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Grades Will Never Define You Until You Allow Them To

I have always been a below average student. My final Matric papers came up during the 1992 cricket worldcup. Being a huge cricket lover, I decided that I will watch all the matches whatever happens. After all, I could give papers again next year but worldcup only happens once in 4 years.This amazing plan led to me getting less than 50% marks in Matric papers. *laughs* Suffice to say, my parents were not pleased. When I was in college, my father brought a command 64 bit game for me from USA. It was a whole new world for me but I wanted to understand the process of copying the game into the console. My elder brother bought me a book where I could learn programming and I started learning from it. In 6 to 8 months, I learned so much that I made myself a copier. This did really well in the market; I had found where my interest lay. I still wasn’t any good at studies but my parents insisted I complete my education so on their demand, I did MBA and then joined a job related to management as per the expectations. However, I quit it just after a year because I wasn’t satisfied. At the time, internet was becoming popular in Pakistan. I focused fully on the internet and started writing my opinions as a blog. The traffic on the blog was quite good so I started researching different ways to utilize it for profit. My parents were not happy about this at all because when I left the job, my marriage was just around the corner and I didn’t have any means of income. I requested my parents not to tell my in-laws about it and give me two months to prove myself. My hard work paid off and at the end of four months, I earned $2000. It was a life changing moment for me and enough motivation to carry on with my passion. I started doing freelancing jobs and 10 years later, I have worked hard enough to be ranked in top 10 of one of the world’s largest freelance marketplace as the most successful freelancer. Today, I am featured in many magazines, invited as an expert on main stream media and am a seasoned freelancer. There was time in my life when I was working without earning anything and it is now my turn to give back to the community. I have over a dozen employees working for me and am training freelancers for free on my video learning platform. The message is simple. If you are a below average student, don’t think you are a failure. There are a million other ways to be successful than being top in class. Do what you love and you will find the passion for working hard naturally. Never give up on yourself.


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