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* First impression is not the last impression *

Most people agree with these two famous phrases simultaneously and this is completely wrong.


“First impression is the last impression.”

“Never judge a book by its cover.”


This is controversial, seriously.


I personally do not affirm the first statement and strongly agree with the latter one.


First impression is defined as a personal opinion an observer can have about a certain targeted person based on his/her appearance, voice, accent, complexion, gender, etc.


Judging a person in very first encounter is as stupid as criticizing a book because of its unattractive cover. You never know what situation a person is going through at a certain time. Hectic and exhausted routine, tiny quarrel with a colleague, family issues or financial stress can be the reason behind a person’s first bad impression on you. But, that’s okay.


If first impression was this effective then lifelong friendships and relationships could be achieved in a couple of days. Can you decide if that classmate of yours is your best friend in the first encounter? Can you possibly realize if that girl is your soulmate or not with first glance? Absolutely NO!


However, in this era of competition, first impression might count when it comes to professional area. You got to impress the interviewers panel to ensure they choose you for the job. If you’re a sportsman, you have to prove your skills in the selection match. The way you present your product to a client or your first exam performance can also be counted as scenarios where first impression really matters.


Nevertheless, judging anybody’s character, personality, potential and abilities in first encounter is completely unjust and unfair. There’s always a room for a second chance. This formula can surely enhance our life and bring peace in it.



By Faizan Shahzad.

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