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Great Daughter Of A Great Mother

Kainat Soomro, was only 13 years old when she was kidnapped and held captive for several days and was raped. In spite of all the hard times she went through and all that she heard from people, for something that wasn’t her mistake. It has been eight years and she is still fighting for justice. While she spends life on a steel-framed bed in her parent’s small room,holding her blue shawl tight around her, Kainat is gathering her strength to stand against the cruel world.
She loses her strength while talking about the incident, however her voice is firm when she tells about her steps toward achieving justice. She has been to many courts and even held protests. Kainat says some powerful landlords and politicians have been protecting the attackers.
Her unbelievable battle for justice inspired an award winning movie of 2014,”Outlawed in Pakistan “.
Kainat faced further emotional breakdowns when one of her sisters got divorced because her in-laws were ashamed to be related to Kainat. Another sister remains un-married. Above all her brother was killed as she chose not stay quiet against the attackers.
Kainat Soomro is one of the many young girls and women who are victims of such inhuman acts. Many don’t voice out in threat of shame or retaliation. More than half of the rape cases are not reported to the police and those that are reported, are ignored. The human rights commission of Pakistan recorded 423 rapes, 304 gang rapes last year. The victims seek for justice but their hopes are brutally shattered.
We stand together for the victims who are fighting for justice!

Story By Celeste Nixon(Team PS)
Picture Credits Dawn News:

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