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If you are a Pakistani, it is very much probable that you have received this text message from an unknown number at least once in your lifetime. And if not, which I don’t think is possible, then, your turn is yet to come. So, wait for it and especially if you are a boy, be excited too as this text may lead you to a beautiful girlfriend or maybe boyfriend. You must be extremely genius if you got the gist of my point from last sentence.

With taking an initiative almost a decade back, Saba has proven to be the most honest lady of Pakistan because whenever she promises giving back the loan, she does that in one way or the other. It is not perfectly necessary that she gives you back that “50 ka load” but in the form of many different little gifts she can give.  Confused? So now let’s actually move on to an example.

I had a friend, almost a year or two elder than me who used to be very generous and when it came to girls, there was nothing capable of measuring his generosity. Well one day, this already successful business lady with name “Amber” got to find this person who could actually invest a lot into her business if blackmailed emotionally.

The message was:

“Mein amber hospital mein hunn…ghar walonse rabta krne k liye mere paas kuch nai aap pleaseee mere is no. pe 50 ka load kradein mein pakka wada krti ke apko wapis dungi.. apna naam number bhi likh dijiyea”

So this shows that she had a phone with which she can’t message her family but everyone else and she had my friend’s number but still she wanted him to write it down in a reply to her.

Mr. generous being totally lost in the imagination of a lonely girl crying for help, sent her an easy load of 500 and mentioned that he don’t need any return. Claps for him! And further thinking that he has saved a life, he started waiting for amber who must be very very pleased by his help and he was sure that his new love life is just around the corner. And she replied with thanks. Days passed and they started chatting 24/7.  And eventually, they planned out their first date. However, at the last moment it was disclosed that it was a boy. I still wonder how different their date could have been.

So, my basic purpose for telling this story was actually to demonstrate how certain things which seem attractive can lead us to many devastating results. It could be a kidnapping, misuse of pictures through blackmailing and many other things which are just uncountable.


Therefore, whenever you receive such messages from any unknown contact. Do not respond until you feel the case to be somewhat true. Otherwise it will be something so unusual if someone’s story will continue to date and even after that.

Although, after these many years, it feels to see that people have been brought closer to the reality of this message and now takes it as joke. The examples are as follows:

Written By: Arham Shareef (Team PS)

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