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Cricket Nahi To Media Nahi

Today Pakistan won Asian team squash championships. But only because it’s not cricket people will never get to know this. Pakistan has held this and has well defended this tittle for 4 years consecutive. It’s really funny how the media only focuses on a single sport and gives it all the air time. But what the people don’t understand is that squash was the sport that made Pakistan’s name known on the world map. Pakistan was a world champion of squash in 1950. Only 3 years after the birth of the nation. After that we had held this title for nearly 4 decades.
Anyway, Pakistan won the Asian team championship. And the boys trashed team Hong Kong in the final.
Farhan Zaman
Farhan Mehboob
Tayyab Aslam
Israr Sheikh
Boys you played well. And you totally deserve this victory. Many congratulations for bringing this title to the nation.


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