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Introduction :
Name: Fatima Khan
Brand: Fk Couture
University: Indus valley school of arts & architecture
Profession: Fashion Designer

Q: At what point in your life you decided to opt for the Fashion industry?
Ans: I decided this way back when i was in matric, took admission in AIFD and did my intermediate privately. I kinda knew i was born for this.
I always enjoyed watching fashion shows and everything since i was a child. I used to make changes in clothes my parents brought for me and used to dress myself randomly around the house.

Q: What was the reaction of your family and relatives when the heard this the first time ?
Ans: As i was a girl i was put down and understimated … but my father was a batman for me .. he supported me, motivated me and said .. “Beta i am proud of you and i will always be, do what you like .. I am always with you”.

Q: What is the scope of this field in Pakistan now and in future.
Ans: the scope is great but usually underestimated but according to me .. its great. I think every single person who thinks he/she is good in fashion must step out of their homes and go professional or atleast try to.

Q: Where do you see yourself after 10 years in this field?
Ans: A big name, big brand and as a respected designer in my country.

Q: What makes you unique in your field?
Ans: Simplicity and elegance is what makes me unique. (I don’t copy, i create).

Q: Who was your biggest inspiration?
Ans: Yousuf Bashir Qureshi (YBQ).

Q: Views about Pakistan Speak?
Ans: One of the greatest and most inspirational platform i have seen on social media till now. Its really good to finally see some people portraying the country in a better way.


Fatima Khan

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