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Education Crisis In Pakistan

Pakistan suffers from economic, ethnic and sociopolitical crisis which have left its education system in an arduous situation. The economic crisis is that only 2% of the overall GDP is allocated in the education department when a developing country should be allocating at least 7% of its GDP. Gender discrimination is also a decisive factor in Pakistan’s educational problems. Pakistan is one of the most prominent countries in the world where huge percentage of girls are illiterate.Many sector in government says they have separate schools for girls but what they are doing there? Many times these places are reported with the cases with rape and sex exploitation and who knows many cases are not registered, with this fear the girls of our country are illiterate and as its said, “Once dead fish spoils the whole pound.” Same example suites here there are few people who are the victims and are being forced to not to send their daughters due to which others also gets in fear. Government should take action against these cases atlas for those which are registered. Girls should have full freedom of education. A person is counted as a literate person in Pakistan if he could read and write his name, this shows that education in Pakistan is a pervasive issue. Here in pakistan the youth is energetic and are eager to change the country but its useless because in pakistan youth is being crushed or been used for other political or party affairs. People who don’t have power are energetic and full of patriotism , to do anything for the country and people who have power are hollow, they don’t even know to write a letter, because of those hollow people pakistan is way behind the new modern era of education. Whenever a politician is asked about the institution development in pakistan they always say that government schools are there. Many surveys were made to see the criteria of the government schools and the result was pathetic, if we compare a student from government school and a student from private school we see a great difference. Students of the government school know 15% whereas a private school student knows 78% (these statistics are based on a survey which was done in different private and government schools by PYDP (Pakistan Youth Development Project). If we talk about the teachers, yes they are good, they are great at earning. A person who is not even able to read a text message so how could these people can teach in a school. Yes there are some teachers having a good qualification but they just want to earn money while relaxing at their homes. There are many people who are willing to teach in government schools to make some potential of our country to serve our country but the places are being filled by quota, or a parchi and seats are occupied by the willing people… not to teach but to ditch pakistan and to waste the limited sources which can make pakistan a country .

Now pakistan is dependent upon many profit and non profit organization many of which are for profit somehow. Education is now became a money earning profession both in private and government sector. In private the fee of a primary class student is almost equal to the salary of government employee and in government sector the classes for the primary student don’t exist. According to the Article 25-A of constitution of pakistan , government should provide free education to age 7-16 but i think the government have changed the constitution which now states that Government should provide the schools for polling stations and to party officials not for the education . People who have power are not able to use its same as like having a coconut in a monkeys hand who just know to hit it hard to someone not to open it and enjoy the its safe and healthy water.



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