How to deal with stress


Summers. The beach. Roof –top parties. Music festivals. Tubs of ice-cream and some juicy gossip with friends. Vacation time. Right? Sigh, not for us! All the sad poor souls have exams coming up.

Panic attacks. Anxiety. I can’t sleep at night. Does ethanol react with water? Torque, what’s that? Oh damn! There are four thousand and sixty seven pages of syllabus to cover and days? Two months only. Aah! Less than two months. Oh, another day gone!

Well, well, let’s put a stop to it and let’s talk about how we can manage the exam stress.

  1. ORGANISE You cannot arrange a messy stack of hay until and unless you don’t know where to begin, Right? So find that point. Find that subject. Find that chapter where you need to start. Start planning, make yourself a calendar, outlining a daily schedule of topics and reward yourself for completing it (Snickers would work or maybe some fries)
  2. TIME IT UP Looking at the wall becomes very exciting, I know. Stuck on one page since last half hour; not cool, when you have exams just around the corner. Time your chapters with intervals of 20-50 minutes and give yourself some time in between. Believe me, cramming everything in an hour or solving equations for 4 hours straight won’t help.





  1. EAT HEALTHY Sitting bored? I need food. Of course! There has to be the glucose. There has to be the sugar rush. Talking about it eat high-carb foods and stay hydrated. The more hydrated you are, the more glucose you have, the easier it will be to understand what you are reading. Eating dark chocolate fights the stress hormone cortisol and has an overall relaxing effect on the body so grab those Mars bars fellas!


  1. TAKE BREAKS If you were training for a marathon, you wouldn’t try and run for 24 hours. Would you? So take a “small” break (not the usual breaks that end up for five hours). Call a friend and talk to them. Take a walk in the fresh air. Don’t feel guilty, your bones need the vitamin D! And and play with bubble wrap, that’s always a great way to relax. (Pop, pop, pop)
  2. BREAK FROM THE DISTRACTIONS AND PRACTICE Ping, ping. A notification from Facebook. Oo, who followed me on Instagram? Refresh. Scroll, scroll and scroll. I bet you don’t even realize the number of times you check Facebook, Instagram, but it adds it up to a lot of wasted time. So just try to focus on your goal and practice as many questions you can to be familiar with dealing them on the exam day.

In the end, just pray to Allah to make the exam easy for you and the examiner as nice as Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Mahnoor Sarwar


How will I die




Hiding from a serial killer but way too stupid to not speak up when goaded? Well you can always make a meme out of it because that is the latest trend on social media. People have gone haywire with the trend and are pointing out hilarious ways of how they will be found by serial killer out for the hunt, from jazbati fanatics completing the killer’s sentences to how moms and teachers would react if the killer breaks or forgets something, it is all out there. Some even include the famous aunty gormit because we will never forget her. It is pretty much impossible for you to have not seen any but some amazing ones are right here for you.
teachers will be teachers 😉

when you are a poor med student L

Fahad bhai soach lia !


Cause treat is always a good idea;)

Why a serial killer will be after me is beyond me but who am I to question the wisdom behind latest trends on social media. Mean while

*Hiding from a serial killer*

Me : I’ll be dead if he finds me

Killer : Harry Potter is stupid and…

Me : Aveda kadavra!

Written by: Aleena (Team PS)

Why Chinese Universities aren’t a bad option after all…


Today China is like a gigantic castle, which has opened its door of opportunities to explore a country of colors, pleasant with its beautiful evenings and mornings of hope and optimism. You’ll find yourself opening your eyes to the world’s most unique blend of ancient and modern civilization.


In this era where Pakistan has lost in political squabbles and has virtually become bankrupt and made to dance to the tunes of donor agencies, China proved to be a time-tested friend of Pakistan by making a solemn and unionized initiative of awarding 131 scholarships to Pakistani students who were drowning in the cataclysmic flood of stagflation and indigence.


China is fast attracting the petty bourgeoisie Pakistanis who were suffering under the twin yokes of Debts and Destitution as China’s tuition fees per semester are generally no more than 1000 U.S. dollars contrasted with the ten thousands of dollars charged by other countries. Moreover, China has increased scholarship stipend money for international students from Sept 1, 2014, which has brought a quantum leap in the lives of middle-class Pakistanis as previously only elites could afford to send their progeny for overseas education.


Being a great neighbor and a generous host China warmly welcomes the students coming from Pakistan without questioning their nationality, however many visa applications for Britain and the United States got rejected every year just on the basis of suspicion arousal.


At first, a wave of Pakistani students at Chinese universities started in June 2005 when the first batch of 300 Pakistani students enrolled at 15 different universities. According to 2016 estimates, the number of China-bound students has exponentially increased from all over Pakistan, exceeding 19,000 Pakistani students studying at Chinese universities, making Pakistan the fourth largest source of international students in China.


China has a magnificent educational background and has a high literacy rate of about 94%. Thus, it holds world’s top university lists and it is still striving hard to make its education system competitive & contending. Its medical universities are especially worth getting admitted in. Chinese degree offer programs in engineering, science, medicine, economics and MBA which are recognized and revered by most developed countries.


Hence, I consider the stigmas attached to a Chinese degree as bunkum and balderdash as China is the second largest superpower in the world and knowing Chinese language and background will greatly benefit the students to compete effectively around the globe.

Batool Zehra (Team PS)

Dealing with depression


Ever felt lethargic? Like, wanted to stare at the wall while lying on your bed in pajamas all day long? Didn’t want to meet anyone and hating everything around? Having negative thoughts and feeling like quitting life? Then you might have depression.


Depression doesn’t always mean to be really sad and teary. Statistically, people having depression tend to be as normal as any other person. This is the reason why many people are unaware of their depression.


Depression is a real disease. 5% of the world’s population is victim to this problem. It affects people both physically and mentally. But no need to panic, it is curable!


The symptoms that you might observe in yourself to diagnose depression include disrupted sleep, bad mood, lack of concentration in daily routine (even in hobbies), pessimism, sulkiness, prolonged indolence, poor memory, indecisiveness, restlessness and loss of appetite.


The factors that cause depression can either be genetic or environmental. Though there are various types of depressions but the most severe one is clinical depression or major depressive disorder.


It is a disease that is still considered a taboo at many places especially in the third world countries. People having depression are announced to be psychopaths and get abandoned. Even though there had hundreds of mental health awareness programs been conducted, people still don’t consider depression as an actual illness. They don’t understand the fact that it can happen to anyone and they avoid talking about it.


Depression can strike at any age but teenage and early adultery are more prone to it because these are the ages when the pressure of making a career is at peak. Depression also exists among the old aged people due to the raging signs of aging.


The key to keep this monster away is to “TALK”. You need to talk about your problems, your fears, your weaknesses. You need to trust at least one sensible person in your life to feel light hearted every time you feel like an elephant sitting at your chest. Psychotherapists are available to help you out and you can totally trust them. Like any other disease, it does change your life. It can even turn your life upside down. But you can recover.  Just be strong!


Written by : Zubeya Ali

* First impression is not the last impression *


Most people agree with these two famous phrases simultaneously and this is completely wrong.


“First impression is the last impression.”

“Never judge a book by its cover.”


This is controversial, seriously.


I personally do not affirm the first statement and strongly agree with the latter one.


First impression is defined as a personal opinion an observer can have about a certain targeted person based on his/her appearance, voice, accent, complexion, gender, etc.


Judging a person in very first encounter is as stupid as criticizing a book because of its unattractive cover. You never know what situation a person is going through at a certain time. Hectic and exhausted routine, tiny quarrel with a colleague, family issues or financial stress can be the reason behind a person’s first bad impression on you. But, that’s okay.


If first impression was this effective then lifelong friendships and relationships could be achieved in a couple of days. Can you decide if that classmate of yours is your best friend in the first encounter? Can you possibly realize if that girl is your soulmate or not with first glance? Absolutely NO!


However, in this era of competition, first impression might count when it comes to professional area. You got to impress the interviewers panel to ensure they choose you for the job. If you’re a sportsman, you have to prove your skills in the selection match. The way you present your product to a client or your first exam performance can also be counted as scenarios where first impression really matters.


Nevertheless, judging anybody’s character, personality, potential and abilities in first encounter is completely unjust and unfair. There’s always a room for a second chance. This formula can surely enhance our life and bring peace in it.



By Faizan Shahzad.

Ode to Karachi


Dear Karachi,

I’ve heard what they say about you, about all your tragedies, about all your chaos. They call you mutinous, chaotic and corrupt. They say there is no prospect of hope for you. That you are a land of injustice and shame. They complain about the treacherous wires that stretch from your concrete pillars, the patchy roads covered with hollows. They say you are filthy with your open drains and clogged waste. They say you are unreliable because of your electricity breakdowns, your gas and water shortages. They say you are a land plagued with political disputes and endless power struggles. They say your streets are laid with weapons, your walls are splattered with blood, your people are prone to violence, and your minorities are oppressed. That you are a savage land corrupted with muggings and kidnappings. But they do not understand you, like i do. All they do is sabotage your hopes and mine.

But for me, the future is land of promises. I take comfort in it because you are the city of lights, the city of the Quaid. You are the heart of the metropolitan world, you are a city throbbing with life. You remind me of warm sunshine, of humid weather, of pyramids of spices in Empress Market, of the smell of the sea and of mosques and minarets. Your bazaars are vibrant, bright and bust, filled with wafting aromas. Your roads are always occupied with vehicles and boisterous traffic. But that is the very essence of you. Turmoil and tranquility intertwined. A labyrinth brimming with color. You have the passion to drive you forward, you have desires and dreams. Yet you are suffering. Suffering because of the lack of hope. Hope that will give you reasons to live and cure your bleeding wounds.

 And so you must know that my hopes haven’t been extinguished. They resurface again when I see a child going to school instead of being forced into labor, when a woman in a suit defies social norms. When the Pakistani flag is held high with dignity and pride. When I see the promise of a better future reflected in the smiles of the youth, fearless and bold in the face of adversity. In the wise eyes of those who have seen so much and endured so much. And in the calloused hands of those who work hard under the blistering sun. When colorful kites dot the sky at the time of Basant. When I look at the great tomb of the Quaid; the final resting place of a man with a vision. The timeless landmarks built during the British Rule, memorable of the potential this nation possessed as the country gained independence. All of which hopes and dreams are made of. A testament of the fact that this nation hasn’t given up on you.

 Dear Karachi, I cannot let you collapse, I cannot let you give up because you mean so much too so many. You are home to 25 million. You are the light at the end of the tunnel. You are a part of me; of us. And so I will stick with you in thick and thin, in adversity and prosperity but above all I won’t ever lose hope.

 To the city of our euphoric youth, here’s to you.

Sara Khan.

*Pictures taken from Khaula Jamil Photography*



I have a life line a perfect partner just 4 steps away do you have?

Yes I think we all of have a partner which is helping us when we get sick, helping us when it’s come to our beauty, when we get hungry it always help us and provide best food even in midnight and when we get stuck to remove strains from the house hold it never get back to help us ok I am breaking the secret the name of this perfect partner is the one and only kitchen but how its help us?? So here the answer



When we get sick or having flu or respiratory congestion you need to try chicken yakheeni. The study found that chicken yakheni  was effective for reducing the symptoms of upper respiratory infections in particular. For sore thought it time to try ginger A few slices of raw ginger root in boiling water may help soothe a cough or a sore throat. Honey has a variety of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, adding a garlic supplement to your diet might reduce the severity of cold symptoms. It might even help you avoid getting sick in the first place.  Adding fresh lemon juice to hot tea with honey may help reduce phlegm when you’re sick. Drinking hot or cold lemonade may also help. These all are the basic kitchen elements which will give benefits to us and relief from sickness



If you want quick and fair skin without buying any expensive product and by totally natural way you can apply papaya on your face for at least 2 min. you will get surely get fair and glowing skin, have acne on your skin don’t worry just apply 2 tsp honey + 1 tsp cinnamon on your skin it give benefits to your skin for get rid from blackheads you need to try 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 egg white on your skin  beautiful hairs mean beautiful you but to get beautiful hairs? for my kitchen it’s not a big problem just to need mix 1 tsp of baking powder + ½ tsp of cinnamon powder + 2 tsp of olive oil it will help to detox your hair for extra shine you need to made a mask of banana + honey + yogurt give extra shine to your hair.




Midnight craving becomes a big problem when you don’t have any idea how to cook you just need   eggs + flour + Nutella = easy brownies, bbq stuffed potatoes 2 medium potatoes, halved , 1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
1/3 cup BBQ sauce, your favorite (or less/more, to your taste)






To whiten the white clothes soak white white clothes in hot water with a slice of lemon for 10 min, to remove sweat mark on your favorite shirt you need to take 2 tbs of salt and mix it in a washing water soak the garments about 6 hours and observe how the stain are completely removed ,love your oven dish but you want throw it because it have stains don’t throw away just need to sprinkle baking  soda on your dish and spray a hot water than wait for 1-2 hours then scrub with sponge, stains are far far away from your dishes

Such a truly partner we have in Indian Sanskrit:

Mandir ky bad sb sy oonchi jaga rasooi (kitchen) hai ….

By aaina kukda

Team  ( P.S)

“There is no point in preserving the past we should be looking to the future”



There are no particular reasons to preserve the past though one may get sentimental. In fact preserving the past may become an obstacle during our future progress and even preserving the past may keep old pains alive. It cannot be sensible for a society or an individual to keep alive the traditions and old belief that reminds us of great pain; yet this is what preserving some aspects of the past does! Preserving the past may keeps us stationary  which can be seen from societies all over the world .Those with long histories  do not usually progress because they usually hold on proudly to their glorious histories……..The  British have centuries of history, but technologically they are backward. They have not progressed technologically  even as  far as Japan which goes same for all other European countries as well, in comparison US is leader in technology, they have put a man on the moon while the French are still testing their nuclear bomb

Time marches forward so what use can be of holding to the past and refusing to move with time?





What is it like to live with anxiety


A student won’t attend the first day of her collage, as she knows there will be new people asking her to introduce herself. The thought of meeting new people scares her. What if she says something wrong? What if someone laughs at the way she is dressed? In the classes, the professors will ask her to introduce herself to everyone. Every head will turn in her direction. She will mumble and the professor will smile encouragingly, making it worse. So, she will skip the first day.

Another person sits in the front of phone and torments because he is afraid to call a stranger and ask about the package he hasn’t received. What if he dials the wrong number? What if the next person is in a bad mood and doesn’t wants to be disturbed? He will wait for another week for his package.

Apprehension. Stress. Edginess. Agitation. Fear. Everyday life is like this. Social anxiety makes you feel all this. It is a discomfort or fear when a person is in social interactions that involve a concern about being judged or evaluated. The fear of criticism or rejection results in insecurities that they are never good enough.





Social anxiety exists, and it makes various lives hard. Having social anxiety is not being shy but a situation where an induvial will sweat, shake and have actual breathing problems. Telling someone to, “stop being ungrateful, get over it!” won’t help them, but it surely will push them to isolate themselves and back off from asking help. When just a stomach ache rushes you to the hospital then why not the ragged breathing and constant fear?




Unfortunately, in our society speaking about mental illness is considered a taboo.  Without any kind of education, knowledge and treatment, social anxiety continues to wreak havoc throughout many lives. Adding to the dilemma, when a person with social anxiety finally gets up the nerve to seek help, the chances that they can find it are very, very slim.  So let’s talk about social anxiety. Don’t get angry over your daughter if she refuses to call. Get what your friend needs from the grocery store.  Listen to them.

For anyone out there suffering from social anxiety, you are not alone. Don’t feel your piece of social puzzle won’t fit, because it can and it will. Take a timeout. Eat a balanced diet. Limit your caffeine intake. Get enough sleep. Exercise. Hold your breath for 2 seconds and exhale for 7 seconds. Be patient. And love yourself.

Mahnoor Sarwar

Here is a summary of what PSL gave us


So, the PSL finally ends and We Pakistanis cannot stop obsessing over it. Without any doubt, it was the best thing that happened to us in a while.
Here is a summary of all the priceless things we witnessed ….

The Grand Opening


Simply proved a ceremony could be so huge without including vulgarity in it

When the whole crowd sang Dil Dil Pakistan

Darren Sammy

From all the selfies to the captaincy and coming to Pakistan and the ending speech and dance Sammy proved to be a beautiful human being. We adored him at every moment.

Grant Elliot’s Bat drop

First time in the history of cricket…..this celebration was absolutely epic!
Pollard’s Sixes and pushups

Pakistani style of celebration in a Pakistani league. That win for Karachi Kings was unpredictable!

Lala’s performance and celebration

The nation loves this man and when he performs it is an inning to remember. Our game changer Shahid Afridi changed it for Zalmis.

Ahmed Shehzad trolled by Kevin Peterson

Probably the funniest moment in PSL.

The largest six by KP and Lala blushing


Damn KP you even made lala blush

The extremely emotional Supporter of Zalmi

Najiba Faiz, Peshawar Zalmi’s team ambassador. The PTV Peshawar actress who cried during Zalmis matches entertained us with her bunny and emotions.
Danny Morrison

How can we forget all those moments. Danny you won our hearts.

Gayles sixes against Islamabad

And not to mention how he performed to kick out The Qalanders.
The score 59 and Brandon McCullum’s Captaincy

He also tweeted that He would come to Pakistan at any cost if Lahore qualifies

Fawad Rana

His emotions, expressions, not to mention how he came back to invest in Pakistan and payed his taxes. He also came to the final to support PSL. His team may have not won but this man won our hearts.

Alan Wilkins Urdu

Not only this but all the times he did that we loved it.
The Last over of Gladiators against Zalmi

What a thrilling and amazing game it was. Shoutout to Muhammad Nawaz for this over.
Flying Catch by Sangakara

The paragliders and dedication to the martyrs

This is what International players tweeted
I’ll be back
— Daren Sammy (@darrensammy88) March 6, 2017
Good to see cricket starting to return to #pakistan #PslFinalLahore
— Shane Hayes (@physioshane) March 5, 2017
All things considered, is the #PSLFinalLahorenow the most anticipated cricket event on the annual calendar?
It achieves so so much.
— Sir Dennis Jadeja (@DennisCricket_) March 5, 2017
Congrats @PeshawarZalmi on your first Title in @thePSLt20 .. enjoy the celebrations l!
So happy for @SAfridiOfficial !
— Dean Jones (@ProfDeano) March 5, 2017
Closing Ceremony acha tha! Maza ayah! #PslFinalLahore
— Alan Wilkins (@alanwilkins22) March 5, 2017
#PSL2017 #PSLFinal..Soooo loved PSL II..fab tournament & blessed to have been part of Shame i can’t be there this final next yr everyone
— Danny Morrison (@SteelyDan66) March 5, 2017
Looking forward to the PSL final tonight with these legends win or lose, cricket and the people of Pakistan are the winners
— dawid malan (@dmalan29) March 5, 2017
PSL CHAMPIONS 2017 what a few weeks its been with these guys. One in all in. #PSLFinalLahore #peshawarzalmi#champions
— dawid malan (@dmalan29) March 5, 2017
Very Exciting day in Lahore,This what the people want Inshallah it’s a huge success @thePSLt20 @mfaisal_mirza#PslFinalLahore
— Cameron Delport (@Cam12Delport) March 5, 2017

All the emotions that PSL gave us can’t be covered :,) Congratulations to Zalmi but The final was not Quetta vs Peshawar but it was Pakistan vs Terrorism and Pakistan won!!!
PSL You are being missed …

Written by Rabeet Tariq (Team PS)