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Champion Of Champions


Ali Saud, who belongs to Mandi Bahauddin beat 7.5 million students in online education games. He beat the students of 250 countries in literacy, math and science categories,while participating through internet. Organizers of the event also sent him invitation for the prize distribution ceremony at Sydney. Ali is the student of class 9. He was declared as ‘Champion of Champions’ of 2015. He was declared as ‘Champions of Champions’ in 2013. Beside Ali there were other Pakistani students but they were not able to secure any medal or any prize. Previously in 2011 Ali Saud was ranked 46th in the world while in 2012 he was remained 12th in the world.
Pakistan is one of those countries, where literacy ratio is not satisfactory whatsoever due to lack of education facilities, especially in rural areas. However, as far the talent is concerned, many instances are to be quoted when we find students from slums rock in competitions or they achieve the top most position in exams surpassing thousands of students.

Story By Mohammad Ali(Team PS)Ali Saud


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