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Child Abuse

We live in a male dominant society as we all know. And we often hear these statements from our surroundings that, ” boys will be boys” , ” you’re a girl, you’re not supposed to do that” , ” look at the way you’re talking, totally unacceptable.” From the childhood we are brought up with these statements, that’s why whenever we see someone molesting our children, we go blind about it. We don’t even discuss with our children, we think that’s the only solution; not to talk about it.

Not raising our voices won’t make it stop. When someone sexually abuse our children, we start the blame game towards the victim. We seriously cannot imagine the mental pain, the victim is been through.
We say, girls should wear proper clothes so that they would get secured but what about boys who are being sexually abused as well, should we also tell them to wear proper clothes. We waste our time on these stupid situation rather than actually discussing the main issue.
These incidents are being witnessed by so many people yet we are not taking any actions against it.

Don’t tell the victim that’s his/her fault. Check on your children. Tell them to speak up. Parents should fill this gap of communication between them and their children. Talk about it. Tell your children if someone is being clingy towards them, they should straight away tell their parents. We can eradicate this disease just by creating awareness in our homes. I’ve heard many stories that their relatives are molesting them and we are not speaking up about it because ‘ khandan ki izzat’ is very important. This should be not our problem.
It’s high time to speak up about these issues. It could damage the mental level of our children which we cannot imagine and this will stick to them thorough out their lives. The psychological effects are severe. Do pay attention on your child and on your surroundings. Speak up about this. Don’t tell your children to shut up. Let them speak.looo

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