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Desi hypocrisies

We Pakistanis are amazing people. We love to poke our nose in everything but back out when the blame falls. We say one thing, mean the other and end up doing something completely different. Don’t get what I am talking about? Well, here are a few examples of the desi hypocrisies we observe daily



How many times have you crossed through a red light? Or even a yellow one? Because that apparently means go as fast as you can, too. We blame the government for lack of rules and regulations and their implementation but we are more than happy to break the ones that are already in place.

Living in Pakistan you are bound to have driven on the wrong side of the road and then caused a minor traffic jam. Caught cursing people because you are getting late, but whose fault is it to begin with?WRONG SIDE DRIVING



“There are so many piles of garbage in the city. It is all so dirty,” she said, while throwing her ice cream wrapper out the window. Yes, there are piles of garbage in the city all around but who piled them up? You and me. We are the ones who throw garbage outside like uncivilized people and then have intellectual conversations on the topic as if we have had no contributions in them.



We are huge on education. I mean, the future of our upcoming generations depend on it. We want our bahus to be doctors or engineers even when we don’t let our daughters get past inter.  Because education would make them open minded/badtameez, somehow. We want doctor / engineer or generally very well educated bahus to match our son’s education but we also want them to be stay at home women and do nothing with their degrees.




We are all greatly hyped up about our independence and freedom. We support it with all our might but only when it’s ours :/ . We won’t stand for someone else telling us we are wrong, then freedom of speech becomes too much and all respect and bara chota games start coming into play. Are you saying uncle that when you express an opinion we all should respect it but if someone else does and it contradicts yours then we are being disrespectful? Wao. Way to go.


If you live in Pakistan and have not observed these hypocrisies in our attitudes than how high are you buddy? This is what we do on a daily basis and fail to realize that what we are doing is wrong. Isn’t it time that we stop blaming other people for our mistakes and start taking responsibility for our actions?

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