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Branded Awam

duooFrom magazine to radio, radio to banner board and banner to TV commercial all you can see is only brands. In the past strangers started their conversation from weather but today’s generation starts their conversation with passing their reviews about brands. Now a days there is only one topic roaming in Pakistan what brand you are wearing which brand mobile you are using which brand give you extra ordinary make up variety.  People were judging the product by their prices if the rate of product is high the quality of that product will automatically be of high and effective.  Now a days brands become a sign of richness and dignity.  The owners of the brands paid high amounts to TVC companies as they could help for brain washing this nation during the brainwashing middle class society become highly damage and their lust to get branded product increases day by day and due to that they cross all their limits to gain money by all possible way either its right or wrong. Study revealed that Pakistan has 18th largest middle class society in the world. It is in all their plans to put into people’s mind and  heart to want more to teach people not to be contended… that is the brainwashing strategy, of course to earn more money on their side. The advertisements, good looking logo, and the benefits you will have in order for you to finally say ‘I can’t live without iphones, HP laptops etc… In fact that is not needed in life, maybe on work yes, but when there teechy techs replaces your life already then that’s the danger issue come. Not only  in Pakistan but also in other parts of the world brands are ruling the world ,  people did not understand that  it’s not the  brand which give or enhance  your  beauty  or status  it’s your inner soul your behavior which give  you  extra ordinary looks and maintain your behavior. It’s your behavior which become the sign of your dignity so please people stop living in fool’s paradise otherwise the owners of such brandy product will ruin your life and happiness.

Bye bye brandy owners…

“Good behavior can cover a  lack of beauty but good beauty can never cover a lack of behavior”



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