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Career related masquerades that everyone faces in their teen

*story style*

In our teenage, all of us go through a phase where we have to decide our future choices. It is the time where we calligraph our futures. So, here is day in life of confused teen battling her career choices.


Her head  uneasily rests on the pillow and ponders over the mainstream 3am thoughts. As she goes deeper in the thoughts, murkiness surrounds her in profusion. With meager hopes left, she overlooks the light that is still left in her. Eradicating the belief that light enters through the broken window of the soul, she also overlooks the fact that there is more in her than she thinks, which is yet to discover.

She sees the fashionista in herself, who just knows how to carry herself and bring the best out of her. After all, if she will look good, she will feel good. Then the other day, she sees the dancer in herself, trying hard to copy the dance steps and making a master piece; she finds peace. Days pass, and then she gains a new perspective and sees herself as a fitness instructor, practicing yoga and being conscious about her abs.

Nevertheless, we do not always gain what we want. Sometimes we have to earn it, and the other times it is simply not the case. Similarly, she sees many shades of her, out of which some are just utopian. This confuses her most of the time, and somewhere in between of fighting these masquerades, she craves inner peace and the feeling of glee. The delight and cheerfulness that she used to held, she finds it vanishing somewhere else. Of course, because deep Inside she sees herself as a confused soul. However, when her eyes open the next day, she sees herself organized and invincible. As if her weakness never existed. It is the time when she recognizes the titanium in her and stays firm on her ambition for poetry.

Written by: UJALA A. SHAIKH

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