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Doctor Banna Tha Bachpan Se Hi

“My dream of becoming a doctor dates back to the 90’s, when I was a seven year old. Every time I got sick my brilliant doctor uncle would attend to me. Fascinated by his skills, I bought a doctor play set and I would spend all day trying to heal my doll. One day while analyzing my little Barbie with my plastic stethoscope. I felt I had healed her of her wounds and sensing something divine, I flashed a smile at her….Yes, this did make me smile and I said to myself, “I’ll evolve into my superb “doctor uncle” one day!”

“From the school uniforms to high school glowing life, from hefty school bags to college manuals, from trimmed nails to nail art, from ponytail to scarf, everything was amusing.One thing was common at all stages, filling out the forms; forms degenerating to cliché, asking the same old questions, “your name?”, “father’s name?” ;not a single form dared ask, “who are You” ?

“Surviving all the qualifying exams, I somehow managed to enter my dream destination, King Edward Medical University. I was compelled to believe that after five years this “Hogwarts School” would transform me from a mudblood to a pureblood . Finally came the graduation day and for me, holding a university degree was hypnotic .The grandeur ended with the housejob and we were told about the mesmerizing path of FCPS II training for which the entrance hallway was FCPS I exam.The result came and I passed it.”

“But what came after was a whole new ball game. We were told that after two years of “cramming” in FSC, five months of MCAT , five years of medical school, one year of backbreaking house job and six months of insistent hard work for Fcps-1 exam, we still have to “work hard” to get even an honorary induction in our own institution. It hurts me when I see that after all these years of hard work . the idea of an honor of a Doctor in our society is persistently lacking! 24 hours continuous duties , 48 hours duties, facing all mind-sets of patients , cramming and applying all that huge knowledge and still we are tagged that once we are over with all the training , we become commercial . But No one knows the real struggle we do.”

“Outside of this blow by blow, the family “article of faith” remains the same with my parents taking me as their dear daughter who has finally actualized their dreams .While I am about to start my next rat race,all of a sudden, I am taken out of this double-talk by the heartfelt concern of a seven year old girl sitting in front of me, putting an all-out effort to save her “wounded” little Barbie with her medical play set and flashing a smile at her doll when she says I am fine. I go to the visionary girl, who has got the same little eyes as me, hold her hand and say, “Sometimes delusion is better than the truth..I didn’t know myself than, but I know myself now; I was a better doctor when I was YOU!!”


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