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Burnt Alive

Another name added to the never-ending list of women facing torture in this society, is Maria Sadaqat. Maria was a teacher at a private school in Dhok Kallar in Lower Dewal, Murree. She was attacked by five men at her home after she returned from work. She was thrashed and tortured severely. The attackers then poured petrol over her and burned her alive. Before any neighbor or relative could reach her, she had already suffered 85%burn injuries on her body. She was admitted in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), in Islamabad. Although she was recovering at first, she could not survive.

She was just 19. The only reason for her torturous death was just a refusal to a marriage proposal! The owner of the school wanted her to marry his son but she refused the proposal as his son was already married and had children. They burned the girl alive in revenge.

Domestic abuse, economic discrimination and acid attacks make Pakistan the world’s third most dangerous country in the world for women, a 2011 Thomson Reuters Foundation expert poll showed.  This has to stop. Although voices have been raised against these issues, there are still many cases reported just in a day plus many even go unreported. Serious actions against such crimes should be taken so that this country becomes safe for women.


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