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From The Kitchen of An Amateur Baker

The following content is from a result of self-based experience and may or may not relate to your professional levels.

I always adored the way the scrumptious cupcakes and fondant cakes looked in the shelves of bakeries. Besides the extreme will to eat them up, I had a different nature. I always wanted to make them myself. As I grew up and realized that cakes can be prepared and designed adequately at home as well. That’s when I started following some leading baking bloggers on the social media. They made things look so easy that it motivated me to give it a shot.

This lead to a series of events until I realized that baking is not a child’s play.

In a happy to go lucky tone, I prepared my very first batter. The instructions asked me to preheat the oven for some time. So I had done. But when I went to place the mixture into the oven, I figured out that the flame had been off with the gas on for long! Cursing myself for wasting all the time, I hastily grabbed a matchstick and tossed it towards the burners. The oven burst with a loud BOOM leaving me with a burnt face and eye brows!

kitchen-oven-picture My first experience lead me to real set back and shock. But I recovered after another 50 videos of remarkable bakings, I decided to try once again. This time, I let my mother deal with the oven. And my cake was successfully baking inside, I could see it rise through the glass and to fulfill my satisfaction, I kept on opening the oven door every five minutes. But I still don’t understand why the cake took over two hours while it said only 45 min in the recipe. Anyways I took it out of my curiosity. It looked so puffy and the aroma was marvelous. I left it to cool down before I could frost my heart out but when I got back, the sight moved me to tears. The cake had sort of deflated.


After loads of advices and researches I found out that this could have been due to excessive beating of the eggs. So determined once again, I got up to my feet and decided to make a perfect one and make it to the décor, the reason why I started baking in the first place. I added colors to several layers and overlooking all the imperfections, I added cream and sandwiched the layers and tossed it into the refrigerator and cried oceans. Later, I blackmailed my father emotionally to eat it all up!Cream and Sandwiched The Layers

Well, getting up after every time you fall is what life is all about right? I’m heading to the kitchen to bake another one. Wish me luck !

Written By: Azmaira Sodagar

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