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AZAADI : A virtue


At midnight between 13th and 14th august 1947, the radio voiced: “Assalam o Alaikum! Pakistan broadcasingt service. Hum Lahore se bol rae hain. Tera aur chauda August sun saintalees ki darmiani raat, bara baje hain,tuloo e subhe Azaadi!”


A day that starts with the sounds of the national songs reaching our ears, and then our hearts. Over these years we have aroused with bulk of mili nagmas. From ‘dil , dil Pakistan’ to ‘Aye rah e haq ke shaheedo.’ However, only few of us comprehend the meaning that these peerless words say.

2016 has been a year of dead, we lost many legends like Abdul Sattar Eidhi, Amjad Sabri and Mohammad Ali this year. Decades ago legends like these sacrificed their sacred lives to make ours’ better. To make us, the Muslim nation, independent! To make Pakistan. They sacrificed their comforts to make our tomorrows better, and all we do is use this day as an event of decoration. We light up our homes and cities, and wave the flags. Nevertheless, next day the same flags channel into trash. We do not pay heed to the virtue of this Independence Day, what we all care about is, ‘chauda august ko chutti hogi ya nahi?’

Moreover, we fail to realize that Pakistan is not just a country. It costs the bloodshed and lives lost in the past. It is Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s theories turned to a success, it is Allama’s dream, and it is Jinnah’s passion and Rehmat Ali and Liaquat Ali’s hard work. It is a shelter, a dwelling. A worthwile!

Happy Independence Day from team Pakistan Speaks!

Written by: Ujala A. Shaikh



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