Pakistan Speaks, evolving within the future and highlighting the society as a whole, eradicating differences and racial perspectives or the people. Pakistan Speaks confines to no alter-casting or social conformity as it is our basic aim to generally provide equality and bring out a fine portrayal of what Pakistanis are like and what their lifestyles consist of.

We also readily aim to help the needy and provide the disadvantaged community. Our basic motive is to cater and give back to the society that has lent galore to each one of us.

Local Transfer

Account Title: Asher Ali Mirza
Branch: Habib Bank. KAECHS Branch.
Account Number: 0017957900388901

International Transfer

Title: Asher Ali Mirza
Bank – Habib Bank, KAECHS Branch
Iban: pk94HABB0017957900388901

For further information please contact 0335-2523440.