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“After working my really hard in cricket for more than 7 years and getting nowhere I realized that maybe it isn’t cricket what I am made for.
I switched to football in 8th grade but didn’t make the school team. Tried multiple times but still didn’t make it. After a series of failure I worked harder to become better and stronger.
Ahmed Baig who captained the St. Patrick’s school team was my inspiration he was the one who convinced me to keep on going and trying.
I finally made the team and outshined in every tournament we participated in. We started with small street tournaments and eventually rose to the top.
I received many personal achievements such as top scorer and best player. My biggest achievement was getting shortlisted for the try outs for the Pakistan U-21 (Official). After that I ended up winning PGF, which is remarked as the Biggest Futsal Tournament in the country. And getting a reward for the top scorer was a milestone achieved for me.
Furthermore just a week back we finished 2nd in KFCL which is said to be the biggest tournament in Karachi, especially made for the youth talent to be discovered over the city. Against all odds my team Taakat FC finished as runners up. The surprising part of this tournament was that even though I didn’t play up to my level best, I got the title of the Best Player of the Tournament. Which is something I can never get over.
I would like to thank my coach Azhar Ishaq who helped me step up my game. My friends. My parents. My team Taakat FC which includes some of the most talented players I have ever played with that is Nabeel Baloch, Hassan Abdul, Momin Amer, Arsalan Ayaz, Danial Shamsi, Maaz Hussain and Osaid Tabrez. Also a shout out to Ahmed Baig. Because of his words and motivation I’ve come this far. I couldn’t have done without all of them.
Thank you Pakistan Speaks for approaching and interviewing me and giving me the opportunity to speak as a famous personality. This is a highly appreciable work what you’re doing. Thank you so much.”
-Muhammad Jahanzaib Khan. (Team Taakat FC)

By : Baneen Rizvi (Team PS)



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