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Great Lady

Syeda Ghulam Fatima is a Pakistani human and labour rights activist,Born in Lahore.She has been campaigning for workers rights and also against bonded labour in Pakistan brick factories,She was threatened,attacked and wounded because of her activism.She holds a Masters Degree in Political Science from Punjab University,through her organization Fatima has established Freedom Centres where workers can go for protection and legal counseling.She is the General Secretary of Bonded Labour Libertation Front Pakistan(BLLF),She runs it from a storefront in Lahore and Member of the District Vigilance Committee in the 12th District Of Pakistan.She helped to release more than 80,000 bonded laborers in Pakistan from all provinces since her engagement,and she trained more than 600 women in alternative skills for Povery Reduction.During a visit of Photo Blogger Brandon Stanton of Humans Of New York,He Coordinated with Fatima for the relief of bonded labour in Pakistan.HONY did a remarkable seven-photo series,people from around the world donates $2 million to BLLF.
Fatima was honoured with a Global Citizen Award for her dedication to civil rights in Pakistan during The Clinton Global Citizen Award Ceremony held In New York.
She is working for every Pakistani to be the subject of their life,not the object of someone’s else.



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