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Bachay Dunya Kae Maymaar

Location : Sea View (Karachi)
Photo Story Published Internationally Online.

The little boy, seemingly the tyke, wakes up everyday at 10 a.m, buying corn on the way, he heads to the beach to sell them. And after working, en route his home he buys enough food for his family and himself to guzzle. As the tiresome day comes to an end.. He sleeps and repeats the similar activity everyday.
“I wear my old school’s uniform everyday to work, it satisfies me to an extent to believe that one day I’ll resume my schooling, again”, mutters the boy.
When I questioned him, if he was happy with what he had to do all day, every day? The boy grinned innocently and replied, “Yes, I am. Because I find myself far more better off than those, who make their living out of stealing and begging around the town.”
The boy made sense. There was an amazing amount of hope to be seen within his soggy-tired eyes. Without scrounging the young kid has planned to earn this way until he has something better do to.. With such courage and faith, he defines the meaning of Pakistan. The country that stores the word ‘Faith’, before Discipline and Unity11350428_1650998141787201_8326236306367911450_n

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