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From Pakistan To Manchester

Salam. My name is Raza Ali Shah. I was born and raised in Karachi. I’m doing my bachelors in Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester. I don’t exactly want to be anything because I know what I already am- I am the best Futsal Goalkeeper of Pakistan. ‘Futsal’, is a shorter but much more intense version of football where instead of 11 players on each side, there are just 5 players. I came to Manchester (United Kingdom) last year and was given the opportunity to try out for the Manchester United Futsal Academy which is to begin by the end of next year. 4759 people from the entire United Kingdom and even Europeans tried out for the academy but only 70 are left so far. I am one of those 70 people and among the 11 keepers in the last 70.
I wasn’t a football or futsal player form the start. There was a tournament back in Karachi a couple of years ago called the ‘Pepsi Cup’. It was a futsal tournament, the first of it’s kind, and my team Osten United FC: one of the best football clubs in Karachi, gave me the opportunity to stay in the net. We didn’t win the tournament but I really enjoyed this short and intense format of the game and adapted to it real quick as I have been a keeper in hockey too. I went to Malaysia for my higher studies at The University of Nottingham (Malaysia Campus) and Futsal was the most played sport there. From there onwards I have trained hard to become a professional goalkeeper in Futsal.
I have always wanted to represent Pakistan in some way. I wish the Pakistani Futsal Federation acknowledges this and gives me a chance to prove myself, not only to my country but also to make my friends and family proud. Trust me, if they give me a chance I will not disappoint them. My dream is to see Pakistan in the Futsal World Cup. Some might say it’s impractical to think that way as other countries have more knowledge and experience of the game than us, but isn’t that what sports is all about – taking a challenge and completing it no matter what comes your way! InshaAllah I hope I make it to that level one day and fulfill this dream of mine. I would like to thank my parents and all my friends, my coaches, my team mates and especially my opponents for all their support and guidance throughout my journey.

By : Raza Ali Shah.

Raza Ali Shah


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