenage girls challenge tradition and prejudice with Chinese martial arts She learned the sport in Iran, where she won a gold and bronze medal in competition, and she has been teaching in Kabul for about a year, encouraged by her father, with whom she trains at the club’s gym .There are many people harassing us but we ignore them and follow our goals,” she said”. Afghanistan is still notoriously hard country for women and the girl’s faces regular harassment and abuse but through continuous training the girls hope to create a more peaceful climate in defiance of the daily realities they face

“There are many people harassing us but we ignore them and follow our goals,” she said.

When possible, training goes on in a gym dominated by a poster of Hussain Sadiqi, a Hazara martial arts champion who fled to Australia in 1999 and later worked as a film stuntman. So far, all the girls in the club are Hazara, a Persian-speaking, mainly Shia group who have faced a series of attacks claimed by the militant Islamic State group over the past year.

Sima Azimi said “I am working with Afghan girls to strengthen their abilities and I love to see Afghan girls improve the way other girls have improved in the world,”



By : aaina kukda

(Team P.S)

‘The trampled upon gender’

‘The trampled upon gender’

Many people associate the word ‘tough’ to the male gender.But to me the tough ones are those who actually endure more emotional and physical trauma than most of us might have experienced, especially in the society of Pakistan where the people born with this strength are considered and insult and a punishment from God. Yes, I am talking about the trans-gender community. This special community living in our society have from birth been treated like de-generated,the lowest of the low. Imagine your own parents disowning you, the same bother that bore you for months looking at you with with disgust. Your parents discarding you, selling you to brothels. The education system denying you the right of gaining an education just because of your gender, being forced to dance at parties for a little wad of cash, being treated like an abuse, beaten and mis-treated by this society. These customs are common among the trans-gender community in Pakistan but now a major breakthrough for this community took place recently, when in the renowned band “soch” featured a trans-gender model Rimal Ali in their latest music video “dhola”. This is a major milestone for the acceptance for the trans-gender community. Rimal stated that she hopes the world would see her as a model/actress rather than a trans-gender one and be considered equal like other’s are in this industry, she also hopes that in the future we would be able to see many trans-genders in the glamour industry as well as being considered fairly in every walks of life. Here’s hoping that this does become true in the near future!

Osaid ali khan



The most anticipated Cricket event of this year is just a few days away. Yes, we are referring to second edition of Pakistan Super League which is featuring five teams captained by three International and two local stars.


All the matches of this exhilarating tournament will be played in Dubai and Sharjah. The opening ceremony featuring Shaggy from Jamaica, Fahad Mustafa, Ali Zafar, Shehzad Roy and others will be held on February 9th, followed by the first fixture of the festival between Peshawar Zalmi and Islamabad United.


The league consists of twenty contests in total amongst the five teams, and then two semifinals, a final and a playoff to decide third runner-up side.

The final will be played at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, on March 7th, subject to security clearances.


For detailed schedule:


The Cricket fans are surely awaiting a thrilled and entertaining tournament given all the international and local stars such as Brendon McCullum, Chris Gayle, Kevin Pietersen, Darren Sammy, Shane Watson, Shahid Afridi, Misbah ul Haq, and others give their best and ensure that no fixture goes boring.


For full list of team players:

PSL Teams and Players 2017


Given how much appreciation was gained by maiden edition of PSL, we are surely expecting an event that might bring smiles on our faces in this time of distress and disorder. Moreover, the event’s finale being played at Lahore will prove as a pivotal to pave way for international cricket to make an official comeback in Pakistan.




Written by: Faizan Shahzad (Team PS)

How the statement cashed millions!

How the statement cashed millions!

Ye bik gayi hai gormint.” Is not a statement we are unaware of. It took the internet with a storm when an aggressive woman passed the comment along with some other abusive words describing the current form of the government and was soon visible as it went viral on our timelines and as WhatsApp status of many and also as a criticizing hashtag beneath sarcastic statements and much more.

It’s not something we are unaware of, people on daily basis label the government to be corrupt. The question rising, why did it go viral? Perhaps her accent or maybe her aggression appealed the hearts and our dear public celebrated it like the truthful voice against the cruel king!


 Whatever the reasons, the marketers didn’t take long to cash the statement and bring their businesses into action. And soon the ‘Bik gayi gormint’ labelled articles came up the news feed. Finding it funny and the latest trend, people actually bought these articles to show off their updated sense of humor.

Proving hence, that we are indeed a highly sentimental nation and easy target to the marketers.

Written By: Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)



Waqar Zaka, the famous stunt performer, telivision host at various reality shows well known for his most daring show “Living on the edge” has always been the target of multiple controversies, but after what happened few days before, he’d been the major hot button issue amongst different areas of social media.


28th January 2017, the news broke out that Waqar Zaka has been brutally beaten up by a drunk man on undisturbed streets of DHA, Karachi along with his ten armed guards. According to random non-authorized sources he’d been harassing a girl a day before all this happened by exposing her identity through his snapchat account and so in order to take revenge and to shut down his mouth the girl asked his friends and his guards to beat him publicly.


Next day Waqar Zakar himself came front to media and told everyone that the situation wasn’t like the way it has been stated to all of us. According to him he has harassed no one or exposed anyone’s identity as women holds their own respect and dignity which shouldn’t be harmed by any means. But then again he was labeled as a mere liar and everyone started bashing him that he has given an oppressive wrong statement.


Harassing a lady and moreover exposing someone’s personal identity is in complete sense unreasonable and non acceptable but to make someone physically injure and bashing someone brutally on the streets of the city is justified? Is beating someone publicly the only solution left to every problem intentionally or unintentionally framed? Using powers one is capable to bring anyone down to his or her feet?


Waqar Zaka isn’t some really appreciated public figure as many of his acts were extremely controversial and out of the boundaries. After this incident despite of getting sympathies or only verbal favor from the people out there he rather took more hate and offensive remarks. We all often has over heard this that whenever a person has offended you badly in any case you should keep in mind one of his positive aspect that will overshadow every other negative feature related to his apparent persona.


While Muslim minorities were being slaughtered on following their religious custom in Burma and when people of Aleppo were shrieking out their throats for help and we were here sitting in our couches doing nothing except sharing posts, asking for their help. Waqar Zaka was the one not utilizing any government facilities but only using his social media resources went himself there and practically help the suffered ones out there and no one of us could possibly deny this. As to do this all alone wasn’t easy also one requires to put his life on the verge of death while stepping ahead out for something that is nothing but life threatening.


“Boss mainy apko bola kya hai?” This sentence which Waqar Zaka stated while he was beaten up gone viral and lots of memes we made on this. Considering it from every possible funnier angle I myself didn’t find it funny in any way. A man is being viciously beaten up said this in a state of defending himself and here we are making fun and getting amused by it?


When Hazrat Omer (R.A) holds the charge of caliphate of Muslim Ummah, he gathered his sons and said that if any of the other citizens will commit any sort of crime he or she will surely be punished but if his own sons commit any crime they’ll be punished as twice as hard.


We literally have forgotten the basic Islamic norms and values, being the resident of an Islamic state, being a follower of a religion which preaches peace and brotherhood. Besides religion this isn’t permitted on the scale of humanity even. This didn’t happen for the first time a lot of similar cases have appeared before due to different reasons behind but none of us dared to speak out on that, sealing our lips was the most probable option we chose at that time.


It’s high time now, we really need to give our best possible try to stop this all, to put a halt to all this self made felony and to abandon others from taking everything in their own hands as law still exists. Otherwise today it was Waqar Zaka, tomorrow it can be you or your beloved one.


Written by: Aiman Sohail (TEAM PS)

The Predators in our homes: The truth that no one told you

The Predators in our homes: The truth that no one told you


When I was a kid I used to believe that the world disappears when I closed my eyes. I believed that I had the power to change things. I would just close my eyes and pretend that I just made everything disappear. As I grew up, I realized that was not the case – nothing changes. Because when the day rises, you have to open your eyes eventually, and stand face to face with all kinds of people. People who you may think might love you, but as the clock ticks, they make you question whether all they want from you is love or is there something else? Because your mother told you to keep quiet when you told her about your cousin trying to touch you “the wrong way”. Because no one ever told you that some day someone might sneak up into your bed or pull you into a corner and tear your innocence into a hundred pieces. Because at the age of barely 7 years old you believed that everyone who kisses you, makes you sit in their lap, they love you.


We live in a society where all that matters is “log kia kahenge?” (What are people going to say?). We conceal our flaws and sometimes others’ too in order to save our dignity. We save our children from the outside world, but we forget that the people outside are also humans – same as the humans living in our homes. Then how do we expect that our children are safe from them? Our houses are haunted by countless self-proclaimed taboos. Don’t talk about sexuality, don’t talk about rape. Keep quiet even when your uncle tries to rape you. Because firstly others would not believe you and secondly it might upset your uncle who is a much respected personality in the family. Since we were kids we are told to be on guard against strangers, but no one ever told us that we might encounter predators in our own houses. The uncles, the cousins, the family friends all who kiss you openly in front of your parents and do a lot more when you are alone.


We need to understand that speaking up against someone who abused your child, sexually or otherwise, is not going to take your dignity away. We need to understand that talking to our children into understanding their sexuality and educating them about the good touches and the bad touches is not going to take their innocence away. Talk to your children everyday, observe how they interact with other people and how others interact with them. It is important to save our children from falling prey to the sexual predators, because it destroys a child’s personality and the last thing that we want is a future generation of emotionally damaged people.



Mahnoor Shafique

Is the government really that ‘careem’?

Is the government really that ‘careem’?

Is the government really that ‘careem’?

Well since the news of the online cab services potentially being banned soon across Punjab and sindh on social media broke out, it’s no surprise that the ‘keyboard warriors’ became ready to erupt on Facebook and Twitter with their statuses, memes and satirical videos. Well the official reason given by the government was that since they have not registered these cars with the government and the certificate was not given moreover there was no regulation provided with these services, this proved a great loss to the government. But the public seems to think that the government had more sinister plans for banning these services. That these elites can’t be satisfied until the public is in peril by every way possible. Although it is correct that these services should have gotten registered by the government but judging from the state of public transport services, did these companies really commit a deadly sin? For example the public bus transport service doesn’t get upgraded and the same buses have been dropping of the working class for decades, these buses are in shambles, over-crowded and many people have to clump atop the bus to travel towards their destination hence causing many accidents along the way, the rickshaw and cab drivers who used to scam is with the phrase ‘the gas prices have risen from the last time’ also the conditions of these cabs and rickshaws having no door and less than desirable speed it wasn’t the quite the first priority more of travelling. Not to mention the safety issues that women face with these modes of travelling. We don’t know what these drivers are like, can we trust them? Women have told countless cases of being harassed through these public transportation until along came these online cab services like careem and uber, which provided the type of car you’ll be travelling with, the name and picture of the driver, the number plate, the estimated fare and the time of was a very convenient and comfortable way of travelling to your destination, not to mention it being safer than those methods of transportation mentioned above. So the question that really arises is these government certifications just a stamp of no value, if so then these services aren’t at fault, maybe the government should strengthen their stamps and certificates of regulation so these companies can take it as serious as it should be in the future.


Written by: Osaid (Team PS)

An open letter from the devil

An open letter from the devil

Ah! As I write this letter in my warm and comfortable abode which the people of earth may know as ‘hell’, I must say for the past few years I’ve been terribly bored, sure I could bother some angels but they have God on their side so no fun there. I just sit at my fiery throne for ages and ages contemplating that how I took the human’s innocence for granted, how I loved to go down at earth and cause mass mayhem, create wars between nations, topple off empires, destroy families internally, oh I don’t think I can carry on without crying! You see these cretins that are termed as humans have come a long way in terms of evil-doings that….th…that they don’t even need me anymore! At first when I noticed this I felt an emotion of pride take over my fiery soul, like when a child achieves their parent’s dreams. Every bomb dropped on Syria was like music to my ears, each male that performed an honor killing was no less than a warrior to me, each girl that sold off her humility and her body for mere earthly pennies was considered to be my own daughter. Every evening I bragged about the daily malicious endeavors to my fellow demons and they would show expressions of being impressed. But decades passed, and no sign of repentance from the humans, I used to get restless every day, thinking maybe today they’ll need me, maybe today they’ll know how much destruction they’ve caused to themselves, but that call never came. The world is in a hypnosis state, showing no signs of recovery. I…I. Just think maybe the time is coming to hang up my boots. I still remember the time when my dear friend Adolf Hitler used to call me and heeded advices from like a proper apprentice but now?! Now these leaders refuse to even acknowledge me! This new amateur, Donald trump, he doesn’t even let me near the white house! If I were to help the human state right now that would be treason of my own principles but this race is unlike other, they contain the light of angels and the darkness of my heart, that is why to maintain balance like before and since I do not want to retire earlier than the apocalypse I am forced to write this letter, that maybe just maybe the human race would return to their balanced state of the ‘ying and yang’ and then normal service would be resumed on earth and my job wouldn’t seem so futile,

May I rule forever,

By: Osaid Ali Khan (Team PS)

READY STEADY AND GO (Pakistan after ten years)…

READY STEADY AND GO (Pakistan after ten years)…

As we are the citizen of Pakistan what will happen in Pakistan in next 10 years , what strategies Pakistan will apply , what benefit will be given to the citizen after or within ten years we should know , that it will impact on our daily lives in our future the good news is that Pakistan’s bad time is over, Now ! Pakistan will open the window which gives   bright happy and peaceful shine

GDP GROWTH: (after Pakistan)

GDP Growth Rate in Pakistan is expected to be 4.70 percent by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the Pakistan GDP Growth Rate is projected to trend around 2.80 percent in 2020, according to our econometric models


Pakistan could possess the world’s third largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in a decade, or have enough fissile material available for it, Pakistan could become world third biggest in coming 10 years, Pakistan has the world’s fastest growing nuclear program capable of weaponising up to 200 nuclear devices by the year 2020.

  • Vision of health care system in 2025

Governments will be enforcing the public health laws promulgated, related to smoking, drug safety, organ donation and transplant, safe blood transfusion, environmental protection, food safety etc. Entire health care system will be made resilient to disasters (climate change, natural disasters, disease outbreak etc) in terms of both disaster mitigation response and continued provision of services during acute crisis / emergencies. Continuous Professional Development will be institutionalized across both public and private sectors in conjunction with associations, and linking up with re-licensing of the health professionals; Governments will be vigilantly monitoring the selection, quality, price and use of technologies, equipment and medicine, as per international standards.


It is the third important International port in Pakistan after Karachi and Qasim ports.- It is located at cross junction of international sea shipping and oil trade routes.– Gwadar port would connect three regions, i.e. Central Asia, South Asia and Middle East – Development of economy and job opportunities in the region (Balochistan)– will attract foreign investment and tourism. It would provide foreign reserves and free trade zones and special economic zones (SEZ) that would help in the economic prosperity of Baluchistan and Pakistan- Pakistan will be able to explore minerals, hydrocarbons, oil and gas resources of Central Asian Region Economic development through transit trade fee and foreign exchange reserves. Tourism, trade, hotel industry and state revenue will increase which will strengthened country’s economy; Gwadar will boost up the co-operation of Pakistan with other countries in the Oil and Energy sectors.

Modernizing Transportation Infrastructure & Greater Regional Connectivity In 2025

Pakistan is gifted with a strategic location that is well suited to serve as a hub of commercial activity. Development of modern transportation infrastructure plays a pivotal role in economic development and attracting investments. Key related targets are to ensure reduction in transportation costs, safety in mobility, effective connectivity between rural areas and markets /urban centers, inter-provincial high-speed connectivity, integrated road/rail networks between economic hubs (including air, sea and dry ports) and also high capacity transportation corridors connecting major regional trading partner


Higher education is imperative to reap the benefits of technological advancements and compete effectively. Quality of higher education, research and development and university industry linkage are also critical factors .The emphasis will be to promote improvement in the quality of science and technology education in particular the natural sciences, mathematics and ICT. Every school, college and university will be digitized and computerized by 2025. Vocational training will be made responsive to emerging technologies and to the changing needs of the private sector. The missing link between our knowledge and production platforms shall be established through government, private sector and academia/ research partnership

Our future is depend upon the future of Pakistan Lets pray for the best future of Pakistan: Pakistan just need our little help stay positive in the tragic situation. One day Pakistan will get their position  back the position where PIA is world’s no.1 airline service, the position when Japanese architecture impressed when they saw the Habib bank plaza ( the largest building of their times), the time when Pakistan gave loan to Germany  So folks ! READY STEADY AND GO……..

Pakistan Zindabad…..

By aaina kukda.

Meet the renowned Drake-but wait, not Canadian, Pakistani Drake!

Meet the renowned Drake-but wait, not Canadian, Pakistani Drake!

“Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius.”

This famous quotation by Arthur Conan Doyle can be practically implied when it comes to a guy namely Abid born in a small town of Sibbi. Apparently Abid is a local tea-seller on unevenly constructed streets of Balochistan but there’s some remarkable talent hidden within the vocal cords of this guy. HE’S A RAPPER GUYS..!!


Yes, rapping is what we call the talent Abid is blessed with. With an entertaining soul he usually make his customers delightful by performing in front of them. Often by singing and sometimes by dancing as well, until Feroz Faisal of team somewhat superstar approached him and discovered the rare talent he holds which can amaze others. The classic rap style, the unique gesture and a raw voice; something definitely to work on.


Considering his demo, Abid is now officially working on his first music album “The Sibbi Song” in the collaboration with Some What Superstar. Also he’s trying his level best to submerge both Sindhi and Balochi languages at a time in his song and present a masterpiece to all of us.


Music is no doubt a moral language which is understandable to everyone. With a raw voice and adaptive international rap style, this man who idealize Bohemia is possibly supposed to do wonders with his first song. We wish Abid a very good luck for nearby future.

-Aiman Sohail(Team PS)

5 thingsa Hijabi wants you to know

5 thingsa Hijabi wants you to know

Hijabis are just normal girls who do do everything like the non Hijabis the only difference is that we dress slightly differently to please Allah. Here are some things we want everyone to know but usually don’t speak out.


1- A Hijabi is not sperior to a non Hijabi and vice versa


Off course We are all sisters in Islam and no one is superior but I don’t know why sometimes the opposite is assumed.


2-We are all on different Levels


Thsi is one of the most important issues I feel which needs to be highlighted. I’ve seen so many people saying “Hijab karte hein aur neeche tight kapre pehente hein aise hijab ka kya faida” and “bahar dekho to hijab kia hua hota hai aur social media pe nahi”. It is a fact that hijab is not only a covering of the head and it should be consistant however we all have stages in everything. There was a time when I used to be like that as well but we are all imperfect souls striving for perfection. Criticizing is never the way instead encourage them.


3- Trust me We have hair….

I get to hear this almost every month “Iske baal he nai hon ge”. Guys!! We understand you’re kidding but sometimes you really dont need to make it that long.


4- We avoid physical contact with Guys

This is how Justin Trudeau  greets muslims/hijabis instead of offering a handshake and this is how we expect every guy to be. Wether it’s a handshake or a highfive or literally anything guys! Please avoid physical contact.


5-Stop comparing Hijab to other deeds


Whenever we talk about hijab usually there is someone who brings up this point “hijab kr k jhoot bolne se acha hai na karen aur koi aur acha kaam karen”. Every deed is different from another. We all try our best to do what we can but honestly comparing deeds is pointless!


I wont say that every hijabi would agree but most would afterall we all have our different point of views. We all expect respect from one another irresopective of race,religion,cast or dressing.

Written by: Rabeet Tariq



Dear brother in law, I ought to send u my regards and show my gratitude, show how proud and lucky I feel to have you as a part of my family. We may not speak so openly, my relation may be pretty indirect but anything that affects my sister directly affects me.

I heard the story of that young girl who got abused by her in laws and was sent to her maternal home. And another girl, not so old herself, but facing hardships and troubles set by her own husband and in laws. I keep hearing such stories on daily basis, incidents that leave me trembling, barbarism that my lips are scared to utter out loud and miseries beyond imagination. All making me feel worried for the future that lays ahead of me and all those girls I see posting their marriage pictures, it haunts me and makes me question if the relationship of marriage is based on dowry and misery or that of love.

Injured woman terrified, leaning on the wooden wall. Concept for domestic violence

But then I look at you, the way u care for my sister, it does feel unjust when she doesn’t visit us frequently but it’s all worth it. She is so beautiful and lively, always looked after, no demands turned down and her kids always treated like angels. And I truly feel that my sister has to be the luckiest and happiest wife on Earth, I don’t think of anything else that could have been better in you. And thank you for that.

In Some relations it’s not about the material worth of things but the spiritual value as to who you are dealing with. In the era we live in, we have indeed forgotten the worth of humanity, selflessness and even forgot how to be true to the ones we have for a life time.

This letter is for all those girls out there whose husbands tend them with care and love, he might not have everything in the world to give you but then again, there are those whose lives have been turned into miseries. You have a gem, value it.


Written By: Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)

Rest in Peace or Live in Peace?

Rest in Peace or Live in Peace?

The recently started and less popular social media campaign has certainly crossed many peoples’ mind. The suicide campaign requires users to post a meaningful status in support of depression stricken people with hashtags at the end, #SuicideAwareness. The truth is that the word SUICIDE crosses everyone’s mind; however, it is the actions leading to suicide that go unnoticed.


According to a survey, in every 40 seconds, someone in this world dies of suicide. Correction: people do not die of suicide, they die of sadness. While many people believe it is just a permanent solution to a temporary problem implemented by mentally weak people, lesser people disagree. According to different case studies conducted in foreign, suicides have been classified. One of the suicides, named Euthanasia, also called mercy killing; The act of putting to death painlessly or allowing to die, as by withholding extreme medical measures, a person or animal suffering from an incurable, especially a painful, disease or condition.


People who choose suicide are not weak, whatsoever. One’s suicide does not evict his strength that he had been holding for so long. Nevertheless, it is not the only solution left in this world. Life is sacred to humankind and shall only be taken by the One who has granted us. Not only it is just a sin, but alike murder, suicide is also a criminal offense.

Suicides have been a long term social issue in Pakistan. Preferably,the reasons have been depression, homelessness, poverty and domestic violence in married women. Hence, buck up and help people coping with their problems, support them and prevent suicides. It’s high time we take a stand!



Veteran actor Om Puri, who delivered riveting performances in Hindi films and shone in character roles, passed away on Friday morning. He was 66. Om Puri has also acted in English and Pakistani movies, and is a Padma Shri awardee.

Puri has done a lot of defining roles for art films, some of which are Aakrosh, Arohan, Ardh Satya among others. Puri was not confined to one language in the world of cinema and had played roles in Marathi, Telugu, Kannada and Punjabi films as well. Puri also played a much-acclaimed cameo in Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi.

Born in Ambala, Haryana, in a Punjabi family, Puri graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. He was also an alumnus of the 1973 class of National School of Drama, where Naseeruddin Shah was a co-student.

He made his film debut in the 1976 Marathi film Ghashiram Kotwal. Some of his most notable films include Sandgate, Ardh Satya, Mirch Masala, Dharavi, Maachis, Gupt, Dhoop, Yuva, Don, Agneepath, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and others.

He earned international fame in many British films, such as My Son the Fanatic, East Is East, The Parole Officer and others.

He also appeared in Hollywood films like City of Joy, Wolf,  The Ghost and the Darkness among others. Om Puri was last seen in Pakistani film ‘Actor In Law’ which came out in 2016. The entire Bollywood fraternity is shocked and saddened by his sudden demise.

Puri was married to Nandita Puri in the year 1993. However, the separated in 2013, together they have a son named Ishaan.




In a time when the clouds of  hopelessness and misery have covered all the Syria, and war torn cities like Aleppo are suffering so much that inhabitants  had to flee in order to save their lives, leaving their damaged houses, property and all the memories back. Yet, there are many helpless families trapped inside Aleppo with no money to feed themselves. In this time of desperate need, Waqar Zaka from Pakistan took off for Syria and spent his New Year with the affected families and helped them in several ways.


Waqar Zaka, one of the most wrongly criticized celebrities of Pakistan, managed to reach Aleppo via Turkey. He told in his video that he would prefer evacuating few families from warzone instead of providing them with warm clothes only.


His first encounter was with Hassan, a Syrian Doctor and his family who were forced to reside in a damaged house with very less resources. Waqar Zaka got this family a house on rent in Kilis, a town outside Aleppo and promised the doctor that he would help him in opening a medicine shop.


Source : Waqar Zaka Facebook Page


Then he met a 20 years old girl named Isra who had two kids of her own and five other family members living under one roof. Having lost her husband during war, it was difficult for her to support this huge family. Waqar Zaka gave them some cash for meeting their needs. Their reaction to this was remarkable and they could not resist praying for him and Pakistan (Witness yourself in the video link at the end of article).


Source : Waqar Zaka Facebook Page


He also gave $800 to Isra’s younger sister Hiba for her eye’s surgery which was hit by a stone and she was losing her eyesight.


Source : Waqar Zaka Facebook Page

The Journey does not stop here. He also came across two or three families living together with a lot of children to feed. He revealed in his video that he had a memorable time with these kids and that this experience was his best new year celebration. He gave some cash to these families as well as a token of support from Pakistan.


Source : Waqar Zaka Facebook Page


At last, his life risking yet a memorable journey came to an end in which he distributed almost 1.05 million PKR. One thing to consider is that wherever Waqar went, he asked the people to remember Pakistan and its people in good words.

According to his video (, despite of his mother, family members and other friends being angry at him for going to Syria by risking his life, still he came and experienced a unique journey. He also requested the people not to believe in fake news regarding massacre in Syria. He also made an announcement that his next destinations are Baluchistan and Kashmir and asked everyone to keep supporting this cause by donating and spreading the word.


Surely, Waqar Zaka has made all of us proud today.



Written By : Faizan Shahzad

The Honking Karachi

The Honking Karachi

The city of lights has sighted many severe problems in these past decades. But one of the biggest concern is this in these last 50 years, the city has got none future projects either you converse regarding the city’s waste disposal issue, firefighting services issue or public infrastructure development.

The growing uproar of buzzes and horns on the roads of the city not only between rush hours but also in off peak hours, all the main roads connecting to the towns and societies get flooded with vehicles.  The journey of minutes gets transformed into hours, the real problem arises for ambulances and fire tenders. But the real worry is local authorities have kept ignorance to this issue since decades. Around the world all the metro cities get their 50 to 100 years of planning regarding infrastructure, population and health. Unfortunately in last 40 years, people of Karachi have seen none major development except a tug of power between provincial government and local government.

The lack of supervision in city led people to find alternative such as “chingchi” and simultaneously boomed the sale of motorcycle in the city, which automatically turn out to be a huge chaos for traffic. People cannot be blamed for these type of substitute but authorities.

In past few years the government has built the overpasses and underpasses to make the main roads signal free and ease the flow of traffic however the plan have not been the great success and been not able to resolve the problem of the locals. The issue with the authorities is simply that, they crop up with temporary way out for the problems rather than a long term preparation for the issues. According to the figure given to Dawn News by director general of Sindh excise and taxation in 2014, there are around 1.25 million cars and 450,000 commercial vehicles and more than 50% registered vehicles are motorbikes. Now you can simply imagine the number of vehicles in 2016.

The local government and as well federal must look into the matter, the issue would not be resolved until and unless generating a proper plan for the city. The momentary developments such as widening of roads and signal free passages might ease the problem but would not be sustainable for long-standing. The major cause of this effect is the deficiency of public transport in the city; the officials must realize the city is starving from huge public transport infrastructure. Recently our neighbors came up with odd-even formula for their capital, somehow it seems useful and reduced the traffic chaos in the city as well the pollution.

By Paras Waswani (Team PS)

Let your daughters live.

Let your daughters live.

Islam was sent as a religion that would end all the wrong practices among the Arabs at that time. That included burying daughters alive, just as they were born. Islam gave women, the rights and standard equal to that of any man in this world. This ended the oppression over women and they were actually given the right to choose their life partners. It’s very sad to see that even though we have Islam now and we call ourselves ‘Muslims’, still there are people who marry their minor daughters, without their will, to men who are about 10 years older than them.

“O ye who believe! Ye are forbidden to inherit women against their will” – Surah Al Nisa (19). It is very clear that taking a woman in your nikaah against their will is forbidden and ‘forbidden’ ACTUALLY MEANS HARAM! So forcing your daughters to marry a guy they don’t want to marry is HARAM too because, it is against their will. Still, if you are successful in forcibly marrying your daughter to a man of your will, and then that man turns out to be a bad person and beats up your daughter, would you want to live with the fact that you destroyed the life of your daughter with your very own hands? I guess no.

Let them choose their partners for God’s sake! If Allah has given women the right to choose then who are we to stop them? And before all this, let them have their education first. Complete education for daughters should be the top priority for parents. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said, ‘The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said: “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.” – (Tirmidhi, Hadith 74). This word ‘knowledge’ here means the knowledge provided in the Quran as well as any other sort of knowledge. Allah has sent us in this world with a unique gift within us. It is our duty to discover what it is and then use it in this world; and to discover that ‘gift’, we need knowledge! Would you want to be responsible for your daughter’s failure in this matter?

Let your daughters study, let them say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to your choice for them; just don’t force them. Do your daughters a favor, LET THEM LIVE!


Written by: Taha Hissam Mirza



Trust of a common man, hope for the families and the cure for the patients … YES! JINNAH POST GRADUATE MEDICAL CENTRE. Though it is neglected by the care takers, it is running at full capacity, it is surviving with the mismanagement but still manages to provide the best attention care and cure to the patients. It is said that every cloud has a silver lining and with the initiative taken by the TEAM SAVE A LIFE, JINNAH POST GRADUATE MEDICAL CENTRE has met its silver lining.



Recently the students of SZABIST (Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology) have taken this initiative to revitalize the Jinnah Hospital focusing its poor health care facilities and creating awareness and credibility among the SEC A and B people.


It was a great step taken by them to ensure that the people who come to the hospital are given total attention and are treated equally.


Students were successful in executing their activity to aware people about what they have so far, for this they executed an activity in the premises of University where they have setup their desk asking the individual’s to share their point of views and comment on the initiative thy have taken. They also collected donations in order to help the people of Jinnah Hospital who had to cut down their expenses in order to pay for the family members who were admitted in the hospital






The results have been great as they were able to gather the attention of many students on campus as well as teachers, furthermore a lot of people got to know the changes students have done and they were ready to pay a visit and appreciate the efforts students took. Good Luck to team #SAVEALIFE.

Rats of Pakistan:

Rats of Pakistan:


They’re called the “rat people” of Pakistan, but they are really suffering from a genetic mutation called microcephaly – a neurodevelopmental disorder in which the circumference of the head is more than two standard deviations smaller than average.

Popularly known as “RATS OF SHAH DAULA” these children are an unfortunate product of superstition. According to centuries old belief, if a woman was barren and she prayed at the shrine of Shah Daula located in the city of Gujarat, she would became fertile. But unless  she offers her first born child in service of the saint , all subsequent children would be born with a head similar to that of a mouse . These days, most chuas are intinerant beggars. Travelling up and down the Grand Trunk Road, following a seasonal calender of religious festivals. Each chua is owned, or perhaps leased, by a minder, often a raffish, gypsy-like figure. The Chua-master looks after, and profits from, his chua rather as a peasant might a donkey; together, they may earn as much as 400 rupees per day, about £4. Curse . The “rat people of Pakistan” are credited with god-like powers. Their begging proves extremely lucrative for the gangs – so much so that some people allege that normal babies are being deliberately deformed to look like them. The popular belief is that the beggar gangs clamp the children’s heads in infancy, which is strongly denied by government and advocacy groups, who say there is no evidence. According to an estimate there are about 10,000 ‘rat children’ in our country. Dismissing the Curse of Shua Dulah as mere superstition, they have a better theory: that chuas aren’t born, but made. Priests, chua-masters, or perhaps even parents, they say, purposefully deform healthy infants by placing pots or metal clamps on the heads of healthy infants and so retard the growth of the brain.

Pakistan’s government says it has tried to crack down on exploitation of the “chuhas” (Urdu for rats) and says it plans to set up a shelter in Gujrat to rehabilitate them. The shrine stopped officially accepting microcephalics in the 1960s when the government took over the site.



Wait. Lemme explain. Whatsapp, an extremely popular communication software being used by millions of people around the world is thinking of starting it’s new year in a rather different fashion. It will in fact cease working on several platforms.


Wait…. What?? Why?? I just got my new phone! How?? All my texts…. What’ll happen next? This must be a joke, right? Nope. No joke. This is 100% true. Now before you start getting all frazzled and flustered, like I said at the start of this, lemme explain. Whatsapp is thinking of making changes in its software. It’s only gonna cease functioning across those phones which are running with the Symbian S40, S60 or those systems running the Blackberry OS. Also, iOS 6, Windows Phone 7 along with Android 2.2 and below will also be unable to run Whatsapp.


Why? Well the reason is quite simple. The company is looking to further develop it’s software and provide people with economic means of communication. How can they do that if they’re still required to compensate for dated operating systems? This step will definitely cause problems for people who don’t have the means for better phones but for the company, it’s a major development. 2017 is coming and a lot of organizations are looking to upgrade their platforms. Whatsapp, the facebook owned company, is just one of them. Let’s hope for the best. It’s pretty much the only thing we can do.


Zohaib Hussain (Team PS)

Modern Era still thinks the same.

Modern Era still thinks the same.


Women’s right in the world is an important indicator to understand global well-being. No society can function properly without women. Aristotle the father of political science had said that the state is a” union of families and villages”. Family plays a very important role in society, and makes the foundation of the state .Happy families build healthy societies and healthy societies are prerequisites of strong political order in democratic societies.


A woman is an architect of society. She forms the institution of family life, takes care of the home, brings up the children and tries to make them good citizens. Her role in totality contributes to the building of an ideal family, ideal society and an ideal state. In order to build the prosperous and healthy society both men and women demand for equal rights.


About half the mankind consists of women and they are treated as second class citizens all over the world, but especially in developing states they are oppressed in different sectors of life. In these developing countries one of the living examples are Asian countries. Women’s lives are controlled and shaped by various gender discriminatory structures in Pakistan. Their contribution to the production and physical hardships are not acknowledged. A woman suffers in education, health and gender biased feeding and recreation practices. As a human being she is denied from her own identity. In some parts she is considered as commodity owned by her brother and father before marriage and then by her husband. She does not have the power to make a decision for her life. Someone else takes decisions on behalf of herself about marriage, education or giving birth to a child.



No one can doubt on a fact that state of women is only getting worse day by day. More development brings new ideas to exploit women in every walk of life. Weather she is home wife, working lady or daughter she is being victimized and this is the time where we should revert back to our basic ideology and start giving the women the right of equality and respect they deserve.



Article by Hiba Umer. (Team PS)




KARACHI: SZABIST one of Pakistan’s reputable and quality institute plays an important role in the life of all its students, especially when it comes to giving them a practical exposure in terms of their respective professions. Students of management sciences at SZABIST University studying in their fifth semester were given a project by their renowned media management faculty MUSTAFA HUSSAIN.

It is a pleasure to mention that the students executed an informative seminar regarding mouth cancer and oral hygiene under the BLUE LIP campaign.

The team was able to create awareness in the youth of today about oral cancer and what causes it. The Seminar took place on 22nd November, 2016 at SZABIST campus with DR. MARIAM ZAFAR as guest speaker, a certified dentist by profession at ABBASI SHAHEED HOSPITAL.

Speaking on the occasion, DR. Maryam Zafar said: “The blue lip campaign attempted to confront the lack of knowledge which surrounds mouth cancer by making everybody understand the importance of keeping one’s mouth clean.

DR HAMZA AHMED BAJWA, owner of DR. HAMZA MEDICAL AND DENTAL CARE, further commented about the campaign: “The blue lip campaign is certainly a great way of getting people involved in what the campaign is about. The matter of fact is we are facing more incidents and more deaths from mouth cancer than ever before and we need assistance of the profession to curb these figures.”

Keeping in mind the fact that nowadays mouth cancer is considered to be one of the major health threat, this initiative was taken to ensure that people are well aware of the risk factors involved in the consumption of tobacco products and hence are encouraged to look after their oral hygiene. The large number of students were benefited from this seminar. PR

Karachi: Students of SZABIST promoting Blue Lip Campaign



A unique way to grow cancer awareness


The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. Donate the money you typically spend on shaving and grooming to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle.

In Pakistan, this has created a new hype and men are going all crazy for this the whole year but the real problem is that many of them don’t know the original concept behind this and they grow their facial hair just to full their Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories.


So, how did no shave November start? No Shave November started after a father in Chicago passed away from colon cancer. His 8 sons and daughters started this campaign in 2009 in honor of their father. Over 6 years this became a popular thing to do among many throughout the country.

There are a lot of things that people don’t tell you before you decide to participate in this official month of no shaving. From trends to setbacks and to just straight opinions. Even if you like facial hair on a guy, or as a guy it only goes to a certain point. No one likes beards or mustaches that look unkept. Many girls like a man with a well groomed beard, but if you happen to be one who doesn’t, chances are “No Shave November” is not your month.


In the end, The month “NO SHAVE NOVEMBER” is also known as MOVEMBER and if you are following this trend, you should make sure that you are donating that money that you are saving from not shaving to cancer hospitals and NGOs.



A broader look into Brangelina’s divorce

A broader look into Brangelina’s divorce

After all this while, divorce and being cheated on is not easy, of course. The most haunting part of their break up was cheating. Brad cheated Jennifer and tied knots with Angelina, and that is where karma hit her. From cheating, to the cheating and a divorce. While we all had our sympathies for Jennifer back then and now with Angelina; not forgetting to mention that both are the most admired and strongest female personalities.

Ever wonder how cheating feels like? Of course, no one deliberately wants to be cheated on, but it is not a choice. It just happens. We call this dumb experiences life. Where all these negative sufferings are inevitable to happen. Be it cheating, malice, betrayal or anything. These things never make the victims, dumb and the sinners, wise. Sometimes, this just reflects one’s inner self. These things are out of control and may damage the person beyond healing. Yet, they say time settles everything. It just makes you to get used to the tainted love and unhappiness. But they do make you a deeper and a better person inside.

So, let’s just wish the separated couple better lives ahead. Notwithstanding, Angelina certainly is a stronger woman and will prove a stronger mother too.





Here are some ways to cure that pesky writer’s block…


1) Switch Activities

Step far from the PC or note pad. Set down the pencil or pen. Accomplish something else innovative and get your juices streaming in another imaginative way. Prepare a cake, choreograph a move, take pictures of flowers, paint a photo, sketch, make a photo of an extremely nitty gritty turtle out of dirt, and so on.


2) Create a Character Backstory

It might help you to keep in touch with about your character. At the point when and where they were conceived, about what activities they did as a youngster, their most loved animals at the zoo. You never know, this could end up being another section of your novel.


3) Write Prompts

There are thousands of snappy prompts out on the web to help you to begin. You need to keep your hand and pen moving the entire time. No stopping to consider a word, no pausing to recover. Focus yourself on the brief.


4) Read a Book or Magazine Cover to Cover

There is nothing superior to anything perusing different peoples keeping in touch with them give you the inspiration, and jealousy that they completed something and you didn’t, to complete your composition.


5) Give Yourself Permission to Write Horribly

You are supposed to compose gravely in the draft stage, it’s a writer’s obligation. In any case, what you have to make sense of is all the language structure and syntaxes is right or not. Because your story develops extra minutes however without an appropriate syntax and sentence structure, your review won’t just be dismisses additionally snickered at.


6) Don’t Procrastinate

On the off chance that you have writer’s block, you should not procrastinate. The worst thing you can do to dispose of writer’s block is to procrastinate. Everybody does it…. Just get the torment and suffering off the beaten path and get to it. That is, it. There is no drug to help you, no painkillers, no exercise moves to make it any easier. You need to stop procrastinating and complete it.




Written By: Danish Sayani (Team PS)





Blogging revenue driven Begins with a Long Term Plan. Numerous individuals long for blogging for benefit, and this objective is not a long way past the compass of somebody with normal knowledge, an eagerness to buckle down, and an essential handle of blogging innovation. Nonetheless, not very many individuals figure out how to procure the benefits they need from their blog. A great many people who endeavor to profit with their web journals don’t succeed for two reasons. Frequently, bloggers have unlikely desires of how quick their readership will develop and how much cash they will make, and when these desires are not met the frustration can smash the longing to proceed blogging. The other trap that numerous bloggers fall into needs to do with absence of arranging. In the event that you need to turn a benefit as a blogger, the way to achievement is to make a reasonable arrangement and stick with it.

To succeed at blogging for benefit, the primary concern that you will need is an expansive readership. The higher your activity, the more sponsors will consent to pay you. Be that as it may, developing the standard guests that you will need so as to make a benefit isn’t simple. As increasingly and more online journals seem every day, having an incredible thought or a superb composition style is no sufficiently more to get consideration. You should have the capacity to advertise your web journal viably.

An excessive number of bloggers invest the majority of their energy composing posts what’s more, no time advertising their task. To be certain, overhauling as frequently as you can is an extraordinary approach to keep your website high on blogrolls and high in online journal web indexes like technorati, and once your perusers realize that you upgrade much of the time they will come back to your site all the time. Be that as it may, it doesn’t make a difference how frequently you overhaul if no one is perusing your page, so don’t hold back on the time that you spend attracting guests to your site. To make your fantasies of blogging for benefit a reality, have a go at diminishing your number of posts and utilizing some of that opportunity to draw new guests by setting up join trades with different bloggers, making contacts in the web journal group, and taking after other set up methods of winning movement.

Obviously, regardless of the fact that you are an advertising virtuoso or have a truly awesome thought for a web journal, achievement is not going to occur without any forethought. Building the sort of readership that blogging for benefit requires some serious energy, and taking all things together probability it will be no less than a while before you can turn quite a bit of a benefit. Attempt to stay submitted to your blogging venture amid this underlying unpleasant period. To stay roused, set objectives for how frequently you will upgrade and what number of peruses you need to draw in, and at that point reward yourself for staying with your arrangement.

Written By: Danish Sayani



We all are proud pakistanis with the faith and love increasing day by day towards our beloved country.

Inspite of the people trying to lower our love , we all are getting much more connected and our patriotism is getting much more stronger ..

Here are some reasons which will make you love Pakistan even more .


Pakistan have the best army ranked on 6th number from across the globe .


The khewa Mine is Pakistans oldest and the World’s second largest salt mine .



Pakistan is the first muslim country to attain nuclear power .



From 125 countries, Pakistanis have been ranked the fourth most intelligent people and have the seventh largest collection of scientist and engineers.



Edhi foundation runs the world’s largest ambulance network and it is consider as a lifeline for thousands of people of Pakistan.


Asia’s largest bird’s Sanctuary and a place where time stops is in Pakistan .



Pakistan have the 22nd best performing stock exchange .



Biafo Glacier is the world’s longest glacier system situated in Pakistan .




Pakistan is known as the Roof Top Of The World .


10 . BEST TUNE .

Last but not the least , Inspiring , Motivational and Beautiful Poetry makes Pakistan’s National Anthem the number one ranked tune in the World .



These are the reasons we all are so proud to live in such a bright place , whether it’s helping a person or an another country , Pakistanis are always ready .



  • Hafsa Munaf


Khuda Mera Bhi Hai

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai

“We’re sparrows of paradise, and they don’t like us.”

Third Gender referred as Hijra in Pakistani society i.e. eunuch or hermaphrodite. They consist of hermaphrodites and women generally unable to lead normal life, unable for marriage and producing children. Most of them are close to men but they prefer to be identified as feminine then masculine due to their inclination to lead a life of women. A sociologist describes them as “man minus maleness” and “man plus woman”.

Fake smile on their face, adorn themselves with kajal, makeup, lipstick, dressed in colorful saris, in a monstrous parody of women in a unique style, they roam the busy marketplaces in groups for their earnings. Shouting with the male voices, palms meeting crossways in a trademark clap, they prey on liable passersby, who will part with their cash sooner to get rid of them. People don’t consider them as human beings. They don’t like to eat with them, drink with them or shake their hands, but they are full citizens of Pakistan like everyone else. But behind the merriment, hijra life can be lonely and dangerous in a conservative society such as Pakistan. Vulnerable to physical and verbal abuse, they also have to bear the humiliating attitude of police officers, doctors at hospitals, and public officials. Just because these individuals fail to conform to the stereotypical norms of our culture, we have reduced them down to such a level, where the only two occupations accessible to them are begging and prostitution. Transgender person stated that people gave them coins in alms, but since there is more money in prostitution, they have no other better option than to resort to it. Many have to endure ridicule by dancing openly in the streets or at weddings to scrape by a living, or resort simply to begging. Others are involved in sex work with little education about safe sex and the dangers of HIV.  In case of any criminal victimization or even sexual harassment, these individuals get no help/ support from the community or government institutions.  They are entirely helpless because of our attitude towards them. Such individuals are not even seen as waiters at restaurants or workers in construction industries, due to their ambiguous genitalia. To be honest we are the biggest hurdles by their way actually we think that we are perfect living creatures for this earth. And these transgender facing the torment of their parents as their parents disobey God. Such a stupid thought we have. God created us by their best way, so who are we  to make a fun of them for their appearance These individuals have, perhaps, faced the severest form of discrimination from among all the minorities in Pakistan since ages, and unless a change from within emanates, would continue to be harassed for years to come. These individuals have voices that are not heard by anyone. We need to be the voice that speaks on their behalf, fights for their rights and makes living for them less painful. They (transgender) hope that one day they will recover their glory and prestige with the help of courts and media and become useful citizens of the country. Media plays an important role by on-air such type of drama / soap like VEENA .KHUDA MERA BHI HAI to identify their role &  their feeling . However, it is also the responsibility of the society to treat them as human beings and bring a change in their unfamiliar attitudes towards third gender. They must have the rights to survive in the society instead to lead a life in seclusion.


Written by: Ainna Kukda

Looking back at the Chai Wala fiasco

Looking back at the Chai Wala fiasco

Wow! My timeline seems to have finally calmed down after the whole ‘Chai wala’ craze. For those of you fortunate enough to not know about it, I’ll keep it brief. Someone photographed a chai wala doing his job with an expensive camera. The chai wala had blue eyes. That was pretty much all that the internet needed to absolutely EXPLODE! This guy went viral without even knowing it. The dreamy eyed tea maker made all the girls swoon over him. Lemme fast forward everything. Social media made chai wala famous, chai wala became a model and is hopefully living the life that he dreamed about.


Now, there are distinct opinions regarding this. First, there’s the people who talk about how the internet made this guy famous and how thousands of people who truly deserve help were discarded. They speak of how good looks, money and popularity makes you relevant in today’s world. To be honest, I don’t really have a smart-ass retort for this, I know right! It’s amazing. I always have a witty comeback. But yeah, I understand. There are people who deserve help a whole lot more than this guy. It’s true. But it’s also true that we can’t simultaneously help everyone in the world. That would be ideal, but it’s impossible at this stage. So, why not just enjoy this little tale if ‘rags to riches’ and just watch everything play out?


There are also the people who believe that this guy was somehow, ‘sexualized’ and that all the women who’d wanna take pictures with him, made him uncomfortable. Really!? 9/10 men don’t care if women sexualize them. In fact, we welcome it. I’m willing to bet money that that chai guy has never been as happy in his life, as he was with those ladies. He became FAMOUS for just having blue eyes. He’s getting the modelling contracts. He doesn’t care about being sexualized. The position of sexual harassment of women bed men is admittedly, very different in the world. Especially, in Pakistan.


So at the end of it all, I’d just like to say that, a miracle just happened. A man got a chance at better life. Why is it so hard to be happy for him? Social media turned a man into a star and I am happy for him. You should be too.


Zohaib Hussain

(Team PS)



Dentistry is one of the best professions worldwide, from the best pay to the best restorations of your smile. Unfortunately, it looked down upon in our part on the world.

Analysis of recent surveys state that Dentists who specialized in oral and maxillofacial surgery or orthodontics, the two best-paying subfields, earned $166,400 as of May 2010.


Talking beyond the earnings, even though both of them have similar courses, exam patterns and questions, Dentistry provides you a less hassle life compared to the typical MBBS course of night calls, post calls etc. It is even estimated that dental pain is pretty close to that of delivering a baby.

Call it illiteracy or whatever, but the sad part is that in our country, people count Dentistry to be a second opinion after their efforts to attain admission in MBBS fail. They fail to recognize that a dentist is equally or in some cases even more important than a general practitioner as your mouth, also referred to as the oral cavity is the gate way to your body. Any causative infectious organism is most probable to enter through your mouth.


It’s not like we love to deal with poorly maintained teeth, but the fact that we care for your aesthetic profile. Research estimates say that 85% of the people observe your smile at first glance which also your first impression. We, most importantly save your smiles and correct the defects or trauma that you fall victim to. It does seem impossible but works like magic! Some great examples can be witnessed below







Stating the complete list of benefits of this field shall exceed my word limit here. Anyhow, the population here instead of appreciating the importance of dentists, rather overlooks their importance. The most burning questions being,

“Dentist, is that even a doctor?”

“Did you yourself chose the field or were you unable to qualify for MBBS?”

“EEEWWW… who would ever want to look into other people’s dirty mouths!!?”


This is for all those educated shallow minded people who only count MBBS as a doctor, sometimes including the doctors themselves, Sir, we appear in the same tests, many of us were offered MBBS seats at first which we denied because we wanted to peruse dentistry as career. We pay far more than a typical MBBS student and surprisingly we study the same subjects as they do, just in a matter of 3 years we deal with almost all of the subjects while still specializing in Dentistry. And yes we are most fortunately, doctors!


So the next time you feel uncomfortable about your smile, pay us a visit. Because this is where the magic happens!


Written by: Azmaira Sodagar




This is an era in which people don’t understand .They want to get successful, THEY want to have fun, they want to live with all the luxuries in this temporary life.

We all forgot the everlasting life, the day of judgment, and all the troubles we will be going to face because of the sins we are doing now.

Watching movies, going to parties and have fun is something we all love to do but this all is for limited time, the timeless life is there waiting for us.


In Tariq Road (sindhi Muslim society) there is a cinema built in front of the GRAVEYARD where our loved ones are buried.

We all are Muslims and thankfully living in a Muslim country! Isn’t it sad? Isn’t it unbearable for us to watch movies in front of the place where are loved ones are buried? Aren’t all the countries valuing Islamic laws are better than this Islamic state? Aren’t we (MUSLIMS) are being harsh on ourselves? Isn’t the place should be in peace where there is music going on? Aren’t the people who are going there are doing something very wrong? IS THIS THE HEART OF A MUSLIM WHO HAS AN ADVANTAGE OF GOING TO JANNAH!!

The people who build that place did wrong but so did we! We are going there and appreciating them! WHAT IF WE WOULD BE IN THAT GRAVEYARD CURSING ALL THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT!

No one in this world reject the fact of the everlasting life! THEN WHY NOT MAKE IT BETTER, AT LEAST WE CAN TRY!




Written by: Hafsa Munaf

Transgender or Transhumanity ??

Transgender or Transhumanity ??

Pakistan, arguably a patriarchal country, is home to at least 300,000 oppressed and ignored transgender, who are treated in a uniquely strange way (as if they are aliens) and pathetically abusive way (as if they are world’s most wanted criminals).


When we uncover the root causes behind this terrible living condition of transgender, we come to many discoveries and realizations. Gender inequality and patriarchal mentality here stops women from living a life as that of men. Domestic abuse, acid attacks, honor killings, etc. against women is a norm in underprivileged and illiterate sectors of Pakistan although women are abused and not provided with full rights in literal sectors, too.


A society where women are not treated equally, are not given equal job opportunities, are not respected and regarded equally, it is not surprising for me to observe transgenders’ rights being abused and sabotaged.


Most of the transgenders are not welcomed by their families, therefore they run away in their childhood and join various transgender groups to meet their life needs. While some of them succeed in getting secondary education, they are not given healthy job opportunities. Most of them resort to dancing on streets or in weddings to earn bread and begging, and rest join sex industry without knowing the possible health damage caused by it.

Their life is more or less like one in hell. They are made fun of, ridiculed, abused and harassed everywhere they go. They are treated as animals, or even worse in some places.

According to many transgenders’ interviews, they face great humiliation when they visit public offices, hospitals and police stations.


Among mainstream literate public, transgenders are usually respected. Although, no one steps forward to help them live a better life, still many of us try to be nice towards them. Yet, transgenders are not considered normal human beings in our eyes. To us, they are some defected creatures. I do not see their natural body change as some disorder or disease.

GOD made them this way, and it could be ME, YOU or ANYONE ELSE as a transgender. Suppose if you were born a transgender, how would you have felt facing such intense abuse and ridiculing followed by psychological trauma? Does this thought make you wonder about the condition our transgender community is living in?

Even, we try to make fun of or abuse people by calling them ‘transgender’. Does being transgender is a sign of morally less character or what?


Oppression and abuse related cases against transgenders are pretty much normal now. To count few, in June, a transgender rights activist from Peshawar, Alisha, was shot down. When she was brought to hospital, doctors initially refused to give her treatment because they were unsure as in which ‘gender ward’ to put her in. According to witnesses, she was left in the corridor and passersby made fun of her. When she was admitted in women ward, patients complained about her presence, and in all this fuss, unfortunately, she died. Yes, she died. Why? SICK MENTALITY!



Just two days ago, Julie and her friends were beaten and raped by few sick men in Sialkot. According to a video message by her, they made her drink their urine. She says that if anyone else observed the scenes, he/she would have committed suicide. She cried her heart throughout the video, demanding for justice and becoming the voice of all transgenders in country.



Lastly, I would like to say that we need to educate masses and upcoming generations to respect and treat transgender community equally. Government must take effective steps to ensure their safety and must put the culprits behind the bars. I hope to see transgenders being given equal rights in near future.

Written by: Faizan shahzad

10 Priceless Places which we ignored

10 Priceless Places which we ignored

Dubai, Paris, Istanbul, London… our dream vacation maybe. Perhaps we forgot the beauty God has blessed Pakistan with. Mostly we think of the northern areas when we think of the beautiful areas of Pakistan. Well here is a list of some beautiful and historical places we forgot:

  • Great wall of Sindh


We all want to visit the Great Wall of China don’t we? Well here’s another fact Ranikot Fort is also known as The Great Wall of Sindh is the world’s longest fort with a circumference of approximately 26 km or 16 miles. Since 1993, it has been on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is reputed to be the largest unexplored fort in the world. The purpose of its construction and the reason for the choice of its location are still unknown. Ranikot is the most talismanic wonder of Pakistan and Sindh Province. Visible from five kilometers, its massive undulating walls twist and dip over the hills. With the circumference of about twenty kilometers, its walls, built with dressed sandstone and reinforced with 45 bastions along the outer wall, of which 7 are rectangular and the remaining are round. All modified through the ages to accommodate the use of gunpowder, this perhaps makes it the largest fort in the world.


  • Mubarak village, Karachi


An hour’s drive from the city’s center, Mubarak Village is also Karachi, but not as much. Although Mubarak Village is also part of the metropolis, it survives without any facilities—no drinking water, electricity, gas, health, education… Mubarak Village is like an oasis in the wilderness. The road leading to it passes through dusty terrain, with gusts of wind carrying sand to welcome each guest. The place is a natural harbor with rocky hills at one side, with calming the water near the shore and allowing fishing boats to anchor. The water here is jeweled shades of blue and the sand has not yet lost its color like the rest of industrialized Karachi.

  • Ghanche Valley


Ghanche District is the easternmost district of the Northern Areas, Pakistan. Historically Ghanche is one of the most important districts in Gilgit Baltistan. Yabgo Dynasty once ruled whole Baltistan. It was one of the powerful kingdom in Gilgit Baltistan. Yabgo Khar also called Khaplu fort is one of the monument of that era. Khaplu fort has recently been restored by Agha Khan Cultural Foundation.


4-Noor Mahal, Bahawalpur


Noor Mahal (Noor Palace) is a palace located in Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Built in 1875 AD, the palace is nearly one hundred and fifty years old, and, is the most recent monument in Punjab to be notified under the Antiquities Act.  Although there are several stories told in Bahawalpur about the construction of Noor Mahal but among all, famous legend is that Nawab Subah Sadiq Muhammad Khan IV laid the foundation for constructing this palace in honor of her wife. Noor Mahal was designed by Mr. Hennan, who was a British Engineer and was working as a state in engineer in Bahawalpur. The building covers an area of 44,600 square feet (4,140 square meters). It is a double story building with a basement as well. There are 32 rooms in the building, having 14 in basement. It contains 6 verandas and 5 domes.


  • Gorakh hill


Gorakh Hill is a high altitude (5,688 ft (1,734 meter) plateaus in Sindh. The Hill Station receives winter snowfall and is among one of the only places in Sindh to have snowfall in winters. The mountains were completely covered with a blanket of snow in 2008 winters.


  • Naltar Valley


Naltar valley is very close to Gilgit and Hunza. It is 40 km (25 miles) from Gilgit and can be accessible by jeeps. Naltar is a forested (pine) village recognized for its flora and fauna and terrific mountain scenery. In the Naltar valley there is a lake known as ‘Bashkiri Lake’. It is at a distance of 32 kilometers (20 miles) from Naltar Bala. This lake gives a breathtaking and amazing look both in the summer and as well as in winter. The road from village to “Lake” is nonmetallic and narrow along with a stream throughout this road coming from the mountains. A lot of attractive scenes are there along this road.


  • Siri Paye


The name may sound weird to you. Paye’ means “high grazing ground” in Hindko language. Paye is a lush green meadow at an altitude of 2800 meters above Shogran plateau. In spring Paye blooms with flowers of different colours and with a backdrop of white Makra Peak; Paye becomes the ultimate weekend destination form the capital of Pakistan. In winters it becomes wide meadow of snow. While ‘Siri’ means ‘lake’; its a small lake situated before Paye meadows. In winters Siri gets frozen in such a way that one can walk over it.



  • Neela Wahn, Kalar Kahar


I myself belong to the area of Kalar Kahar and have a special attachment to this place. I have discovered the enormous beauty of Kalar Kahar and the tribal areas above and found this place to be one of the most mesmerizing place of the area. There is absolute calmness and peace as there are almost no tourists. You have to hike for about two to three hours down the hill. The journey is amazing because of the beauty of the hills. At the end it’s all worth when you reach the pond. There are several waterfalls, the water is crystal clear and the greenery is priceless. Also the water is said to have healing powers.


  • Hingol National Park


Hingol National Park is located along the Makran Coast in Balochistan. It is one the most exciting and adventurous spot, adorned with a variety of topographical features. Hingol Park is best known for supporting the rare species of Sindh Ibex, Balochistan Urial and Chinkara Gazelle.


10- Gojal Valley


Gojal also known as Upper Hunza is a valley, situated in the far north of Pakistan. It borders Pakistan and China at Khunjerab Pass and Afghanistan at Chipurson valley. It is the largest tehsil of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.



That’s not it! Pakistan is gifted has uncountable splendid places which can’t be counted. So next time try a different place maybe?

By Rabeet Tariq











“It is outrageous for Pakistan’s Supreme Court to claim that schizophrenia is not a mental illness, and flies in the face of accepted medical knowledge, including Pakistan’s own mental health laws,” said Maya Foa, Reprieve’s director.

This is just one example of the dozens and dozens of even more humiliatingly criticizing comments that Pakistan is facing from all over the world, over an ignorant judicial verdict that was issued to a certified, 50 years old schizophrenic patient, Imdad Ali, accused of allegedly murdering a cleric in 2001. Since according to our respectable jury no such medical conditionexists or to be more precise, no such psychological disease fits “our law defined criteria” for mental illnesses, hence we clear the way for Imdad Ali’s execution.

This verdict was issued by a judicial bench comprising of three “learned and literate” judges of the supreme court, even the Chief justice himself. Well, it shouldn’t be astonishing for a nation, should it be? Where Amir bhai is a “religious scholar and an “MBBS doctor”! So isn’t ot fair enough for the law makers and executive personnels of such a country to be atleast this ignorant that they deny a certified medical condition and a mentally I’ll patient, the very benefits and exemption from execution that he deserves. I mean come on, we are those who love putting labels on the basis of our very own “free” will, over people who differ from us in views, so how can we not ignore the opportunity to remain silent and not talk about something which has already been labelled a “taboo” in our society.

The verdict relied on two dictionary definitions of the term ‘schizophrenia’, as well as a 1988 judgment by the Supreme Court in neighbouring India. I mean for once please decide, are we boycotting India or not?? Taking examples from their supreme court verdict is just as sane as turning the IPC( Indian Penal Court) into PPC( Pakistan Penal Court) with only amendments being the translation of terminologies and giving it a taste of distorted shariat laws wherever you wanted a flavour of an Islamic Republic.

We have already faced a lot of losses and such a blow to out common sense and literacy standards was not at all needed! I presume the human right activists and doctors (specifically psychiatrists and psychologists) will not be the only ones raising voice against this and the rest of our population esp the youth claiming to be very decsive, oriented and thought voicing will also raise a question to this verdict, with all due respect to the undoubtedly respectable Supreme Court! But plz let’s do it before another Imdad Ali is denied justice by the very jury assigned to make justice prevail.

Also, it’s the need of the hour ironically for past many many years that we start breaking the ice and talk about mental health and stop stigmatising psychiatry and psychiatric illnesses!

Written by:

Faiza Rehman.

The glassworker: A prestige

The glassworker: A prestige

Pakistan’s 1st fully handrawn animated film’s trailer by 25 year old Usman Riaz, hit the cinemas on October -25 -2016, and left the audience awestricken. A marvelous piece of art fused with creativity. The audience has expected it to be a masterpiece.

The Glassworker (Urdu: شیشہ گر‎) is an upcoming Pakistani Urdu-language animated film. The film is Pakistan‘s first hand drawn animated film. The story of the film revolves around a boy named Vincent who works at his father’s glass shop where he falls in love with a girl who frequently visits the shop. The animators of the film are from Pakistan as well as Malaysia and South Africa.

In a recent post by TED  Follows, Usman scribed in detail as to why he decided on making his characters speak in Urdu for the film. “I grew up in Pakistan watching animated films made in Japan and America. When I was a child, the worlds of Studio Ghibli and Disney were one and the same to me. I watched most of the Japanese films with English subtitles, and I never found it strange that characters living in imaginary European settings behaved as though they were from Japan — with Japanese customs and speaking in Japanese. Similarly, I never found it strange that Mulan, which is set in China, or Aladdin, set in the Middle East, featured teenagers speaking with American accents and behaving mostly like Western teens,” he wrote.


“I want to harness this very potential in my own hand-animated film,The Glassworker. I have chosen to place the story in an imaginary European setting. My characters live in political and economic conditions that resemble Pakistan — and they will speak Urdu, my national language.”

Usman describes in detail why Urdu is so important to him and said, “First and foremost it is a rich, historically significant language, and I want to introduce people who may be unfamiliar with it to its beauty.”

“Secondly, I want to shake things up in my own country: Pakistan is so heavily influenced by colonial rule that it has never really gotten a chance to explore itself in a modern and subtle way. Pretentious old artists still pine for dead Urdu poets, while new artists chase after approval from the West. Pakistani youth only speak in English, and have little regard for Urdu, but many people in Pakistan are guilty of holding English up as the more valued language. Why not turn that on its head? Why not create a predominantly Western setting and make the characters speak better Urdu than Millennials in Pakistan?,” he shared.

By: Ujala A. Shaikh





Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – A True Patriot

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – A True Patriot

Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said: ‘Love of your country (patriotism) is a part of your faith’. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan complied by this hadith as he said, ‘I won’t perform in India; my country’s integrity is important for me’. He showed us, the patriotic behavior that is lacking in almost every Pakistani. Even Adnan Sami; the person who got his ‘fame and respect’ from Pakistan only, has adopted Indian nationality and decided to live there. He has gotten far enough to tweet things against Pakistan. Is this what should we do as a Muslim?

Love for our country is a part of our faith, and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has completed this part of his faith! If our soldiers can give their lives on borders and leave their families behind, then we can also do something for our country, right? If Rahat Fateh Ali Khan can stop performing in India, then we can also stop watching Indian content, at least until India apologizes to our artists. Just like they have banned stuff that includes Pakistani artists in them, we should also completely ban their products and content here. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is an artist, he can make millions if he goes to India, but he chose to stay with Pakistan; that’s love!

He showed us that there is nothing more important to us than Pakistan, nor money neither our own lives. We all should follow him and try to be as patriotic as him and love Pakistan as much as we can. May we have more people like him and May Allah (SWT) guide us to the right path and protect us from misguidance and evil temptations.


Written By Taha Hissam Mirza




What gets in to your mind while you go scrolling your wall or when our elders set up their discussions after a 9’o clock bulletin? Guess what? India is back again. We are again on war while giving some work to memes people on Facebook and those who wait to get some masala and make fun of us.

But in all those cat fights and blame game, we stand on the losing end because all that is ultimately suffering is our cultural growth. Art in all means has no boundaries but for south Asians it’s pretty hard to digest the fact. And in such situations people like Om Puri and Mahesh Bhatt stand as beacon of hope.  According to our cultural heritage we share deep roots in form of literature, art, poetry, folks etc and such a halt can turn a menace for both the nations. Basically, stopping actors like Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan can bring a turn down to their own film industry as these actors have earned a good name in fact such conflicts build uo an era of tension and chaos which would leave us in nothing but despair.

Art comes from deep inside you. Art is above all categories may be cast, gender, religion or any believe.


By Fatima Rehman (team PS)

Junaid Akram On Pakistan, Youth And Comedy

Junaid Akram On Pakistan, Youth And Comedy

At Self’Projections we have started a brand new series named “Pakistan’s Social Media Stars” in the series we will be featuring top 5 Pakistani social media stars.

The first one needs no introduction as his ganji swag is making people drool over his wit & humor. We are talking about our personal favorite Junaid Akram, J has showed us the true example of how to follow your heart & be the king. His videos are shared and liked over a million times and his special naughty desi touch makes them more special. Recently he won the stand up comedy contest on The Kris Fade Show on Virgin Radio and will be doing the opening for South Africa’s best Darren “Whackhead” Simpson on November 3rd at DUCTAC Theater.

And not only this Junaid Akram is a brand now and owns his merchandise. The merchandise consists of his favorite one liners and witty abbreviations he use. And to start our latest series what could be better than Junaid Akram and now we must Khalli Karaoa to the rest. Enjoy the interview & his vision for future.

The first one needs no introduction as his ganji swag is making people drool over his wit & humor.

Enjoy the interview & his vision for future.

SP: Tell us about your journey.

J: Well, my journey is not so different from anyone coming from a middle class Pakistani family that goes through their ups and downs in life. Due to certain financial constraints, I started working very early in life which started as a waiter for a restaurant and part time selling burgers. I had keen interest in acquiring knowledge so I kept myself well aware of my environment and global affairs through newspaper and TV. Humor runs in the family so I was blessed to have such a good practice arena. Turn of events and I found a lot of my friends suggesting me to take my humor to a meaningful stage. I personally was also a fan of comedy so I started performing at open mics, then further went onto making YouTube videos. I moved to Dubai for a job opportunity but continued to do stand up on the side and making videos and here I am. It wasn’t an easy journey but I learned a lot.

SP: Why would a person like you with a settled job & educational background will come towards something like comedy?

J: This really saddens me how our economical dynamics only see us as money making machine. Society teaches us to be selfish, get a degree, get a job, get married, get kids, send them to school and get them married before you die. In all of this, you were only doing things for yourself. How about those who can’t keep up with the fast pace of life? Who’s going to take care of them? I personally believe we all have a social responsibility towards others. I take comedy as a service to those who are having a bad day or a bad week. If my words can make them forget their problems for a bit and make them smile, I find it very empowering. I consider it as a service to God.

SP: What drives you to be the voice of many? And what do you think about the word miraasi?

J: Like I said, I genuinely feel I’m put on this earth to do good for others and not just live for myself. Being older than most of the people who follow me, I genuinely try to teach them something so they don’t end up making mistakes which I did. If I can teach something from my own personal experiences helping them to avoid, that’s the best thing. So I try to be that voice to help them understand things that their university wont teach them. As for the word miraasi, the word itself is not bad. It’s the way it’s implied is. We live in a society where art is considered as an option or those who couldn’t score enough to get science subjects. Also, pursuing arts is considered as ill-advised. We’re still circling around doctors and engineers ideology. And we like to look down upon people who pursue arts. We call them farigh or time wasters. The problem is with the society, not lies with the artist.

SP: What makes you different from other social media stars?

J: That’s for the people to decide. I just try to do my thing and my part and hope to educate somehow through the tool of humor.

SP: To what extent humor is necessary part of life? And did you develop some skills for being humorous or just born talent?

J: Some things are innate, you can’t help it. Some, you can develop over time provided you can see in black and white. Some people are delusional about their talents and some who are very talented undermine themselves a lot. It’s called the Dunning Kruger effect in psychology.  I think humor is a good thing to have. It helps you get by especially during the time of distress. I believe there’s humor in everything if only you have the eye to see it.

SP: Who has been your inspiration? From where do you get your source material from?

J: The inspirations are so many both local and international. As for the material, well I observe a lot and I’ve lived in Pakistan for 28 years, which is ample time to form an opinion. I believe Pakistan is a very funny society the way we handle things in life so that’s where I extract my material from.

SP: According to you which are the things Pakistanis find funny?

J: Pakistan is a society of 180 million people coming from different social strata. Similarly, they’re also divided in terms of humor as well. There was a time when we found content funnier like in case of 50/50 but now we mostly find action comedy, people slipping off a banana peel, making faces or weird noises. It reflects that we’re steeping down in education which is largely affecting our ability to understand humour as well. Case in point, Bulbuley.

SP: Do you consider yourself as an established comedian or just an upcoming one?

J: I’ve been doing this for almost 5 years, on and off, so I think upcoming would be an understatement here.

SP: What else would you like to try away from comedy genre?

J: Since my focus is mostly about society and it’s behaviour and aimed at its betterment, I would really like to be engaged in a project that would cover some sort of social issue and provide solution for it.

SP: Our little meow (kitty) told us that you will be acting in a big venture, what’s in for future?

J: I’m not an actor. I cant act to save my life. But lets see what future holds for me.

SP: Your video about Lahoris made many offensive, what’s your response?

J: The one I made at Atif Aslam’s concert? Well, it wasn’t aimed to mean bad but I can only say things, understanding what’s being said is audience’s part. In comedy, you have hit and miss so that’s okay.

SP: Whom do you like to Khalli karao?

J: Anyone who’s wasting their time and energy on things that hold no value in life. People should show more compassion towards others and be nice. If they can’t, they should be khalli’d.

SP: Rate the following social media stars on the basis of sex appeal?
Sham idrees

Zaid Ali
Shahveer jaffry
Taimur aka Mooroo
Ghazanfar from Bekaar Vines

J: Ganjiswag of course.

SP: Which team is doing the best work?
Sham idrees team
Karachi Vines
Bekaar Vines
Zaid Ali
Khujlee Vines

J: I can’t rate anyone because everyone’s working according to their knowledge and their target audience. I just hope they all do well.

SP: Why don’t we see more girl Vloggers /Social media stars in Pakistan?

J: Because we’re a “log kya kahenge” qoum.

SP: What would you like to say to our readers?

J: Nobody is born with special powers. You all have the ability to change the course of the world provided if you try because trying and failing is better than failing to try. Be good to others.

Did You Know:
Junaid Akram was born in 18/07/1983 and his star sign is cancer. He likes people who stand by what they believe in and dislike those who are high on miscommitment. He loves being on his own and hate being around people who bring no value also he wants to travel extensively.

Via Self Projections

Junaid Akram On Pakistan, Youth And Comedy

Hair to help!

Hair to help!

Hair is considered to be women’s most important asset, no matter what brand of makeup or clothes you are wearing, it’s actually hair that groom or booms your personality.
Out in this little world of ours, there are our sisters who lose their hair due to cancer or certain medical conditions. To help these fellow women, team Hair to Help has taken an initiative under the supervision of Syed Fahad Ali. These are some fine, young individuals who arrange hair donation drives, where they collect hair for the wigs. These wigs are later on given to women/children who lost their hair due to any medical conditions. Hair to Help has been associated with salon, Peng’s, and Shaukat Khanum in the past, however, right now they are providing their wigs to Depilex Hair Salon while Shaukat Khanum is still on board. (The mentioned salons also provide free haircuts and styling to the donors)
They have successfully executed five hair donation drives in 2 years while 6th is being planned on last Sunday (30th October 2016) of the month October at Depilex Hair Salon, Bahadurabad, Karachi.
Although the organization is Karachi based but it has its donors from all over Pakistan and overseas, who post their hair through courier services, to participate in this noble cause and no wonder, Hair to Help being the only organization, in Pakistan, working for this purpose needs a lot of support and encouragement from every Pakistani.
More of their information and insights can be found out through their facebook fan page



“If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change,” says the 19 year old model Khoudia Diop. She is a Senegalese model who dared to break all taboos of color, racism and negativity. She was bullied for the color she wore but that wasn’t something she got to choose herself and she decided not to be let down by these shallow minded people.


“I was teased a lot growing up, because of my skin tone,” Says Khoudia, “And now even online sometimes, people will make comments. Growing up, I faced it by confronting the bullies. As I grew, I learned to love myself more every day, and not pay attention to the negative people.”


She started her career two years ago and has taken over the world with a violent storm and has over 235K followers on Instagram. Her aim is to break the beauty standards which pressurize women to fall victim to body and color shaming.

She indeed teaches us to love the skin we are in.


Breaking lose from the chains that restrain us from following our dreams is indeed the key to success. She is an inspiration for us all and we love her!

Written by Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)

Proceeding with Education and Languages

Proceeding with Education and Languages

You are taking a plunge and are arranging the excursion of a lifetime crosswise over South America. You plan to visit every nation for an expanded timeframe and see the sights and seems like that of a nearby. One issue. What’s more, it is a major one: you can’t communicate in Spanish and know you should know no less than a smidgen before you go.

Gratefully, regardless you have a while before your trek begins, so you can attempt to take in some Spanish before heading on your trek. In any case, you are not certain how to approach taking in the dialect. You see the notices on TVs for the books and CD-ROM sets that case to show you the dialect in only a couple days. You are more than suspicious.

Rather, you choose that bringing a course with a local speaker would likely be the best wagered. Be that as it may, where would you be able to discover these sorts of courses without selecting in a real Spanish dialect degree program? You are well on the way to discover programs like this for individuals simply like you in proceeding with training programs. Proceeding with instruction programs that have dialect courses are more customized to the grown-up learner who needs to take in the down to earth part of the dialect. The general population who take these classes are more than likely utilizing it for business purposes or for recreational purposes. They have to know the expressions and need to practice discussion. Proceeding with instruction classes like this are incredible for that.

In what capacity would you be able to discover proceeding with training courses where you can take in all the essential parts of the dialect in the most brief measure of time? All things considered, most schools and colleges offer dialect courses for grown-up learners that don’t include enlisting in a degree program. To discover more about these sorts of courses, call your neighborhood school and college and address an enlistment master about the enrollment procedure, the class times and what you can hope to learn in the class.

Most times, these classes are driven by local speakers who can give the genuinely necessary practice to consummate your intonation and appreciation of the dialect. These courses are typically offered in an apprentice, middle of the road and propelled level that permits individuals to learn at their own particular pace. Understudies can likewise retake courses on the off chance that they culminate something they didn’t feel like they aced already.

A few schools and colleges likewise offer courses in different dialects like Arabic, French, Italian and German, for the most part contingent upon what part of the nation you live in and your interests. Arabic dialect courses have expanded in fame in the years since 9/11 and will in all probability keep on rising in prevalence as exiles keep on coming to this nation.

On the other side, proceeding with instruction courses are additionally offered to non-English speakers who have as of late resulted in these present circumstances nation. These workers need to take in the dialect and proceeding with training courses like this give the best organization for them to do as such.

So say “hola” to proceeding with training and learn enough Spanish to spend your excursion like a neighborhood.

Written by: Danish Sayani



We have heard in many speeches from Politicians, celebrities, businessman and public speakers that youth is the future of Pakistan. That youth has the power to change the course of time and make it our own. That youth has the potential to make this country better economically, financially, artistically. Then why when youth decides to step forward and really starts to make a difference, then those same politicians, businessman, public speakers put a stop to it put a barrier in front of us. Why?

I tell you why because the big people upstairs who have the control over everything doesn’t want the youth to excel why? Well. Maybe they know that if they let the youth to come forward then the youth would actually make a change in society and will show the big people upstairs that what they couldn’t accomplished in years they have achieved in just a short time.

Which takes us to the story of four young entrepreneurs who wanted to bring something new to the people of Pakistan. To those who are new to business and need some guidance, to those who are new at stocks and need some investment advices so these four Baqar Jafri, Senne D’Souza, Waqar Ehsan and Hammad Ali Hashmi created a social media website or a social hub by the name of “Investor’s Lounge” where anyone who is interested in making investment and doesn’t know from where to start can get an advice or guidance. It was a noble thought, and a remarkable business idea. And to sustain any business idea you need a collaboration or a partnership with a company which can cover your financial needs. So in 2013 these young idealists met one of the Pakistan’s most influential entrepreneur Mr. Mir Muhammad Ali Khan and proposed their idea to him and as it turns out he must have liked their idea and became their investor to make this a reality.

But according to Mr. Khan, this idea was his and to make it happen he hired them in 2013 to work with his team. But after two years they stole the source code of that website which was worth 1.4 Crores PKR (Now this is exactly the same amount which Mr. Baqar claims that Mr. Khan invested in their idea.)

Response from the Co-Chairman of AMZ MAK Capital:

“I hired them right out of university with no experience. Have them everything. Trained them for two years. Polished them. Groomed them. Introduced them to the corporate culture. Gave them the highest of salaries. And Baqar with his childhood friend Hammad Hashmi and his university buddy Sennen d”Souza stole the entire developed platform and its source code changed the interface and launched INVESTORS LOUNGE. Judge ordered a thorough investigation before he ordered the arrest. I give two hoots about money. Everything I do is for free to the youth for 5 years. But I cannot tolerate outright fraud.”

“I cannot tolerate outright fraud” maybe I cannot stress this enough but this sentence makes MAK a little hypocrite given their such a glamourous and controversial past. And this is not just a written accusation but a factual article “Was He Wiser Than the Wise Guys” published in the year 2000 by Diana B. Henriques:

Mr. Khan is a fugitive from justice in New York, where state prosecutors accused him last spring of stealing millions of dollars from several of his brokerage firm’s customers — including some who also happened to be members of the Gambino organized crime family. The Gambino customers, one of whom is in federal prison, have expressed their annoyance by filing a lawsuit against the absent financier and one of his top brokers.

And U.S. Financial Group? Supposedly a diversified corporate empire, it apparently existed only in an inch-thick stack of paper that Mr. Khan filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The S.E.C. subsequently sued him, accusing him of ”vastly overstating” his business operations in those documents and others he used to raise money from investors and attract support from business leaders, including the former chief executive of Kmart and a top executive at Forbes magazine.

Finally, federal prosecutors in Manhattan have filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Khan, accusing him of committing securities fraud by using lies and exaggerations to entice at least 55 people to invest nearly $3 million in his brokerage firm.

It is the plight of the Gambinos that makes Mr. Khan’s story so intriguing. It is not unusual these days for organized crime figures to stand accused of manipulating sales of speculative penny stocks. But how could Joseph and Thomas F. Gambino — themselves such experienced criminals — have found themselves, as they contend in their lawsuit, the marks in just such a swindle? Their court complaint offers an explanation that surely resonates with penny-stock victims everywhere: They had ”a relationship of trust” with their broker.

And that trust, the Gambinos contend, was betrayed.

After learning the truth about MAK and their CEO Mr. Khan are we that naïve to fall for his scamming all over again. And if they really hired those 4 entrepreneurs then where is the contract letter where is the appointment letter, I mean people don’t really hire without any terms and agreements right and when it is the matter of 1.4 Crores then I believe the experienced business man like Mr. Khan must have all these made so if he has, then where is it. Why isn’t he showed them yet. Because they weren’t really hired and this idea was not of Mr. Khan but Mr. Baqar and yes these four people made a mistake of trusting him by describing the whole idea and got betrayed just like Mr. Gambino was.

And yes this is absolutely correct that they went to NEST IO to work on their software and and from there we got the response of Ms. Jehan who is the President of PASHA:

“I know these kids and they are very honest and sincere. I have seen them develop this platform from scratch. After they got investment from Arpatech they have pivoted and re-developed the entire platform based on input from one of the board members who is on the board of Arpatech and has vast experience in finance and tech. Baqar himself has experience and in depth knowledge of the capital markets.”

So after getting ourselves familiar with the actual truth this is my utmost request don’t make decision based on the side which is powerful because power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. I believe in the people of Pakistan and judicial system of our country and Inshallah justice will be given to Mr. Baqar and his friends.

Written by: Danish Sayani



We hear people saying smoking is injurious to health, but did we hear anyone ever saying depression kills too? And that’s the bitter truth of life, no one ever enlightens us about the reality of life. Since infancy we hear stories of Cinderella and Aladdin, however, in reality, hardly a prince charming comes on a horse. Finding a magic lamp and getting genie to fulfill your wishes is just another fantasy.

Well, to all of us, life is never easy. It is never a smooth path, all of us encounter hurdles. Ending it is never an option. Writers use this ‘;’ symbol of half colon when they want to end a sentence but instead they choose to keep it going. Similarly, feeling alive and rather choosing to keep it going should be the first preference. If there are bad days, there are good days too. If it is a curse, there must be blessing too. We need to just hunt for it and make it worth. Although even if we do not realize it, yet the acts of bullying, pranking and physical puns are toxic for the victims. We never know what the other person is going through in life. It just makes their life more caustic and hell like. So, let’s not be too cruel. Keep it easy and earn delight and cheerfulness by doing it good way. World is cruel and life is always not fair, but if we see world through rose tinted glasses, it is always beautiful. At the end, everyone will have their own book of judgment, after all.

A good deed a day, keeps negativity away!

By: Ujala A. Shaikh


Types Of Students In Every Classroom

Types Of Students In Every Classroom

From schools to universities, there are a few things common in every classroom; and among these few things, the most interesting one is the nature of different students. No matter where you study or what you study, these types are everywhere! So I made some categories of students and gave them some ‘cool’ names. Now sorting out your friends in these categories is up to you only 😀

  • THE NERDS: The students who usually wear ‘big round’ glasses, keep a pen in their pockets and are always ready to study! They sit in the front or center of the classroom, so that they never miss anything important and can write each and every word that comes out of the mouth of the teacher, in their ‘lecture copy’. BUT don’t underestimate them, these are the people you turn to when you have to complete your assignments and submit them on the same date 😛


  • THE BUTTERFLIES or LIFTERS: Couldn’t find a better name for these people! These students are average in studies but still they score REALLY REALLY REALLY good marks in almost every subject. The secret behind this? Their extraordinary quality of buttering the teachers!


  • THE JOKERS: That’s exactly my type! Never serious and highly sarcastic. These people can crack jokes on every single word that comes out of anybody’s mouth and can force you to laugh even when you are not in the mood! Even teachers avoid talking to these students, after all nobody like to get roasted on purpose, right?


  • THE SLEEPER CELLS: They don’t really care about what’s happening around them, once they get a chance to put their head down on the table, they’ll probably sleep the whole day until somebody wakes them up!


  • THE DAYDREAMERS: The difference between sleeper cells and day dreamers is that sleeper cells don’t care what’s happening around them, and daydreamers don’t know what’s happening around them! Sometimes they don’t even listen to what the teacher has to say, THEY JUST KEEP STARING WITH THEIR EYES WIDE OPEN AND BRAINS SLEEPIN’.



Written by: Taha Hissam (Team PS)




In this era of false interpretations, feelings, lovers and technology, it comes down upon us people to understand correctly the true meaning and hence identify what love actually is. The world is indeed a global village where our phone screens define our lives and the speed of the Wifi defines the rate at which it is moving.

In short, the virtual world is where we live, it is how we live and all what we know. We have indeed forgotten what feelings really are. Passion, desires, affections and contentment are terms totally alien to us. Life is moving at the speed of our connections. We have even redefined the laws of Physics like for eg. For an average person, the time taken to reply your message is directly proportional to the level at which you are prioritized etc.

These people who have barely seen the changes in life or the movement in time or even the hardships of life, claim to have witnessed betrayals that would barely let them live! What is love for them? Texting back their virtual lover all day long, saying I love you at the end of every sentence and assume a perfect life with him without even meeting him or knowing anyone’s real faces. Is that love? You sacrifice your career, your life and the reality for all this unreal shit?

We all for once need to step out of our cell phones, forget the draining batteries and breathe! Step out into that beautiful garden and take the scent of the spring flowers, play with a new born, watch it cry and try to comfort it and at least once try to talk to the old folks in your family. They are there for a reason, they knew how to live unlike us who have forgotten everything in the hurry to text back! Technology is no doubt a great advancement in the history of humans but please never let it hamper or disable you emotionally. Switch it off and live once while you still have the chance!


Written by Azmaira Sodagar (Team PS)



images-26Should You Offer Continuing Education to Your Employees?

Possibly a worker dropped it off secretly in the organization proposal box a couple of weeks back. Perhaps one of the new splendid looked at representatives ceased you one morning while you were en- route to get espresso. On the other hand, perhaps Sara from Accounting got some information about it.

For reasons unknown, you have proceeding with training for your workers on the cerebrum. What’s more, you can’t quit thinking about it.

On one hand, you think it is an incredible thought. It can help the organization’s inner insight level while expanding organization spirit and urging workers to stick around. Then again, you think it is costly and will slice into efficiency amid the workday.

Baloney! Offering proceeding with instruction to your workers is the best decision you could make for you, your organization, you representatives and your clients. Simply consider it: you could offer a client administration preparing to the majority of your staff who have direct contact with clients. The staff learns vital lessons and procedures for stunning client administration and in turn, your customers are cheerful. That implies they will probably do rehash business with you and your organization makes more cash.

At that point, you look at better without flinching of YOUR manager. Furthermore, who does not need that?

Alternately, the greater part of your IT staff experiences a proceeding with instruction course on the significance of the new programming the organization is utilizing. The IT staff takes in the ropes of the product and even takes in a couple of little traps to keep the product running viably and easily. Thusly, your items go out on time and clients are upbeat. Once more, that implies they will be more prone to do rehash business with you and your organization profits.

Furthermore, once more, you look at better without flinching of YOUR supervisor. So explain to me again why you think proceeding with training is a terrible thing? Likewise, it supports organization confidence since it demonstrates your workers that you think about their brains and need to make them into better representatives. So really, the arrival goes both ways. You have a more taught staff and they have the more noteworthy self-assurance and insight expected to make a dynamic workplace.

You could likewise investigate making a system where representatives can take their very own class picking every year. That way they will be more faithful to your organization since they feel like you have a vested keen on them and their prosperity. What’s more, they are more joyful. In this way, get your espresso, do a reversal to your work area and make a triumphant arrangement for proceeding with instruction at your organization. You will look great, your representatives will feel great, your clients will be glad and your supervisor will be awed. Your organization will thrive and deals will keep on increasing by the thousands (or possibly millions!) Everyone is cheerful and you get the new corner office. You are currently formally the organization dreamer, deals deliverer, most loved worker and the supervisor of the year!


The World is Shrinking!

att_1475000294241_image_37279The world is shrinking. It’s shrinking at an exponential rate. No, it’s not shrinking the way you think. Not in the physical sense. It’s growing smaller because it’s easier to stay connected between parts of it that have thousands of kilometers of distance between them. It’s amazing! Social media is amazing.


Ask your parents how difficult and costly it would be to call someone living abroad. Just hearing a whisper of their voice, an ‘I’m alright mom’ was like trying to chase after a moving car. Maybe harder. But now, it’s simple. We are connected 24/7 with EVERYONE! How is it not amazing? Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. Every social networking site has made staying connected that much easier. And that’s not all…. Social media has also opened new job opportunities as well as improve pre existing job sectors. Teaching through video lecture is definitely a thing now. Ordering stuff online is something that’s at its peak at the moment. But wait, there’s more. See those HOT Instagram models that you follow (don’t lie, shut up. Yes you do), they are getting paid through your likes by sponsor. Making vines and short films is extremely profitable right now.


There’s one more thing that’s just a massive development. We can help people in more ways than one through social media and no, I don’t mean that ‘one like, one prayer’ garbage. I meant, collecting funds, organizing funds and managing a team. It’s all done in the clouds.


While you sit, stand or lie there, reading this article, Just wonder how simple it is to reach out and just talk to someone online. In fact, there are many cases where you know people better on social media than you do in real life. I got to know spectacular people due to this magnificent creation. But I won’t be that arrogant as to simply disregard it’s cons. While connecting with people is easy, harassing them is just as simple. A few taps and clicks, and you have successfully learned valuable information about someone else. Personal information has become increasingly accessible. While there are safeguards that may protect you, they are only temporary as most of these protections can easily be bypassed.


So at the end of the day, it’s all about the good out weighing the bad and whatnot. I personally think that with it has more rewards than its risks but that’s just me. Anyways, carry on, the article’s over. Shoo! Go away!


Zohaib Hussain

(Team PS)



dhdjSo, it’s not only about times when I saw my brother snoring like a big black Gorilla or aunties searching or rather hunting Bahus for their monkey like sons with a hawk’s eye, I usually ponder hard that what really is a difference between animals and us(semi animals usually known as “Humans” these days)

While deciding on a specific subject I decided to proceed my observations with my cat named “Benny” who eats sleeps, poops and repeats. All of a sudden I realized most of my friends do the same. Well, beginning with my day and literally searching experiences for my hypothesis I became extra keen on daily routines too. On my way to University, I met an Ostrich I mean traffic Sargent who stood silently there looking at the chaos created by people who were deliberately breaking all rules and regulations but Mr. Ostrich was least concerned probably because he had no appetite to earn or  eat more.

Similarly, while sitting in a class for philosophy I figured out that a common man was nothing but as innocent as a Cow. But at times when this Cow gets agitated and reacts, everybody gets into a real trouble. A common man can actually make wonders only when he eagerly wants to.

To sum it all up, at times animals act more sensibly and HUMANLY than humans because in an animal planet, which stars Humans exclusively, every conversation begins and rather ends up on  “ME” only.







So either you are you are a man or a woman, I know you are here for the facts. First of all let’s talk for the men. When it comes to attraction, men are simple creatures. The sight of a pretty young woman is enough to make any man uncontrollably drool. But when it comes to women, it’s a big mixture of looks, wealth, sense of humour and what not! You can say it’s HALEEM (Pakistani Dish); where no one knows about the ingredients that are included accept the chef.


Women are subconsciously drawn to two separate factors in a man. Genetic superiority (physical attractiveness) and his ability to provide and protect. In the caveman days, given your physical prowess, you would be the most wanted dude in the village. So it clearly explains that looks are the priority but in the modern world, the other factor plays heavily whether or not the woman decides to continue that relationship because looks cannot provide money, shelter, and a good lifestyle. Now, the money becomes the priority.


But I think the women’s fathers might be more concerned with the money. I have known a few women in this situation where they couldn’t get their father’s permission because the guy they loved wasn’t rich.




Every day we men here many rumours from other men that

“Oh look! That girl only goes for wealthy guys.  She recently dumped my friend last month because he wasn’t spending much on her…”


“You know that girl? She does not talk to average looking guys. All she want is a guy as David Beckham!”


Guys! Get a life! If a girl is not interested in you or even talking to you then it’s her life! It doesn’t mean that you are gonna start spreading false rumours about her. Everyone has a past and you are no one to judge them.


And for the women; they should keep this thing in mind that a strong character, kind heart, intelligence, compassion Etc etc are the things that are way important than money and looks. Because these both (money and looks) will start fading away sooner than you think.







56690201-f15a-474c-b58f-5205c430f163Modern Culture is what we all have accepted and their values are what we all appreciate now a days .

But , Our Love Towards Islam and the spirit of being a Muslim is what remains Evergreen in our hearts .

One of It’s example is “Pakistani’s spent over Rs200 billion on purchase of slaughtering animals for sacrifice this eid”,in the memory of Hazrat Ibrahim’s sacrifice when he was asked to oblate his son’s life in order to fulfil Allah’s command ..

Once again , Muslims have proved that no matter where Life lead them , Islam and it’s values is the  thick wall on which all the Muslims unite ..Spirit of Sacrificing and Sharing is increased again !

We have spent Rs200 billion this year , Let’s promise to ourselves that the next year we all will set an huge example by showing more love towards Islam and by showing an act of gratitude towards our poor brothers because it isn’t amount that counts  but Our Love For Islamic Values and Traditions which teaches us to share , sacrifice and unite ..





Branded Awam

duooFrom magazine to radio, radio to banner board and banner to TV commercial all you can see is only brands. In the past strangers started their conversation from weather but today’s generation starts their conversation with passing their reviews about brands. Now a days there is only one topic roaming in Pakistan what brand you are wearing which brand mobile you are using which brand give you extra ordinary make up variety.  People were judging the product by their prices if the rate of product is high the quality of that product will automatically be of high and effective.  Now a days brands become a sign of richness and dignity.  The owners of the brands paid high amounts to TVC companies as they could help for brain washing this nation during the brainwashing middle class society become highly damage and their lust to get branded product increases day by day and due to that they cross all their limits to gain money by all possible way either its right or wrong. Study revealed that Pakistan has 18th largest middle class society in the world. It is in all their plans to put into people’s mind and  heart to want more to teach people not to be contended… that is the brainwashing strategy, of course to earn more money on their side. The advertisements, good looking logo, and the benefits you will have in order for you to finally say ‘I can’t live without iphones, HP laptops etc… In fact that is not needed in life, maybe on work yes, but when there teechy techs replaces your life already then that’s the danger issue come. Not only  in Pakistan but also in other parts of the world brands are ruling the world ,  people did not understand that  it’s not the  brand which give or enhance  your  beauty  or status  it’s your inner soul your behavior which give  you  extra ordinary looks and maintain your behavior. It’s your behavior which become the sign of your dignity so please people stop living in fool’s paradise otherwise the owners of such brandy product will ruin your life and happiness.

Bye bye brandy owners…

“Good behavior can cover a  lack of beauty but good beauty can never cover a lack of behavior”




A “reply” to the open letter to Fawad Khan

fawad-khanDear oblivious Indian fans of Fawad Khan,

Thank you for showering all the love that you did on him because he deserved it. He is an amazing actor who not only won the hearts of his countrymen but also made his mark across the border because of his TALENT. It was his hard work and his potential that got him there. All the acclaim and praise (and wealth) he received, he earned it. Please stop sounding like it was an act of charity.

Let me clarify that you did not make him a superstar. He was well praised and even worshiped when Humsafar first aired in Pakistan which by the way was equally loved by your people. We are very proud of the talent that we have produced and we are very happy to share him.

Despite your ungratefulness, you are welcome!

I for one am a strong believer in keeping the art and its audience separate from all the politics but since you dragged it in, I would make an effort of sharing some facts with you.

Since money is such a huge matter to you, let me help you out with understanding how things work. All the big projects he worked on became successful. So you see, he is just getting paid for making his rather significant role in making those projects successful which end up in them earning money for the Indian film industry and Indian economy. I wonder who benefits from that!

You may not realize it but your movies earn a ton lot of money because of all the business that they do here in Pakistan. A person in an interior area might not know the name of the President of Pakistan but would know who Shahrukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan are. This is not something we should be proud of but it just indicates how much your art is celebrated in our land.

We do ban some movies but only if they are made against Pakistan. And mind you, your government and intelligence ensure that those movies are made and well-funded to instill hatred for us in your nation. Despite that, we continue to love and promote your industry’s work. Thank you for not recognizing that.

It is you who is living in a bubble and need to wake up. It is your army that has been terrorizing and torturing Kashmiris since day 1. All they want is to live freely in peace. Is that too much to ask? Isn’t that a basic human right? Or maybe you’re influenced by all the lies that are told to you.

Here is the proof of what your army has been doing to the poor unarmed Kashmiris. Regardless of how your government steps over our attempts of talks, we never stopped loving your art or inviting Alyy Khan, Om Puri and many such to work in our dramas and movies. All in the name of cultural exchange!

Your government sends armed and trained soldiers to overpower defenseless civilians who just want the right to self-determination. You keep them under curfew for over 2 months, shoot and kill those protesting against the violence and intentionally target the eyes of protesters with pallets to blind them. The Civilian Death toll in the past 2 months alone has risen over 82.

The fact that your government refused UNHRC to send its delegation to probe human rights violation in Kashmir is evidence enough that Indian government is trying to hide atrocities it commits in Kashmir.

I won’t even go into the details of how your country uses its resources to create unrest in our country. There is enough proof of everything that I have highlighted above. Please check your facts before making allegations to a guest star and his homeland.

I suggest that you start being more respectful to the people that work for your industry. I sincerely hope that one day you are able to see Kashmiris as true human beings and pray that your vision broadens and you see the truth as it is.



A disappointed fan of art and culture
A victim of Indian forces’ terrorism

Via Self Projections



whatsapp-image-2016-09-21-at-11-51-48-pmAn organization of Pakistani researchers has discovered some 30 genes causing mental slow-down in an internal population, which will enable us to take precautionary measures to avoid intellectual disabilities in future generations. The custom of marrying only within the limits of a family, local community, clan, or tribe in Pakistan has led to an increase in genetic disorders.

This research has been conducted by a group of 12 professors from Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Medical University (SZABMU) of Islamabad in partnership with scientists from Netherlands and US. The groundbreaking investigation was announced by Pakistani scientists on Tuesday. The paper has already been published in Nature’s Molecular Psychiatry – a prestigious general biography with an impact means of 13.3.

The vice chancellor of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), during a press conference on the report, said that 5 million people in Pakistan suffer from intellectual disabilities, a much higher ratio than in developed countries. Although these genes can become active in any child, the risk is eight to 10 times higher in the case of marriages between first cousins.

“This is a landmark find for Pakistan as mental slow-down is partially high in a nation overdue to cousin marriages,” pronounced SZABMU Vice-Chancellor Dr Javed Akram. Now that we have a scientific study, the government should introduce legislation that couples should be screened to prevent genetic diseases affecting their children. Screenings can identify conditions that could affect a baby’s long term health or survival. Early detection, diagnosis and intervention can prevent death or disability, and allow children to reach their full potential.

After marriage, couples should consult doctors before planning to have children. The Sindh assembly passed that sort of law last year, but there is need for legislation at the centre because that is the only way the law will be implemented.

The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has already purebred some 3,000 such families from interior Sindh and South Punjab carrying such genes.



Pulao vs. Biryani: Who wins the Race?


What is the most rated or liked food in Asia or probably to be more specific in Pakistan? On every Eid we can easily spot out two groups, ones who utterly stand by the fact that no matter what dish comes into limelight Biryani takes it all away always, may be because of the ingredients and variety it offers to its lovers but surprisingly there are a lot of people who still don’t get the idea of putting up Rice in a Quorma and cooking it up with all ingredients you can find in your Kitchen cabinet.


At times this issue turns as hot as a plate of nalli nihari which is for now out of race because here is a big fight of Biryani Vs. Pulao. I belong to an interesting family who has supposedly suffered the most during this war because my Dad resides in Karachi and is a staunch supporter for Biryani(yayay, a typical reaction for a Biryani lover) whereas my mum is from Punjab and their every celebration begins up with a plate overloaded with Pulao. I am not all generalizing every Punjabi with this stigma because I have a Punjabi friend who literally dances at times when she even smells Biryani.


In order to make my research more impactful I questioned few people about the major reasons they go for choosing a Biryani over Pulao or visa vie. To my most surprise people go for Pulao just to stay away from convention and at times they are irritated by the loads of spices such as cloves, Kari patta etc. But I countered it back (being a loyal Biryani fan) that all of this is used in Pulao as well. With a little hesitation that person cleared it with a simple statement, In Biryani due to the spices the taste is killed at times. I mean okay, it was taken really seriously. Coming back to the group of people voting for Biryani, according to them Biryani is the dish for lively people. Its variety and wide range of taste nails it always. I stood there pondering really hard that isn’t Biryani not an over rated dish?


What I really believe in is that whether it’s a plate of Biryani or Pulao we love sharing it with as much spoons in our plate as possible and I guess that’s the best part about us, being us.

Written by: Fatima Rehman