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Ghareeb Hoon To Kya, Dil Wala To Hoon

She was here with her husband retained in emegency for heart failure. She was left with 50 rupees,after paying for the taxi, 25 of which she had spent for a cup of tea, which she thought, was too small for 25 rupees.

Her husband did get better and was stable enough to be sent home when she started: Dr Sahab you know my son was taller than you , but he died, his grave was this long(spreading her arms) , now we are left with nothing. Just me and him.

I come from far away and pay a lot of money to the taxi, please give me the best medication. I changed her medicines and searched my drawer for some samples, which i gave her writing in detail about dosage. Asked her to get other drugs which i didn’t have, from some medical store.

She produced a yellow shopping bag and told me she had some medicines already.She knew exactly how she used to give each medicine to her husband and for what purpose they are given, she kept telling me ,this med is for blood thinning this is for stomach etc, I checked the packs she had and told her which medication can be used and which i have stopped.

Before Leaving She said Dr sahab I just have 25 rupees plz give me some money to buy meds. I didn’t have change, so asked my junior to give that POOR lady some money , which he gave.

An expression of utter relief came to her face and a smile. And she said..Dr sahab may Allah bless you, please take these medicines (ones which i stopped-the yellow bag)and keep them in your drawer so that some POOR needy person can be helped.

I was shocked. How could I even think she was poor, she wasn’t, yes she didn’t have a purse full of money but she wasn’t poor, she was actually willing to give for the poor.

I don’t know what to take out of this whole thing, but it did tell me how big a heart she had, it told me she never thought she was poor, it told me the definition I had in
my mind, for some one to be poor, needed some reconsideration. She was giving away 4-5 hundred worth of medicines which many of us, so called, well to do people would like to keep at home in case we need them again, specially if we weren’t sure if we will have money to buy them again or not.

Life is nothing but how you think it is, she was living a life, she had a tea with 50% of total money she had, she was helping her husband, she wasn’t crying over her son’s death and she wasnt begging,she wasn’t complaining and she had the most beautiful smile you would ever happen to come across, she asked for money and she wanted to give back more than she had just got from us. Some people are just beautiful and they are around us.Un-noticed.forgotten…!!


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