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Dealing with depression

Ever felt lethargic? Like, wanted to stare at the wall while lying on your bed in pajamas all day long? Didn’t want to meet anyone and hating everything around? Having negative thoughts and feeling like quitting life? Then you might have depression.


Depression doesn’t always mean to be really sad and teary. Statistically, people having depression tend to be as normal as any other person. This is the reason why many people are unaware of their depression.


Depression is a real disease. 5% of the world’s population is victim to this problem. It affects people both physically and mentally. But no need to panic, it is curable!


The symptoms that you might observe in yourself to diagnose depression include disrupted sleep, bad mood, lack of concentration in daily routine (even in hobbies), pessimism, sulkiness, prolonged indolence, poor memory, indecisiveness, restlessness and loss of appetite.


The factors that cause depression can either be genetic or environmental. Though there are various types of depressions but the most severe one is clinical depression or major depressive disorder.


It is a disease that is still considered a taboo at many places especially in the third world countries. People having depression are announced to be psychopaths and get abandoned. Even though there had hundreds of mental health awareness programs been conducted, people still don’t consider depression as an actual illness. They don’t understand the fact that it can happen to anyone and they avoid talking about it.


Depression can strike at any age but teenage and early adultery are more prone to it because these are the ages when the pressure of making a career is at peak. Depression also exists among the old aged people due to the raging signs of aging.


The key to keep this monster away is to “TALK”. You need to talk about your problems, your fears, your weaknesses. You need to trust at least one sensible person in your life to feel light hearted every time you feel like an elephant sitting at your chest. Psychotherapists are available to help you out and you can totally trust them. Like any other disease, it does change your life. It can even turn your life upside down. But you can recover.  Just be strong!


Written by : Zubeya Ali

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