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Waqar Zaka, the famous stunt performer, telivision host at various reality shows well known for his most daring show “Living on the edge” has always been the target of multiple controversies, but after what happened few days before, he’d been the major hot button issue amongst different areas of social media.


28th January 2017, the news broke out that Waqar Zaka has been brutally beaten up by a drunk man on undisturbed streets of DHA, Karachi along with his ten armed guards. According to random non-authorized sources he’d been harassing a girl a day before all this happened by exposing her identity through his snapchat account and so in order to take revenge and to shut down his mouth the girl asked his friends and his guards to beat him publicly.


Next day Waqar Zakar himself came front to media and told everyone that the situation wasn’t like the way it has been stated to all of us. According to him he has harassed no one or exposed anyone’s identity as women holds their own respect and dignity which shouldn’t be harmed by any means. But then again he was labeled as a mere liar and everyone started bashing him that he has given an oppressive wrong statement.


Harassing a lady and moreover exposing someone’s personal identity is in complete sense unreasonable and non acceptable but to make someone physically injure and bashing someone brutally on the streets of the city is justified? Is beating someone publicly the only solution left to every problem intentionally or unintentionally framed? Using powers one is capable to bring anyone down to his or her feet?


Waqar Zaka isn’t some really appreciated public figure as many of his acts were extremely controversial and out of the boundaries. After this incident despite of getting sympathies or only verbal favor from the people out there he rather took more hate and offensive remarks. We all often has over heard this that whenever a person has offended you badly in any case you should keep in mind one of his positive aspect that will overshadow every other negative feature related to his apparent persona.


While Muslim minorities were being slaughtered on following their religious custom in Burma and when people of Aleppo were shrieking out their throats for help and we were here sitting in our couches doing nothing except sharing posts, asking for their help. Waqar Zaka was the one not utilizing any government facilities but only using his social media resources went himself there and practically help the suffered ones out there and no one of us could possibly deny this. As to do this all alone wasn’t easy also one requires to put his life on the verge of death while stepping ahead out for something that is nothing but life threatening.


“Boss mainy apko bola kya hai?” This sentence which Waqar Zaka stated while he was beaten up gone viral and lots of memes we made on this. Considering it from every possible funnier angle I myself didn’t find it funny in any way. A man is being viciously beaten up said this in a state of defending himself and here we are making fun and getting amused by it?


When Hazrat Omer (R.A) holds the charge of caliphate of Muslim Ummah, he gathered his sons and said that if any of the other citizens will commit any sort of crime he or she will surely be punished but if his own sons commit any crime they’ll be punished as twice as hard.


We literally have forgotten the basic Islamic norms and values, being the resident of an Islamic state, being a follower of a religion which preaches peace and brotherhood. Besides religion this isn’t permitted on the scale of humanity even. This didn’t happen for the first time a lot of similar cases have appeared before due to different reasons behind but none of us dared to speak out on that, sealing our lips was the most probable option we chose at that time.


It’s high time now, we really need to give our best possible try to stop this all, to put a halt to all this self made felony and to abandon others from taking everything in their own hands as law still exists. Otherwise today it was Waqar Zaka, tomorrow it can be you or your beloved one.


Written by: Aiman Sohail (TEAM PS)

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